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NuWave Oven Pro

NuWave Oven Pro

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Terrible Product Quality and Customer Service

I am extremely disappointed with this company and their product. We have owned our NuWave for a little over a year now and the dome has began to crack severely to the point that we can't even use it anymore because all of the heat escapes during the cooking process. My in-laws have had the same problem with theirs and we've read online reviews were several other people are complaining of the same thing. I called Customer Service to see if they care enough to rectify the situation and the answer to that is a big fat NO. The only resolution they offered was for me to order a new dome for $35 + $15 for processing but they would so generously drop the processing fee down to $10. It is sad that we paid over $100 for this product which is clearly defective and we're expected to pay $45 to correct their poor design and quality. Why construct the dome out of a product that isn't even resilient enough to withstand the heat of the oven??
We will no longer be recommending this product to friends/family or purchasing any other products from NuWave. Clearly quality and customer satisfaction are not a priority to them.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Excellent if used properly maybe and good service

I purchased almost 2 years ago and have had to get the element fixed, postage paid by them, and 2 domes replaced under the warranty of 2 years. I use it for a few minutes every day and take the powerhead out as told to do but still the dome cracked and it has been replaced 2 times for free so a good back up under warranty but now I use the next lowest rack than the highest one as I saw one other do with good results and no more cracking of the dome - hopefully it will last another 2 years as the higher rack is not needed really - the one a bit lower has the same results. Good people to deal with and they do look after you under the warranty - but I will take off the powerhead as instructed always and use the lower rack for the good results this unit gives, without fat and without burning too and burning is carcinogenic as we know. I did cook a chicken for Christmas 2 times too and all was better than in any oven but is the only 2 times I used it for this, cooking fish, vegs etc at other times is always good.

Date PurchasedAug 2015
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I had the element fixed under the 2 year warranty and is is good now after another year and although the dome was replaced 2 times under the warranty the new one has not cracked after using only the lower rack to cook with. Hopefully it will last another 2 years more. I never put any of it in the dishwasher and use baking paper on the rack so it and the dome do not need washing so often. It has made a few good Christmas lunches too. Probably the price was too high but the after service for the 2 year warranty was good. You can buy cheaper similar products now but I wonder if they last long either.

Good in theory

Bought the product after seeing it on TVSN, liked it better than previous convection ovens we had owned although we only paid around $60 each for them. In less than 12 mths had to have the power head replaced and the dome started to pit and craze, then cracks started to appear, at this stage it is out of warranty and it has now cracked in half but with a new power head ???? do I buy another dome and hope to get another 9 mths useage.? Good product, bad material, disappointed for the price.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Easy To use

Just ordered a new dome for my oven .Love to cook in it .I have had my oven for quite a long time .so easy to use.
the electronics have been replaced but still love to cook in it it is a bit disappointing that the dome cracked but as it is the first time I will see how long this one lasts

Date PurchasedSep 2010


The NuWave Oven would be a brilliant product. It cooks exactly as advertised. Used it all the time. My young adult sons used it all the time. You could see what was happening with your meal while cooking and did not heat up the house (especially in summer when you want the house to stay cool). It is a disappointing product because the dome and the extension dome crack after 12 months. This is not due to placing in the dishwasher (cause I don't have one) or treating the dome roughly. The dome and extension just crack. The first time it was quickly replaced under warranty but the 2nd and 3rd time I paid $50.00 each while having to take the time from work to personally. go into the service centre. If you are prepared to replace the dome constantly buy it because it really does cook well, otherwise buy a small bench oven from another company. Tis ashame because I did really like the NuWave Oven.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Cooked things well ,BUT!

Found the Nuwave easy to use and it cooked well,but after useing it a half a dozen times in a nine month period the electronics on the dome failed.
My Nuwave was white.Corrective research needs to be done before i will buy another one The idea of this product is good , but without reliable parts in the goods purchased the product line should be scraped.

Date PurchasedMar 2009

It's good if you don't have to keep replacing parts!!!

I did love my oven when I first got it, but in less than 12 months I had to replace the dome. Now last night 23 August 2016 it has gone again. I have also had to replace the see through plastic side cover. If I hadn't had to replace all these parts I would have been happy to give it a 5 star.

Date PurchasedApr 2011

This oven is fantastic I couldnt live without it BUT

It doesn't like the dishwasher although it has so little clean up its not a chore to clean.Bit of warm soapy water no scrubbing necessary.This oven turns lousy cuts of meat into a higher grade from frozen and no mess! It slow cooks too.I havn't found anything yet that it won't cook beyond perfection.Just trial and error.I love it

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Still have not found anything you cant cook better in the new wave .I cant live without it. Just a hint...bake most things on the 2 inch wrack....grill most things on the 5 inch wrack and put half a cup of stock in the pan u r baking vegetables in ....makes a huge difference


Easy to use. Quick roasts , no mess . what more can you ask for. Fast delivery and with a free blender

This oven is a joy to use

We have had the nuwave oven for over twelve months now and would not be without it.It has replaced virtually all our other "oven" type appliances.It is a very versatile appliance in that it can cook almost anything to perfection.The oven can cook "fat free" bbqs to perfection in a matter of minutes.This cooker really "comes into it's own" when taken away in our caravan.
Tips for users:
Read the manual thoroughly
Be fully conversant with cooking times and oven heat settings
Appliance must be washed and cleaned regularly with detergent.The unit is very easy to dismantle for this purpose
Roasts,chops,sausages etc must be turned over at least once during cooking

product for price is just

dome started to turn white after a few uses.piece of online junk like the rest of the rubbish you buy onlie.junk junk junk junk junkjunk .i know you will not print this review because you never tell the truth on any of these serveys. you are another servey company who only prints what the owners of the product wants the paying public to hear
good dust catcher in pantery
very noisey .dom turned white no matter how much cleaning.

Use it all the time.

I've had one for 4 years & it gets used every day.
The heater element burnt out after 3.5 years & I had to buy the whole head unit.
It's the most used appliance in the kitchen after the kettle & coffee machine.
I would recommend it highly.
We mainly use it for cooking from frozen, Pizza, oven fries & keeping things warm until needed.

Edit: Oven is still working & being used all the time but the Clear dome is cracked & New style direct never have spares. US is the only way to get parts, I love the oven but now I'll look for a different brand same idea.
Fast, cheap to run compaired with a full sized oven.
Heater elements should be available as a spare part.

Date PurchasedJan 2011

Nuwave Oven

Not impressed as soon after I got it as a present, the dome started to crack in different places. Cooking takes longer than advertised and the infared feature does not work as advertised. I found my roasts raw in the middle. it is convenient to use but the dome and the power head is dangerouse to touch after a cooking cycle as itis very hot.
the Dome cracks and plastic parts are affected by heat.

Fabulous -perfect for couples

I use my NuWave almost every day. I have used my big oven only twice in the last year. I love that I can go to the freezer at 5:30 and choose what to cook for this evening's dinner. Two frozen chicken breast schnitzels take 20 minutes to cook to perfection. Steaks are juicy. I can fit a chicken, potatoes, pumpkin, and parsnips for a yummy roast. Cakes and scones come out so light and fluffy I am always amazed. Everything takes less time to cook and because you do not need to pre-heat you save energy. You also save calories because you are only using a light spray or brush of oil. I even get it out for cheese toasties for lunch (which grill beautifully). It is big enough to do meat for 6 people. I use spray oil for roast potatoes and they are crisp on the outside and soooo fluffy in the middle. Love love love it!
Saves energy. Cooks meat from frozen. Fast cooking.
I put it away in a cupboard and it is a bit heavy for me.

Questions & Answers

How long do I cook a roast? No instructions
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Our nu wave oven pro is just one year old, we have used it, maybe ten times. We leave the desert during the summer from May 1 to Oct 1. I was trying to dehydrate an orange last night. The fan quit working after 4 hours. That's what I had the timer on for. Stopped to check the oranges, turned it back on for 30 mins. The fan would not come on. I watched a lot of dehydrating videos before I tried my own. Had the dome lifted and only set at 125 degrees. Why would the fan quit on me?
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I need a replacement dome but TVSN is sold out. Has been for the last 6 months. Where else can i get one? I am in Perth.
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Oven Pro
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Release dateDec 2012

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