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Nutricia Neocate LCP

Nutricia Neocate LCP

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Worse than poison


This product was recommended by the hospital under prescription, tried to feed the baby as he is highly allergic to cow's milk and ended up back to hospital because our baby's instant reaction was so bad..would not recommend this to anyone's child because it makes baby's condition worse.



This formula is good for babies who can’t have cows milk.
Had to stop breastfeeding at ten days old. So we went onto formula. We tried six formulas!!
My son was colic, had reflux and prescribed medication, was prescribed neocate and we seen doctors, health nurses, paediatrician and an ibclc. Everyone before the ibclc was misinformed and found that it was easy for them to prescribe whatever to get me out of their office. Turns out all of these symptoms are oral tie symptoms and as soon as they were released, he was a brand new baby and back on normal formula. So before you go on this, see an ibclc and do your research. Reflux is a symptom, colic is a symptom not a bloody diagnosis.

Michelle S

Michelle SCarlingford

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Bub had an allergic reaction!


Bub is very sensitive and allergic to dairy, soy, eggs, nuts and sesame. This formula is meant to be allergy friendly however bub continues to show signs of an allergic reaction. I had also tasted the formula to test the temperature before giving to bub and it is very unpleasant. Very artificial and metallic taste. Unfortunately not suitable for my sensitive bub.

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Nutricia Careline T.Nutricia

Hi Michelle,
Sorry to hear about issues with the Neocate. Please give the AMN team a ring on their toll-free number 1800 060 051 and one of their team will be happy to assist you.

Life savior



TrinaSydney, NSW

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Fantastic! Baby loves it and so do we :)


Miracle formula in my eyes. Baby went from windy and in pain unsettled baby to happy and content. It made such a big difference, she did have a cows milk protein allergy and this formula worked miracles.
Same to prepare as most other formulas, a bit thinner than most.
My baby now has no more side effects and is absolutely thriving on this
It does smell and is greasy in the bottles.



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Great so far!!


It's still early days so I might ne ralking too soon but our little man is begging to thrive. To begin with he was vomiting extensively but now that ither formulas are out of his system, i think we're getting some where. It was introduced to him at 5 weeks old and the transition was tough... he hated the taste. Now, at 8 weeks old he'll chug back 210ml!!



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Child doesn't like the taste


Baby allergic to cow's milk protein and this was the alternative the Pediatrician prescribed. Easy to prepare formula but baby doesn't seem to like the taste even when mixed with baby rice cereal. Didn't try enough to see if there were any allergic reactions. Only managed a couple sips from her, has a bitter aftertaste. Tried getting her to try it a few more times with no success. Would've been good if she liked it.



Relief at last


My newborn has made the switch to this magnificent formula and I LOVE it and so does bub. My baby was suffering terrible colic and has milk protein intolerance this was prescribed by his doctor and on script is very . Ever since starting this he is actually wanting to drink his milk and no longer screaming after feeds. I've tasted it and whilst it doesn't taste as sweet as the Nan formula he had he doesn't seem to mind it at all and doesn't have the tummy issues he had previously
Baby takes this formula with no issue
Taste is bitter

Isowhey living

Isowhey livingAU

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Neocate saved my sanity and my little man




Neocate has helped my son and my second daughter with reflux and blood in the stool; however, I'm concern that the neocate makes them grow slowly, shorter than normal, and teething late. I would like to know if I’m the only one who notices that problem? My first daughter wasn't on neocate she's very tall. My son and my second daughter are very short.
help with blood in the stool and acid reflux
grow slowly



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Some peace at last


After a very rough last couple of weeks where we went through multiple formulas (and multiple doctors!) we have finally had a good night after starting on Neocate yesterday. We tried Aptamil, Bellamys, Allerpro but bub just kept screaming more and more and I knew it wasn't right. But already it is so much better on Neocate, such a relief as we were all worn out and really worried
settled my baby
small tins won't last long



As others have said my little boy had CMPI and SMPI (and later other allergies), he was so ill with severe reflux, eczema and colitis (bleeding intestines). Neocate LCP was the cure and he usedAs others have said my little boy had CMPI and SMPI (and later other allergies), he was so ill with severe reflux, eczema and colitis (bleeding intestines). Neocate LCP was the cure and he used


jayden_akiraNew South Wales, 2573

  • 37 reviews

Amazing Stuff


I dont know where we would be without this! my little man has had so much trouble and at 12months we finally found this! it has been a battle but he can finally drink something without being sick and in pain! he is now 20months and we are slowly trying to introduce new things.. but neocate is an amazing product!

The price


mei123NSW, 2750

  • 10 reviews

Helped my poor baby.



  • 14 reviews

The Cure!


Cut a long story short...
My 6 week old daughter was diognosed with a dairy protein intolerance after ongoing tests an me strict dieting while breastfeeding with no change. We got prescribe Neocate lcp by the pediatrician & it worked! My daughter stopped padding blood & thrived! I'm so greatful for such medical research & products on the market now for infants! Without this product my daughter would of suffered longer :( I can happily say she turn two next month & has grown out of the protein intolerance! And eats all dairy without dramas :)
Cured my baby & made her thrive
You need to see the paeditrician & get authorised for PBS



Liquid GOLD


Took ages to get my 5 week old to take to it but his protein intolerance was gone instantly! Had to thicken it with Karicare thickener for his reflux as this a thin formula - but it was like a new baby had been dropped off into our house.

Of course its only for children that need it but if you baby has a prob that requires an Elemental formula Neocate is the go!
Liquid GOLD
Bad taste and took forever to get my baby to drink it



  • 11 reviews

Good for food allergies in babies


The Cure!!




  • 8 reviews

This literally saved my daughter's life


Questions & Answers



Hi just wondering if i should consider adding thickener to this formula? LO doesnt seem full for long.

2 answers
Stuart S.Nutricia

Hi Sharee, The Aptamil Feed Thickener is used for babies who suffer from reflux or regurgitation. If your baby does not suffer form reflux or regurgitation, then please do not use the Aptamil Feed Thickener. If your baby is hungry, please feed more per feed or feed more often to meet demand of baby. Please contact us on the Careline AU 1800 438 500 or NZ 0800 438 500 and one of our dietitians or nutritionists will be able to discuss this further with you. Warm regards, Caroline - Careline Nutritionist


Thanks Stuart. She actually suffers from both you have said above. Ive been given the all clear to add this to her formula from our paediatrician.

Emma M.

Emma M.asked

Hi there,
My son was prescribed this formula after showing signs of being uncomfortable and constipation on karicare he then went to aptamal pepti jnr and developed severe diarrhoea so was put on this! He still has odd bowel motions, mucus and dark green and is also vometting after most feeds ( never been spilly) is this normal?
Dr keeps telling me to wait it out :(

1 answer
Stuart S.Nutricia

Hi Emma it would be best to give us a call so we can talk through which formula might be most suitable for your little one - call 1800438500 to talk with our Nuritionists and Dietitians. Sue Careline Nutritionist

Hannah w

Hannah wasked

My daughter hasnt been diagnosed with cmpa, but has servere reflux. She has been on similac for a suspected milk allergy and ranitidine but nothing seems to touch her, so we were prescribed this Neocate LCP. Im reading through comments and it seems this is only targeted at babies with an allergy not to cure reflux? Am i right in thinking this?

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Nutricia Careline T.Nutricia

Hi Hannah, reflux may be a symptom of allergy or it may just be reflux. We do have treatment options for both scenarios so please call at our Careline on 1800 438 500 so we can help you better, kind regards, Hilary, Reg.Nutritionist

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