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Odyssey Living Supersoft Blanket and Throws

Odyssey Living Supersoft Blanket and Throws

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I've purchased 11 Odyssey Living Supersoft microfibre blankets/throws, and love them.

Something to note is that even though all the throws and blankets are the same quality microfibre, the throws are 300gsm compared to the blankets which are a slightly heavier weight.

I first purchased them when looking for easily washable, durable blankets for our dog. I purchased over a dozen throw sized blankets from different manufacturers looking for the best one. The best one turned out to be an Odyssey Living Supersoft throw in the linen colour (which is a really gorgeous colour).
It started out incredibly soft, and after the torture test of dog usage and LOTS of washing, it remained incredibly soft. It was so easy to machine wash, and being microfibre, dried very quickly. And by soft I mean the most incredibly soft blanket ever!
I've since replaced all of our other blankets and throws with these, and found them to be very warm for a lightweight, easy care blanket. I love them!

Date PurchasedOct 2013

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I was wondering if you have any these weighted blankets left for a review ive been unwell and suffer from anxiety and depression after my hystorectomy operation went wrong and left me with nerve damage everything feels to heavy or horrible on my legs and body at the moment and someone had said about these? Kind regards Lorraine McPherson. [email removed]
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I think you can buy them online at a few places. I can confirm that they are very lightweight and soft, yet also very warm.

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