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Good car for your younger days

Had this car for about 6 years. Great car, full of features and the touring model was used by me as a daily driver. Stock sound system is great. Didn't have any mechanical problems for 6 years, but the lower control arm ball joint started to show wear after 6 years. Good quality tyres are expensive and you have to put quality 98 octane to keep the engine happy. Is a head turner and looks good in my opinion.

Date PurchasedJan 2011

Most fun I've had in years

Perfect for the enthusiasts. This car stands out in a crowd and performs as expected for a very inexpensive price. Large pools of modifications are available and all add up to increase the already enjoyable driving experience. Only downsides are low quality interior paint, average electrical (power seats sometimes don't work) and of course only having 2 seats.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Sublime Beast.

This will be a simple review of my 2007 Nissan 350Z. I have owned her for only 3 months now, but I love it.
Is the ride harsh sometimes? Yes!
Is the clutch a pain in the behind? Damn right it is!
Is it a minimal interior? God yes!
Do I care??
Its a 350Z!! Of course I don't care about all that stuff. Its a gorgeous looking, sweet sounding, beautifully handling sports car!
Okay, I might be slightly biased towards her because I've wanted to own one ever since they came out, but most owners of the 350Z probably feel the same way. The fact is this car is brilliant and FUN to drive! If you want a sensible car, go buy a Honda Jazz, or a Commodore.
On a serious note, I have had no problems with any part of my car. She was very well looked after since new and I was lucky to find her in pristine condition. Stone chips on the bonnet, which seems common for this car, and small cracks in one of the head light covers (also from stones hitting her). Other than that, she is incredible. Do I sound like I'm in love??
The wife gets jealous. I bathe my car more than myself! Notice I said bathe, not wash!
If you want a fun, exciting car, buy a Nissan 350Z. Try and find one with lower K's for peace of mind, but just get one.
If you want a car with lots of features, smooth driving experience, and fuel efficiency, you're looking at the wrong car. Buy a Honda

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Great sports car/looks amazing, but demanding

Purchased at 137,000kms's so far 15,000km's completed in 5 months. Commonly driven with ENTHUSIASM

- Decent acceleration from a 03' Model V6
- STILL stands out from the crowd and looked after properly with nice wheels turns heads (have had over 20 people approach me randomly... must be where I live)
- Interior looks and feels nice (taste dependent, I'm a minimalist)
- Is probably one of the best used car/price/performance ratio that small money can buy
- 6 Speed
- If you have a model with brembo brakes you will be happy (gold calipers look the biz as well).
- Handles fantastically
- Engine is reliable and decent power and torque from a 3.5ltr
- Electronics seem quite reliable
- Short throw gearshift

- Japanese leather doesn't hold up over the years (especially the Tan orange I have)
- Front bumper can chip easy
- GEARBOX IS VERY AVERAGE for a car that originally sold for a lot of money, also susceptible to bad syncro in 3'rd and 5th, throw out bearing is crap and clutch slave cylinder will eventually go. Additionally at low speeds and after its been warmed up a bit its VERY noisy (sounds like a truck a lot). 2nd to 3rd can sometimes be skipped if not careful. This gearbox is not forgiving. But ultimately its fine it won't break tomorrow
- Noise insulation isn't the best
- Suspension can be hard depending on where you drive
- Wet weather isn't the best
- People like you charge you more for servicing
- BOSE sound system is RUBBISH and came with a cassette player I upgraded this but for a decent cost. Not as easy as a conventional car to replace sound system.
- Front bar paint can be chipped easy depending on where you drive be careful
- Only 1 cup holder
- storage options are average
- In hotter climates the leather seats will just make your butt/back sweat.
- Boot has non existent space
- Long drives get tiring

Things to watch for purchasing a 03-05 model Manual
- Gearbox (reasons above)
- Ensure the fuel gauge isn't playing up (mine reports empty half the time when I have just filled it up only 100km's ago...) This will most likely be the fuel filler valve (do google research to read up)
- Early models can suffer from Tyre feathering due to toe angle, tackle it how you will (I changed wheels completely)
- Depending on what you have driven this car can feel slow (but its decent at 0-100km/h at 6 secs)
- If you hear clicking sounds in your rear axle when changing gears it most likely needs to be greased up properly (another common fault with car on original purchase)
- Fuel consumption isn't bad unless you really push hard, but still better than a mid 05' turbo model or V8.
- Don't expect to be the straight line king of dragging, this car kills on tracks not drags.

In a few words I actually love this car, have always wanted a Z model and I got it! But just make sure you are getting a decent model if you are purchasing one. If I had the choice I probably wouldn't have bought again but only because there are so many options on the market. Still a proud owner

Don't rush car purchases.


Value for money fun

Have owned Nisan Z cars continuously since 1971, starting with the classic 240Z. The 350Z Roadster (convertible) has been the standout. Not sooo impressed with its 370Z replacement. Purchased new in 2004, this model had the 206KW and relevantly, highest 363NM torque motor, with most economical and tractable combination. You simply do not need any more than 200KW in a car of this size and type on public roads and you wouldn't be racing a convertible. It really does have everything you need, though the synchro rev feature of the new 370 would be desirable. 350 has cleaner more elegant lines from which the 370's are fussy and overtly derivative. You also don't need 370's extra engine capacity and fuel consumption, as the original 350 has identically high torque, which is what provides leisurely cruising. The absolutely watertight and unflappable folding roof goes up or down during traffic light sequences. Use genuine Nissan parts and service exclusively. Why risk anything else and potentially devalue your vehicle? If only travelling low kms per annum, reduce service intervals accordingly. It's only a small cost in return for long trouble-free life and better resale value.
Looks, performance, luxury (leather, Bose sound system etc), reliability, economical, fun, open-air motoring - what's not to like?
Plasticy dash, inaudible turn indicator warning, 'upside down' roof actuator button.


2003 silver convertible auto 90k kms

What a car! This is the first sports car I have opened. I had a Suzuki swift before this... (Crickets).
It is an expensive passion though... Servicing, tyres, brakes and fuel very expensive. It chews the premium unleaded like a dog at a bone. It costs me $120+ to fill up and lucky to get 500 Ks around town. Can't complain though, it's all part of the experience, I'm almost proud it chews fuel... God I hated my swift.
** The only major thing that has come up recently is my airbag light has begin to flash on my dash, for no reason. Nissan said it means it has disabled the system. They need to do a full analysis check over... Min 5hrs labour @ $90ph... Plus replacement of whatever sensor is faulty... Spewing. Only done 90k Kim's.
I also had the fabric cloth roof replaced 6 months ago at a cost of $1600, but makes the whole car look new as now it's a vibrant black not a faded grey/black.
Anyone had this drama with the airbag sensor??
Race car, that sound when your foot drops, no one else can fit in it
My golf clubs scratched the front seat... No room.

35th anniversary silky smooth engine and looks

I owned a 2005 :35th anniversary model and only sold it because the family expanded. Great sports car for the money. Silky smooth v6 and tight 6 speed gearbox with short throws. The car aged beautifully and looked a lot newer then an 8 year old car.

I found build quality excellent, excellent Brembo brakes and firm wonderful handling. Power was good and engine encouraged high revs. I would definitely buy another one.

Parts and servicing are no worse then other vehicles of the same genre. Fuel consumption higher but you don't buy a car like this if you are worried about that. It's not a Prius... Thank goodness.

Doesn't work as a family car

Transmission6 speed manual
Badge35th Anniversary Edition

One of the best and most beautiful looking N.A sports car for the price

Bought a manual 03' touring model and owned it for a year now, it's a lot of fun and the traction control has saved me many times but yet at the same time still allows enough slip before catching you and steering you back on track. Most bang for buck on an NA car and the deep rumble of the exhaust is one of the best of any V6s. Good looking car. Steering is nice and weighted, although i must say, heavy in city driving compared to electronic steering of the modern day (But of course, it's a sports car). Sitting position and gauge clusters are driver oriented and fits like a glove. Interior trim is bland and boring compared to today's standards, but seats wrap you and are good (Modern 2011 Subaru WRX STI seats seem to have better lumbar support) The dash is a little high and gauging the corners of your car will take some getting use to. Aftermarket installations of speakers is a hassle and only a 10 inch subwoofer is accepted under the strut bar (That is if you wish to keep the spare tyre as it is) Interior panel on centre console (Cubby hole) broke and cost me $150 to fix, imported and shipped - self assembled. Ride is firm. O2 sensors's design is stupid, it just dangles openly underneath the car - exposed wires and all.

Tyres cost a bomb to change, $770 for rears and $550 for fronts. Feathering problems noted on earlier 350z and mine was no exception, solved by realignment or a deep pocket to change tires more often. Brakes are good enough for me. Go for track version which has Brembo brakes if you think it the touring's brakes are insufficient. Boot space is small but sufficient for my needs, but often tall objects get crushed because it is quite shallow, strut bar gets in the way too often!

Overall it's a very fulfilling car if you are willing to put in the effort to drive it. However, i find myself getting tired using it as a daily driver (120km a day) as it requires so much of your concentration and involvement. But when you get it right, it just clicks and you did be grinning all the way.
Good Straight Line Oomph! for an NA. Looks fantabulous. Unique exhaust note (Get a nismo exhaust to crank it to 11). VQ35DE engine is easy to modify (Non-turbo modifications).
Fuel consumption, Too much driver involvement at times (like a baby who constantly needs attention even when you don't want to), Stock CD changer skips tracks on its own, Some interior panels are plasticky, Road noise, Seats 2, No roof racks designed for this car on the market, Tires cost a bomb. Front and rear ward visibility.


Mechanically amazing, but will make you pull your hair out.

I bought the 03 Z Track and owned it for two years. The car had 77000 Kms on the clock and was the top of the line model with brembo brakes.
When I first bought it and took it to a NRMA garage to get serviced, replacing the tyres, brake rotors and brake pads alone cost $3000. So I would advise anyone looking to buy this car to get a roadworthy certificate from the owner and have a look to make sure he's not just offloading it because a huge service is coming up. Tyres are $320 each as a minimum, and although I mainly drove highway kms, I had to replace the soft compound tyres every 15-20 000km.

Yes the cornering is incredible, the engine notes deep and satisfying and even when it's being brought to you by the valet out the front of a 5 star hotel in melbourne it impresses and wows.

However, there is a price. As much as I loved my car, you feel EVERY bump in the road. The racing suspension gives the car its unbelievable cornering, but on long drives this turns into what may as well be a horse rise with its constant bumps. Add to that - the front and rear tortion bars which give the car no roll at all around corners also mean that the steering is very stiff. The endstate of a 4hr+ drive is that the car will fatigue you, with its high road noise, constant acute bumps and stiff steering. You may think I'm a wuss - Well I'm in the military and doing it rough is my job... But there comes a time when you realise you want to enjoy the car you drive, and you can't kid yourself forever.
Surprisingly 6th gear is quite tall, and won't smash through fuel as fast as the other gears.

The interior is sub par. The car retailed for $70k, and you'd expect some great trims for that price. The dash itself is quite good, being relatively resistant to the sun and easy to clean. The seats, however, have a leather that is very poor quality. My car had seat warmers - and I never needed to use them, even in a Victorian winter. The leather holds onto your body heat and does not let go. In summer, even with aircon cranked to the max, I'd still arrive with sweat covering my back. And if you don't want to use the aircon, the max fan setting on the lowest temperature gives you air that must be directed through the engine bay or something, being very hot.
The compartments within the car shrink and swell with the ambient temperature, so that they don't fit together most of the time. This creates RATTLES. I got liquid foam put beneath my compartments, especially the door compartments, to try and stop this rattle. It would always return to plague you on a long trip.

The doors lose their ability to stay open by themselves quickly, as the holding open brackets share the typical Nissan failure for small details. This may not sound like much, but it is one more little problem to add to what is wrong in the bigger picture for this car. The same goes for the boot door - You need two hands to pop it open to begin with, and once its unlatched, a dedicated hand to holding the thing open as you continually bend over picking up your shopping a couple of bags at a time, looking like an [censored word removed].

The paint, as mentioned in other articles, is indeed very thin. My car was black, and even a drive through car wash would leave swirl marks all over. I had to drive at least 50m behind trucks on highways due to their constant stone chipping, and even your fingernails (I bite mine and this still happened) will show up scratches on the paint from you going to grip the fancy door handles.

The positives is that the engine will keep on giving. The car has plenty of torque, and if you want to smash around the city or bendy streets, the car comes alive. It looks amazing, and will hold onto you very well with its bucket seats as it pulls 2G around corners and doesn't roll at all.

I loved this car when I bought it, but owning it and caring for it saw it become more of a headache than a pleasure to own. I went out of my way to maintain it - turtle wax with UV car covers and the lot, but it got to the point where I realised a sports car is really the most inconvenient asset to own; and the relief I felt when I sold it was immense.
Sure - there are sports cars out there that are worth every penny to maintain. There are cars out there you can love forever. But the 350Z is too selfish in that relationship, and isn't worth the love you want to give it. You deserve a car that gives back more, and takes less, than the 350Z.



I have had this car for two years. It was expensive to maintain but worth it. It's a lovely looking car. Thumbs down for the paint job, very very very cheap paint. It got scratched so easily that I thought if I do not sell it soon, I would've had to re-paint it. I had Toyota Supra previously and the quality of some parts in Supra and 350z can't compare, Supra was really, so much better. But I loved the 350z regardless. I really do hope they improved these things on 370z as that is what I am buying next. If you want to buy this car, go for it, just have in mind the cost of the car is not that expensive but the maintanance and insurance is fairly expensive. Enjoy!
Unique looking car, fast, loves the attention and gets the attention, I used to get comments about how sexy it is all the time. Easy to park, good space for a 2 seater, runs smooth.
Expensive on petrol, service, tyres. Paint job very poor thin paint. Gets scratched very easy.Not much space in the booth. Theres lots of break pads dust that falls onto wheels that makes them from shiny silver to almost black in a few days. Buy dustless break pads(more expensive).

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Paint is still woefully thin on the 370 mate.


If you don't need lots of luggage space, back seats, or a $120,000 bill for a German convertible, but you do want exciting performance, reasonably cheap maintenance, a large & practical enough car to feel safe in when surrounded by traffic, then I suggest you give the 350Z hard top or 350z convertible a closer look.
I purchased the convertible because dollar for dollar it put the biggest smile on my face, out of all the cars I could afford to buy, and I now happily drive it every day to work. The hard top offers a very sporty look, higher levels of security & a quieter ride inside than my soft top and they are quite a bit cheaper making them even better value for money)
For me the roof down changes it from a mode of transport to a great fun drive. I brought a demonstrator with 1100 kilometres on the clock and I saved $10,000 so I was pleased. The extra size and bigger engine, and extra weight of the 350Z makes it feel both safer & smoother, and more effortless to drive compared to the Mazda MX5. So for me it was worth the extra dollars.
So far so good, I love my car and wouldn't change a thing.
Smooth motor with more than adequate torque for effortless city driving, that turns into a fast & powerful ride when the revs climb above 3500rpm and he road gets twisty. I tend to like its looks best, with the top down. It also has excellent visibility with the top down.(obviously!)
The car is a two seater only. It is more expensive than many other very good cars. It is cheaper than the equivalent Porsche or BMW, about the same as the HONDA s2000 which was really a race track car that seemed very highly strung and emphasised the sportiness too much to emjoy every day.I am nervous that the soft top might get damaged or wear out faster than a painted metal roof will. Soft top is arguably less secure than a hard top.



This is a great car for it's price, beautiful and comfortable on the inside and easy on the eyes from the exterior. It's fast and has a cushioned ride, all in all a good car.
This is an amazingly fast car and you'd be hard pressed to find a faster, better looking and cooler car in the price range. It's smooth sleek body and self-cushioning shassy makes up for it's minimal suspension, this car is only good with small sleek tyres the engine is a lot more powerful than you'd expect and. The interior is amazing compared to other cars in this price range the accessories are nice but not necessary
The panels are a bit flimsy and the brakes should be upgraded


I purchased my first 350Z in 2003 and then upgraded in 2006. Whilst the exterior design has not changed dramatically in recent years it still attracts positive comment from other road users. For a normally aspirated engine it goes very well!
It handles like it is on rails. I have been looking at other makes and models in recent months but have been a bit un-inspired with alternative choices. Maybe a 350Z 2009 upgrade is on the horizon :)
The 350Z looks as good as it handles. It has always been unique in appearance. Good value for money.
Unable to fit a standard suitcase in the boot. A few more exterior colour choices would be nice.


This car is worth it for the price it is now, it is fast and recommended for anyone who likes to go fast and with style.
This car looks great, its 6-speed manual transmission makes the car a very fast one with its engine, its handling is also wonderful for high speed cornering. Its Coupe Touring makes the car look great but also yourself when driving around in the city with all the wind blowing in your face and the people looking at you. The roadstre track makes the car feel great with its power and speed.
This car takes a lot of fuel and this doesn't come stock with a turbo.

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