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Ford Mustang
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: 3 stars

Toyota 86 ZN6

Latest review: Bought this car as a toy in 2012. Does everything a classic sports car should. You won't win every drag at the lights but you'll have the biggest smile on your face when you get out. Had some

Subaru BRZ Z1

Latest review: Currently I use this car to get to work and cruise it on the weekends. Great for national parks. I drive almost every day. Needs to be serviced every 9 months or when it hits a certain amount of ks


Latest review: Upgrading from my first car (Mitsubishi 380), I wanted something sporty, but not too expensive. For around $15,000, this is the best looking car, with great handling/performance car I believe you can

2007-2015 Audi R8 Coupé

Latest review: Excellent good not much fuel to drive but pretty expensive fast car but could go much faster interior is nice as all black with red stitching loving the paddle shifters excellent idea loving it makes

2005-2014 Porsche Boxster

Latest review: No complaints, drives well good on fuel. servicing is highly recommended at Brisbane porsche centre queensland. Will definitely be buying another one. Its the second one we've had now and cant

Chevrolet Camaro

Latest review: Just purchased & drove home to Tasmania from Sydney. Settling into the groove of the car after the first 300 km , I was more impressed no rattles or strange noises considering the car was fully

Lexus LC

Latest review: It’s been just over 6 months of ownership for this beauty and I have enjoyed every second of it :) There was a time when I sat in a corner and scratched my head wondering which car to get that’s got

Lotus Elise

Latest review: The idea of a car you can use for race track days is nothing new in 2014. As speed limits get lower and enforcement tighter, those with an urge to sample a little four-wheeled excitement have been

Porsche 718 Cayman (2016-Present)

Latest review: 2018 718 Cayman, what a car, no I mean sports car. If you are looking for a sports car that's fast, handles like it's on rails around fast corners and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 4.6 seconds,

2005-2015 Porsche 911

Latest review: Overall a great car - brilliant handling and traction, with adequate performance; also ride quality in suburbs is good. PDK is fantastic, and anticipates your every requirement (particularly in

Nissan 370Z Z34
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan

Audi TT

Latest review: Plenty of space for everyday use once you’ve folded the rear seats. Have carried a mountain bike (front wheel off) in there and a 2,1m painting with the front passenger seat folded too! Never tried f

2006-2015 Porsche Cayman

Latest review: Surprising. Very, very surprising. If you compare the Cayman, particularly the S variant to the 911 - any 911 - you get a bit of a shock. You start to wonder why the 911 costs as much as is does, and

Bentley Continental GT

Latest review: In 12000klms have had to replace 3 window regulators. 2 packed up while having a service. the first one at 5000klms. what a joke. in 45 years of driving , has never happened

BMW i8

Lexus LFA