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Brilliant device and brilliant service

The box arrived earlier than scheduled so the experience started off even better than anticipated!

The box comes beautifully packed and booted instantly. The setup was intuitive and rapidly accomplished. Loving the apps and the smoothness of the output!

Great TV box

I bought this to replace my old TV box, the system is obviously fast including running Kodi. There are many other apps are available can be downloaded and installed on Shield TV. The only problem probably is the remote control I'm not get used to it keep mis-pressed the button, luckily my TV remote control can be paired with Shield TV so I use the TV remote control which is much easier

Purchased in December 2018 at Kogan.com for $168.00.

Can't fault it. Great quality.

I was going to buy a Chromecast because I couldn't find mine after being in storage. Had a little 32" Sony smart TV with Netflix and YouTube but apps we're old and outdated so sold it and splurged on one of these and the cheapest 55" kogan TV.

Still came in cheaper than a smart TV and gets regular updates of apps and firmware as many TV's don't while being sluggish and not accessing apps from the playstore. There are limited apps on ATV but everything you need I guess. I don't do games. It would be nice to see a more featuresome Spotify. All the free to air catch up apps are on there now besides 9NOW which I successfully sideloaded. You can also use the Google livetv app with tvirl and get live TV channels streamed with the Kodi url. I really hope development of apps and the platform takes off because it has so much potential. I have always used media centres and the like since windows XP and mythtv etc but this is so nice and easy and for the price I wouldn't bother with much else. Very fluid and stylish.

Purchased in March 2019 at Kogan.com for $209.00.

Good device but 2 issues

This is an Android TV device = limited apps from a very limited version of the Google Play Store. I recommend checking if your favourite apps are available on this device before purchase.

No 3D file support, so you won’t be able to watch your 3D Blu-ray Rips or similar - no not even in Kodi or with an app or add-on.

Purchased in November 2018 at Kogan.

An excellent streaming box

I've got a lot of tech on hand to cope with various media, but nothing in my arsenal provided one single simple device to view all my media - until now that is. The Chromecast came reasonably close, but didn't handle certain things well. I was originally going to get a Minix Neo u9-h, but after reading several reviews decided on the Shield (remote only) instead. I don't use it to play games, so cannot comment on that, but for content and media streaming it's an absolute gem. I cannot find too many things to criticise. It's small, powerful and reasonably good value for money. I think the only thing better would be a NUC, but that comes with a more comprehensive price tag.

Dolby Atmos didn't work through Kodi (even on pass-through), but it did work in Plex - so no real issue. I was also expecting to have to wire it into the network but the WIFI on the box works superbly. On 5GHz the Shield hasn't even pretended to stutter streaming high bitrate content, which surprised me because I've had issues with other devices - even computers.

In terms of app support, you get everything you need from the Android store with all the usual suspects such as Kodi, Plex TV streaming apps etc. I was initially worried about the remote, but even that I can't find too many faults with. It's simple and yes, the touch-volume slider isn't the best, but at least you can link it to your AVR or soundbar. HDMI link control works a treat as well - I've got this running in a media room and one button on the remote fires up Amp and projector quickly and easily. The phone app caters for better keyboard input and the inbuilt microphone does the voice recognition duties if you need to.

As long as the reliability doesn't become an issue, this is definitely a device I'll recommend to others.

Purchased in March 2019 at Umart Online Physical store for $225.00.

Simply the best Android TV media streamer box available

I have tried many different Android based media streamer boxes from various Chinese manufactures at various price points. Some were dual core, quad core and even octo (8) core cpu units which claim to be the best around. All end up driving me up the wall with slow response, needing constant reboots or resets and clunky non responsive remote controls. In the end they all went on gumtree or straight in the bin. Then i tried the Nvida Sheild TV player. Yes, these things do cost a bit more than the cheap no name Chinese boxes, but the overall build quality, superior design and function of them means they actually do exactly what you want them to do and are more than makes up for the extra cost. Especially considering these actually work, unlike the others! They stream effortless video from pretty much any source you can through at it, be it internet, usb, hard disk or NAS. I'm yet to find a video format the Shield can't play actually. I love these things so much i have 3 of them around the house. Even on current 'Smart TVs' these things are far superior to the built in smarts of the TVs. Best of all, they are so easy to use and require basically no setup out of the box. My new favorite entertainment device!
Highly recommended!! AAAA+++++++

Purchased in November 2018 for $219.00.


I got a nvidia shield for an Xmas gift. Worst gift ever. Unhooked my firestick to use my new gift. Now the firestick is hooked back up and will stay that way. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone. Absolute trash waste of time. Buy anything else and avoid disappointment.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Perfect for centralising media

Great little media box. Has all the features I could want. Can load Kodi on to it to play a multitude of media files. Now comes with ABC Iview as well. Great user interface, very clean and easy to use. The main page channels are a great way to keep up to date with what you are watching. The remote is lightweight and easy to use, doesn't chew through the batteries like many others.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Awesome customisable 4K streaming device!!

Starting streaming with the original 'WD TV live' but now the Shield TV has overtaken it as the primary media streaming device.. Not the actual cheapest device by today's standards but definitely has some grunt under the hood!!

Good quality build but there sometimes can be sudden app dropouts when using streaming services.. Able to play my 4k and various other lower quality content without a blink from my NAS without needing to transcode media.. also able to sideload android apps to customise this device to suit simply by putting apk's on google drive and install apps from there easily and simply..

2 usb ports make storage expansion a breeze, the remote is quite sensitive to use for controlling sound but feels nice in the hand.. also comes with an app to also control the shield aswell.. can be used with keyboard/mouse combo also..

streamlined design that looks good and nice responsive software..

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Love it !

Loving this unit
Purchased from centercom approx 1 month ago for $180 on special
Very fast streaming device. Good remote too
so far very reliable !
Avoid all the other crap off ebay . I had purchased another cheaper device but had to send it back as it was total rubbish

Date PurchasedNov 2018

The best and fasted TV streamer!

I purchased a unit a couple of months ago as our smart TV became slower and slower. We had a look at various options such as Telstra TV, Apple TV and new Google Cromecast. I did not want to be locked into a narrow range of available services and I wanted something which would provide fast reliable streaming for Stan and Netflix and Amazon Prime. I also wanted something which could be used for streaming content from the phone or computer. I found the ability to use it handsfree and play games also very useful. I feel that the NVIDIA Shield enabled me to avoid buying a new TV, update my Chromecast and buying a gaming console. Software (Android) is updated frequently and streaming is FAST!! I am extremely happy with the product and the purchase exceeded my best expectations. I bought the NVIDIA Shield, the SHIELD controller and the SHIELD remote together. The NVIDIA Shield can also be controlled from a phone or tablet via a free app.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Great little device!

This the 3rd Android TV box ive ever purchased and I can already tell that its amazing.
Very slick design, great connectivity and high quality built.
The android platform is working perfectly fine compared to other devices i have used before (Nexus Player, MI box).
Game console is a very nice option to have tho not a big fan of games in general.
Video playback quality is brilliant and it supports 4k as well.
The remote design and feel is best.

I do recommend this product.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Good product, lousy support when something goes wrong

The Shield TV is a very good device while it works, but seems fragile. Mine lasted a few weeks then failed. NVidia support arranged for the device to be collected for repair, but sent it back to me without a power supply or remote. Weeks go by and they will not help. They won't reply to emails at all, and the on line chat says to "just wait, we will find out". It's easy for companies to sell cardboard boxes but the real test is when support is needed, and NVidia failed completely.

Date PurchasedOct 2018


This is by far the best Android Tv!! It’s very user friendly & smooth to scroll around apps etc! I can’t say anything about playing games at the moment.
I use it more for streaming & watching movies etc.

My only dissapointment is the google play store is still missing the following apps...
ABC iview
SBS, from my experience Apple TV has more apps than the NVIDIA Shield in terms of sports & local AU channels.
It’s only a matter of time til google play ends up with all the apps so it’s worth the patience! Which is why I still use my Apple TV, good to have the best of Both worlds!

I give the NVIDIA Shield a 9/10 score
So far so good & I’m very happy with this device!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

The best android tv

I'm very impressed by this great equipment, is a lot better than apple tv or any other device, and the greater factor is the technical assistance and customer support , if you're tired to pay for those cable channels, this is the answer, very easy to install and operate, but I'm suggesting you should buy the 500gb, it's lots faster and coming with two remote control, and you can also use your phone as well, I'm very happy with it.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Sequester user

Nvdia Shield is a control Tv Box that if you dare to use other apps out of what they have interest in, they would interfere and turning off Kodi app because isn’t working. I have to buy other box in order to see my Kodi without interruption from Nvidia. Another thing is that you don’t have full access to Google Play Store is only limited to Nvidia choices when I use my other Tv Box I have full access to Google Play Store. When you buy Nvidia your are captive of them even dough you pay $200.00 for a supposedly state of the art Android Tv Box. In order for me to install from Google Play Store I have to download it to an SD Flash Drive and installed to Nvidia. You become a sequester user, as nvidia main controlling purpose.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

King of the streaming boxes

I've had raspberry Pis, minix boxes, humax, and dvico streamers. This is by far the best all because it had enough grunt. Yeh the smaller units can work ok but this is fast easy to use comparatively and bullet proof. Great picture and solid support. Shame they are not sold locally. I got mine from amazon

Date PurchasedJul 2016


Best 4K decoder to play my gopro videos and any 4k videos you want to play with no lag or hiccups. Definitely love the graphics and user interface. I wasted more than $400 on cheap android tv players such as M8S, Beelink. But NVIDIA Shield was the best I used till date. Definitely I dont have to upgrade or purchase any players until I buy a 8K TV maybe :) Even youtube and netflix can stream in native 4K resolution which you cant expect from chinese android players.

Great Android Set Top Box

We purchased this box after first having our two Boxee devices fail on us, then finding that the replacement device we purchased was just not sufficient enough and kept on freezing.
So far, this box has been the best investment as a set top box that we have made. So much so, that we've purchased a second one for the bedroom!
The system is fast and super-responsive. Even with Kodi loaded on it, its still super-responsive. The 5Ghz WiFi means we can watch anything we want from any source we want anywhere on the internet without an issue (we have 100mbps internet at home).
The fact that it runs Android is also a major bonus. It means apps are updated frequently, and Nvidia (so far) are keeping the updates flowing for the Android OS (its running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and just got a new update over night, not sure what version it is now).
The only downside is not all Android apps are available for it. No fault of the manufacturer or box, its just the way Android is.
The gaming controller is great, however it feels a bit light and plastic and simple (compared to the feel of a PS3 controller for example). It has a headphone socket on it so you can be playing games or watch TV on the Shield without disturbing other people in the room. The Shield Games section is subscription, and the price is a bit high per month for my liking (AU$8/month), but I'm not much of a gamer, so others might find this reasonable. The game selection isn't too bad.
The TV remote, which has to be purchased separately, is something i would strongly recommend unless you are using a universal remote with bluetooth capabilities such as the Logitech Harmony range (we use a Harmony Ultimate with Hub). The remote also has a headphone socket, and has a microphone so you can speak to the device through Google (much easier than typing using the on-screen keyboard).
We haven't tested the 4K output, but we did test a 4K stream from YouTube and it had no issues down-sampling it to our 1080p TV, no delays whatsoever.
The DTS and Dolby outputs work perfectly. We've watched movies with DTS-HD sound and there's no issues with it! The latest update apparently provides full Dolby Atmos and DTS-X output, but as i mentioned, i haven't tested this yet as the update only came through last night.
The only catch is, its not sold with an AU power adapter, so you need to get a plug converter. The input power is 100-240V, 50-60Hz, so it will work in Australia without changing the power supply, but you do need the plug converter from whichever country you purchase it from (we got ours from Amazon USA).
Chromecast on it works like a dream, in fact it feels much faster than an actual Chromecast device when it comes to decoding the input stream. The Kodi app claims to have AirPlay capabilities, but i haven't tried it (although my Macbook Pro does detect an AirPlay device on the network)
Overall, probably the best purchase we've made for our TVs since the Boxee device!

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Game console and Android TV

I have had this console now for 4 months, 8 Dec 2015. A very powerful CPU and GPU. Made by the graphics giant Nvidia. Using benchmark software 3D Mark it is the most powerful Android device on the market, with a score of 4347 compared to the Samsung galaxy S7 with a score of 2540. One can join the Nvidia Hub which has lots of games from action to racing car. I have not joined it as it costs about $20 a month membership, too much. I have a problem with the remote control sending out signals and setting it back to the home screen. I am trying to get a replacement remote but I'm getting the run around. nvidia services is shocking. The shield pro has a 500gb hard drive and has Android Marshmallow. It has the Google play store but is modified for the shield due to the CPU architecture not all apps and games in store don't exists.

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