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Nivea Be Beautiful! Tinted Moisturiser

Nivea Be Beautiful! Tinted Moisturiser

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I wear this every day for work it's very good coverage with no greasiness and doesn't give you the caked look! If want more coverage put a bronzer over it gives the perfect match !


I've brought two bottles of this product so far and definitely plan on buying a third.
I generally use it during spring and summer rather then winter as I find it works more effectively & feels much better.
It's probably not the best of Nivea moisturizers, but it's still extremely helpful and effective at cleansing and protecting the skin.
It's very useful to have lying around the bathroom when you are in a rush as it is extremely quick and easy to apply :)
Almost instantly after I apply the moisturizer my skin feels softer & smoother.
The product blends into my skin really well and doesn't leave it feeling itchy or oily at all.
It does give the skin a nice looking, refreshing glow when in the sun.
Application is easy and convenient when you're on the go.
The smell of the product isn't really appealing at all.


The moiusturiser only comes in one colour so be sure to test it before you buy it to avoid dissapointment. You can use it as frequently as you like, but be warned- its a pain to get out of clothes!
It blends into my skin really well, making and makes my face look a few shades darker, without looking fake. Its not too expensive for a tinted moisturiser.
It doesnt protect your skin against the sun and there's not nice a fragrance. During warmer weather it makes my skin feel too oily, so I switch to the non-tined moisturiser.


This isnt the best tinted moisturiser i have tried, i bought it when i was young being obsessed with all skin care products. The coverage is very light and it only comes in one colour. The smell is awful and the consistancy needs to be thicker. You only need a tiny bit like a 5c piece and too much always comes out
leaves skin smooth and soft. Great price and found at supermarkets.
never seems to blend in properly. Totally wrong consistancy, needs to be thicker. It only comes in one colour, im olive skinned and its too dark for me. Doesnt contain spf protection, the smell isnt very nice, very strong and a chemical type smell.


I really loved the look this two-in-one moisturiser gave my skin. It looked fresh and clean and healthy. The natural effect was great because it didn't look like I hand any makeup on at all - just that I had really good skin! Sheer coverage meant you could still see my freckles so if you wanted a good coverage this is probably not what you are after. It had an especially light feel to it yet my skin stayed hydrated all day. Fantastic price!
I loved the effect on my skin tone - natural yet enhanced and just enough moisturisation for my combination skin. Easy and quick to apply.
No sunscreen in it.


overall this product is great and i like the way it feels, and makes my skin look naturally tan. congrats to nivea for makeing such a long lasting product!
- the fact i dont have to wear foundation!
- saves me 20 minutes in the morning
- my pores dont get plogged
- gives me a healthy glow =]
- it comes off easily
- it is not good enough to wear for n interview or out at night
- it does not have sunscreen in it


This is a great tinted moisturiser. Since it's a tad too dark for my skin I use lighter powder on top. It would be better if it were to come in lighter colour and contain sunscreen, too.
Glides smoothly on my skin
The colour is too dark for my light skin


This isn't the best tinted moisturiser I've tried. I have quite uneven skin, with pimples and red spots and it didn't do much, it looked like I wasn't even wearing anything. The scent is much nicer than other tinted moisturisers I've tried, though, it's nicely perfumed.
It smells really nice, and it kind of evens out my skin tone. There's nice packaging and it's great value for money.
It doesn't cover my pimples as well as other tinted moisturisers I've tried. They don't thell you the SPF factor in it - that's a bit suspicious for me beacause what if the factor is only 2 or 3?


I love this one it is a great make up alternitive I use it every day when I am going to work it smells great looks great on and lasts all day I dont have to re do it part way through out the day. I just wish it came in a bitter tube as it doesn't last that long and is a little expensive for the amout in the tube $9.00 It is great when the weather is dry as it keeps your face moit and stops it from drying out.
great moistureiser
Not enough in the tube


I prefer other brands of tinted moisturiser but this one is okay. I like it because I can use it to even out my skin tone and cover up spot a little, instead of wearing foundation. I feel that it is better for my skin than constantly clogging my pores with my heavier foundation
That it is a moistursier so it makes my skin feel nice. I prefer to wear it when I'm just going out to do every day things instead of putting foundation on.
It does not have any sunscreen protection in it, where most other brands do.


At first the smell is ok but to wear it everyday it gets to be a bit strong, a bit make up like. it really does even out and brighten to complexion. it doesnt give the best coverage but it would be ok to use some concealer as well with it. The thing that put me off it was that it didnt seem to blend in very well and after a while your skin feels a bit heavy and i had to wash it off. Would be ok for a couple of hours but not all day.
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Be Beautiful! Tinted Moisturiser
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Release dateAug 2007

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