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Noble's Pureau

Noble's Pureau

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  • 16 reviews

this is definitely not water


bought Noble's Pureau because the label say no added chemicals . when i got home poured two bottles of 600mls in the kettle to make a cup of coffee , while it was still boiling i poured the water in the cup and the water was coming out creamy kind of white , i looked at the kettle and there was bubbles everywhere like somebody forgot to rinse it after washing it with detergent , there definitely is some kind of bad chemical in this drink

Purchased in October 2019 at Coles for $5.99.



  • 5 reviews

Best water you can get


I have tried every brand of water and none come close to this i like water that tastes like water should this is the cleanest water i have ever drank. i can't go back to any other brand of water after having drank this for over a year they all taste slimy and make me want to puke.

Purchased in February 2017.

Some acidity?


I have used this water for parties, etc because it said it was pure water with nothing in it. While it was fine for drinking, I recently needed to do a chemical test that needed distilled water. I used Pureau but had peculiar results and when I took the pH level of Pureau it seemed to be about 4.5 whereas I expected 7. This seems to indicate that there is something in the water. .... if so, can you tell me what it is?

Purchased in July 2018.

Terry S


  • 10 reviews

Absolutely the best water!


Love the taste - it's sweet and not tainted by fluoride and other contaminants. It just tastes pure.
I never buy other waters because most taste like tap water. Also the box with the tap is very user friendly! Would really like to get it delivered as I use so much and it's heavy to carry back!



  • 9 reviews

Water Divinity


This water tastes so beautiful and sweet, it is like the rainwater we used to drink as kids in the mountains. One of the rare beautiful products at the supermarket that actually tastes real. I'd love to see it available in bottles.


MichelleQueensland, 4271

  • 3 reviews

Great but expensive


This is the best water I have ever purchased, very light and no nasty after tastes.
Only thing I would change is sell it cheaper from your website and make small slabs of water bottles ..



  • 2 reviews
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Best water for 30 years . . .


I remember buying this water when it was probably THE first bottled water on the market about 30 years ago. It was sold only in health food stores then. I love it. It's better than most filters can make and I have never been deficient of anything. Even though I was a vegan for 20 years, even on raw foods and juices only for 2 years.

Taste is disgusting now, something has happened.


Part of my life growingup involved access to clean rain & tankwater. I even visit pristine waterfalls from rivers high in the mountains to collect fresh water. Pureau is nothing like it now. I have used Pureau for over 10 years & spend thousands of dollars especially when using for making.kombucha from Scoble.
I have now warned my family & everybody I once told about its quality.
The taste is not like "icelandic glacier" or "figi water" which I compared recently.
It's very sad for a company to fall back on its promises.
I wish you the best in correcting what was once a healthy drinking water. Perhaps the sky pollutants are the cause. Time to investigate.


MonmonSydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews

The best!


I'm very concerned when it comes to water since every brand seems to have fluoride. Pureau is fluoride free and those who know know that fluoride is actually bad for you. Tastes just like what real nasty free water should taste like. Thumbs up!



  • 4 reviews
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Pure - No Nasties


I like the taste of this water and especially that it has no fluoride or other nasties. Convenient to use.



  • 4 reviews

We buy this water weekly for our family


No fluoride is the reason why we drink this water. Tastes great and after a few weeks of changing from our water-filter jug to Pureau, I started looking really healthy (though I admit I also cut out sugar around the same time). I wish they offered filtered water products in larger quantities direct from the site. That's my only complaint. I have to get mine delivered from the supermarket and it feels like I'm creating a lot of rubbish from the packaging as we go through a few cartons a week.


jim.robson183Gold Coast, Queensland

Pure & Healthy


Noble's Pureau is great form of pure distilled water.
The containers are easy to use nd the water lasts for ages.



  • 3 reviews
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My favourite water and would drink only this if I could afford it.


Love the taste of this water as well as the fact that they have removed all contaminants such as fluoride. Their packaging is great in the silver bladder within the box - easy to pour from, stays cooler than bottled water (our van gets extremely hot at times - tested recently in outback Qld) and will not be impacted by the length of time in storage due to its packaging. I would like to be able to buy it in bulk as it's definitely our "treat" water when we want one that we really enjoy & can't get enough of.

  • Verified purchase

Best commercially packaged water this side of the Black Stump!!



  • 5 reviews

Best water round


My husband has a digital tester and this is the most purest water you can get. No added metals or any other nasties that aren't good for you. We go through a couple of the 10L boxes a week. Our 2 young girls can fill up their bottles easily from these boxes.

Best & Safest Water In Australia


I love this water, its the closest you can get to pure water which is like distilled or rain water. I know ive felt the health benefits of drinking this water and so have countless others. If you dont have a distiller, then the best water you can buy in Australia is Pureau! Its got no fluoride or any other minerals added which is a good thing! Its packaged without any BPA. Get your alkalinity from your fruits and veggies not your water.

Jitesh J

Jitesh JSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 14 reviews

Pureau of investigations


Great water, think it definitely had some health benefits for me. Think it improved my dreaming ability, wow just wow.... Only bad side is having to go back to regular water when you run out. Nice work!

Love this water


Love the taste and benefits of this water. Thank you. We buy the cask of it for our household but I have never seen the smaller bottles. They would be so convenient for on the go. I live in the Geelong region in Victoria. Can you let me know where you stock these?



  • 8 reviews

Best Water So Far


I am not scientist but I prefer this water over Coles water products. I have also tried Mt Franklin and many of the others available. I don't like bottled water anymore and prefer the casks. This water not only tastes cleaner than the rest but is refreshing. Never had any problems with it and will continue to buy it. Please just try to keep it as clean and pure as possible as I don't want to have to switch products.

May 2nd 2018 Update: Love It - Always more refreshing than other water.

As always. Whenever I buy Pureau water it's a more refreshing and better tasting water then any others I have tried. I don't always purchase it. Buy I switch between Pureau and NeverFail spring water which is also in a cask.

Going down hill


I’ve been drinking this water for years, it was always tasteless, now it’s got a bitter taste, got floaties and it bubble’s like it has detergent in it. You must know what’s going on, don’t close a blind eye just fix the problem. I’m starting to feel unwell to...

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Noble's Pureau
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