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Omo Powder / Liquid

Omo Powder / Liquid

Liquid and Powder
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Best laundry liquid in the market

Have used a couple of brand and found the omo liquid cleans cloths very well and leave fresh smell on cloths!also my sons dirty cloths and my towels never been this much clean when i used to use another brand liquid!highly reccomanded and definitely will buy agian.

Purchased in April 2019 for $22.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

The worst detergent i have used

This is the first washing powder that have used and its has caused bruises on my hands..it has really caused harm to my skin.I hate it.and it's causing more harm than benefiting me.

Purchased in May 2019 for $2.00.

Causes Irritation Yes

Omo Liquid Professional - disappointing

With a family of 5 older teens and young adults, I have a rather heavy wash load every week and my washing machine gets a thorough work out.

With my recent Good Guys $20 use it or lose it Concierge voucher, I decided to try the liquid OMO Professional which was labelled for use in front and top loaders.

When I finally started on OMO, the consistency of the light blue liquid seemed good, and the smell was ok. I followed the label directions to use a full cup for a normal load in my 8kg front loader washing machine.

Yikes, there was an excess of foam everywhere.

Next load, I used a smaller amount - half a cup. There was not as much foam, but still too much that it triggered my Bosch Serie 8 machine to run extra rinse cycles (see photo with extra rinse icon circled) extending the wash time and using more water and energy. This is very disappointing.

Excess foam is not good for the machine, so I may have to cut the dosage further. Then the question becomes how well will it clean?

Would an OMO representative like to answer?

Purchased in February 2019 at The Good Guys.

Causes Irritation No

Fragrance change

I have Multiple Sensitivity Syndrome and Omo was the only washing powder I used but the new fragrance is so strong I am going to have to take it back because I can't keep it in the house.

Very Good At Cleaning Clothes!

I wash most of my clothing on either an automatic or delicates cycle on my Miele washing machine and for the past 2 years I have never had once a situation where a stain wasn't removed from my clothes [apart from stains like ink which cannot be removed by detergent] I never have to do my clothes on a longer or more intensive cycle because even on short cycles OMO gets all of the stains out of my clothing. Blood, dirt, oil you name it it will come out. Gave it a 4/5 only because its more of a costly detergent in comparison to other brands but I can say it is well worth the money paid for it!

Great results

I've been using Omo washing powder for six years now.I wasn't sure how it would perform, as I only ever wash in cold water. I am very pleased with the results that I get each time, I don't even have to soak stained clothing, or pretteat the stains.

Extemely strong smell

I been using Omo bucket for years now ,after recent purchase last month of 8 kg bucket for mitre 10 and started washing with it the small was going through the hole house so i double rinsed the washing to get it out, but the smell was so bad i decided to ring Omo customer care to report this.I was informed that last year that they had gone through a new Fragrance change in January 2017 so the label on the lid was the new batch its real bad their was no offer to exchange it or some kind of credit so i so angry i sending the bucket back to n.s.w to prove it smell so bad.They lost me as a customer after 25 years

Very disappointed

I recently purchased 5kilo OMO powder for front and top loaders. I am extremely disappointed with the product as the powder sits in the dispenser and does not disolve. I certainly will not buy this product again.

OMO has a new stink

OMO has changed its fragrance and now is perfume heavy. Have been a loyal user for 30 years. Will finish this batch and buy no more. OMO, please return to the original onion-invasive scent. It smells like sunshine, not perfume.

Extremely strong smell

I've been using Omo powder for decades however have stopped after my latest purchase. The detergent itself has an extremely strong perfume smell which permeated throughout the laundry and even the rest of the house. Sheets washed in the detergent also reek of this perfume that I have been unable to get rid of it even after multiple washes, soaking and leaving them out on the line for a week.

Perhaps they have changed the formula recently as I've never had this problem before? I won't be using Omo any more.

One of my Favourites

Omo liquid leaves our clothes clean and with a lasting fresh smell. I used radiant for a month , as it was on special, and found I had to rewash many items. Omo and Dynamo are the only two products that i have found to maintain a high standard. I stock up on these when they are on special, only paying on average $5 per litre.


I love this powder and use this for my husband extremely grotty farm work clothes... removes grass stains, mud, grease and whatever he collects daily. Very pleasant sent. Leaves White bed linen with sard spotless. I can not use it for my clothes as it OMO leaves me itchy so I use sensitive on my clothes which works as well but without the scent

Pretty good

I have been using omo for a few months since they changed dynamo to dynamo proffessional (absolutely rubbish)
And have been fairly happy with it , does a decent job of cleaning clothes though i find its nowhere near as good at dynamo for stain removal , it does a better job than many others iv tried and i always buy in bulk at big w so is not too bad on price , but my favourite thing is the smell it leaves on your clothes its to die for ! Pretty happy with it though i have finally found regular dynamo back at big w so after this bottle has finished will be stocking up on my dynamo

Extremely good washing liquid and powder.

I have been using omo powder and liquids for years though, had breaks here and there as sometimes trying to save money though, found out it wasn't a good idea so I recently started to use omo again and it foams up good after all this time and washes clothes very well
Outstanding and is worth every dollar spent.

Though, I likely bought an old school packageOmo laundry liquid was putting holes in the clothing so had to buy some new clothes and it did it quite quickly so switched to omo eucalyptus based clothes washing liquid - pretty sure it's called omo eco drive

Best for all my married life

Bought over 40 towels 20 yrs ago and have mashed them in OMO ever since they are still as bright and fluffy
as the day I bought them OMO is the best. Would like you to see them
Julie 76 yrs old

Best Washing Powder

I have tried every brand of washing powder on the market, But nothing comes close to OMO.

Clothes wash perfectly clean, You may need to soak some items with stubborn stains. But it's rare for stains to need additional treatment when using OMO.

Like Mum always said OMO is the best and she wouldn't use anything else.

CHOICE Consumer Magazine performs tests on laundry detergents periodically and OMO usually gets top position in the test results.

Lousy for top loaders now!

Since they changed to one product to use for both top and front loaders they have lost me. Terrible for top loaders slimy grey, no suds and poor results. Hope they change back it's Glad wrap all over again.

Omo have decide to delete Top Load machine powder - Bad idea

Loved OMO Powder, until my last box! Noticed when purchasing there was now just the one powder for both top load and front load machines. The current powder is obviously the powder for front load machines as there are no suds at all. With a top load machine I actually like to see some suds not just grey water, so goodbye Omo.
I'll find another brand for top load machines that is made in Australia not China.

very dissatisfied

Lean fortnight. BIOZET user. Omo 1/2 price. Awful result. Can't get the OMO smell out of our clothes. Residue on clothes and hands. Burns my hands.Back to using BIOZET. Wouldn't use again.

Read the review below!

I have to say this is by far the best laundry liquid I have used in my life, I know it sounds cliche but it's true. I'm not sponsored to write this review so it should reflect how it performs in an unbiased way. Before going into details I can say I'm kinda expert on this, I have used all kinds and brands of laundry powder/liquid, Cold Power, Fab, Drive, Biozet Attack, Dynamo, Radiant, Surf etc, you name it. And the differences of OMO is clothes come out smell really fresh and get rid of stains very well, besides socks stain which I had to use pre-treatment, but again if the job OMO can't do properly then other brands would also fail to do so. I no longer have to use 'boost' like Sards or Napisan and it really lives up to my expectation. And also it's gentle on clothes, so far been using for a year clothes still look vibrant and there are no fade or distortion on fabrics nor it causes allergy on my sensitive skin.

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