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Omo Sensitive

Omo Sensitive

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  • 4 reviews

Never been so itchy!!


Have been using OMO sensitive for some time but in the past 12 months I have been terrorised by itching. Could not figure out what was causing it, but it tended to be where clothes touched closely e.g waistband of jeans etc. SO relieved to read these reviews that it is something as simple as being allergic to this stuff. Coming into summer here and my skin looks horrendous from perpetual scratching. Off to the supermarket now to buy an alternative and give my poor skin a break. You'd think I would have realised when the skin on just my hands feels tight from hanging out the washing. Oh well...live and learn!!

Purchased in August 2019 at Woolworths for $10.00.

Causes Irritation Yes

Will NEVER buy again opened the packet and I'm itching


I have been buying OMO for 40 years - well, no more. Just opened the packet and I am itching all over. There is perfume in this SENSITIVE OMO, and it says gentle on skin. Who would ruin the best product on the Market?

Purchased in April 2019 for $10.00.

Value for Money

Added scent has destroyed the appeal of Omo sensitive - the new formula is NOT for sensitive people


The changed formula for sensitive omo is exactly NOT what the purchasers of a sensitive product want - it now has scent and I need to find another brand. I was a loyal omo sensitive purchaser until now.

Purchased in January 2019.

Sam F

Sam FMackay

Discoloured my brand new manchester


On two occasions I have used this product to clean brand new manchester before first use. The first time I used the capsules to wash brand new expensive towels that were a light blue colour. After washing, the towels were discoloured with faded light patches throughout. After vowing to not use the capsules again, I purchased the sensitive liquid and used it to wash a brand new natural coloured Sheraton linen quilt cover set. I was stunned to see that, again, the material on some parts had discoloured to a patchy grey colour. I was extremely disappointed as this was all brand new, high quality manchester, some of which was given to me as a Christmas present. Will not be buying anything from this range again.


NicolleSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Itchy and disappointed


I have been buying omo sensitive for years. Now our family is very itchy and it is leaving white residue on the clothes..very disappointed will have to change to another brand.



Why change a good thing!


Have used these Sensitive pods for years and loved them particularly for my kids sensitive skin and my sensitive nose/head - now I have to find a new product as the smell is so perfumed it stunk my entire house out for days. I don’t understand why the colour blue needed to be added to a “sensitive” product.



  • 11 reviews

Pure hell for allergies


If you or your family have allergies avoid this stuff.. How it is allowed to be marketed as sensitive and non perfumed is beyond me..don't just take my word for it, read the comments below..

It smells strongly and crysyalises in the soap tray of the washing machine as it seems to fine


Never used anything else for decades but will have to chance due to a nasal condition. I feel cheated by buying it in good faith and finished up having bought a different product. I will have to try to make Woolworth accept a return on the product as we cannot use it.

Go back to the old formula.


This new floral smell is not for sensitive people who are allergic to strong smells. The former sensitive capsules were terrific. Please at least create an option. It is a very strong smell. I'm so disappointed.

Omo Sensitive


After decades using Omo Sensitive because it does not have perfume - to my horror I have found you have started to add perfume
which I am sensitive to. I notice you don't mention this on the box. Unless you go back to the original soap powder we won't be using your product again. Did you think we wouldn't notice???


LynNorth Coogee

Why change a winning formula?


Omo Sensitive because my skin reacts to perfumed products. But now it has perfume added, so now my skin itches. Not only that it doesn't even smell very nice, please change back!!



changed the formula


I have been using omo sensitive pods for years with great success. Now my skin is reacting to it and my neck and face are all flared up red hot and painful with eczema. To find another product is a lot of painful time consuming effort as I react to so many others. I have been gratefule to omo sensitive but now it is ruining my life.

Why put a new perfume in the sensitve product?


We have used omo sensitive for as long ad its been available and wouldnt consider using anything else. They have just changed the formula!! With a perfume change. My while family are sneezing and getting headaches from the strong smell!! So disappointed.



  • 273 reviews

Ok though, not as good as expected


Bought this omo sensitive clothes washing liquid as I've got dermatitis . In it went into the washing machine with the clothes and water then out it came relatively clean as it wasn't too dirty however, has a weird smell when wet so might go back to the normal omo clothes washing liquid range.



  • 22 reviews

Does not clean very well


I bought a 5kg box of this to try it out. I am about three-quarters of the way through the box. The problem I have with it is that it just does clean properly. I am a white collar worker so none of my clothes are heavily soiled, yet it is not cleaning them well. For example, my white and coloured sheets both have very noticeable yellow discolourations in them now, pillowcases are the worst. I am using OMO as per their instructions, so I can only assume that it is just not a good quality product. I am going back to Bio-Zet Attack as I never seemed to have this problem when I used that brand. I cannot recommend OMO Sensitive for its cleaning ability.

whitish residue left on fabric


Disappointing result. We switched to OMO SENSITIVE LIQUID and the dark coloured fabrics in the wash had whitish stains as if there was undissolved powder residue left on the fabric.

Wendy L

Wendy L

  • 3 reviews
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No smell and cleans the wash (liquid)


We've used Natures Organics Purity for years because it had very little perfume, my husband didn't react to it and it cleaned the clothes. Then they "improved" it. The liquid soap and the conditioner became so smelly that even our daughter said her lips would burn and she suggested this product. More expensive but no perfume and the wash is cleaner.


Dee5Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 21 reviews



I am a old Bio-Zet user and loved it for many years... Omo sensitive powder is great, no scent cleans clothes and I have dirty clothes we are farmers. Please do not change this powder as other company seem to need to do to their's



  • 23 reviews

Omo Sensitive powder - no smell!


Purchased in January 2017.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No



  • 14 reviews

Unscented and effective


This is a review for the Omo Sensitive powder. I switched to it after BioZet changed their formulation and added a strong fragrance. I am very happy to report that this is definitely unscented and effective.

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can you use omo sensitive front and top loader in cold water without dissolving it in hot water first?

No answers



The blue granules of OMO Active creates a blue stain if it stays longer on the fabric when water is not mixed properly.Is there a way to remove the blue stain?I did use vanish and clorox but the blue spots doesnt come off>

No answers

Linda S

Linda Sasked

Does omo sensitive contain cobalt?

2 answers

Have no idea, the labelling should contain all ingredients, my gripe came after the new product was launched. It contained PERFUME!!!! very itchy stuff at that, also smelt very cheap and nasty.


it also leaves a amount of powder witch sets like crystal before it clears the soap tray

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