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Omo Ultimate

Omo Ultimate

Liquid and Powder
3.9 from 28 reviews

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This is the best on the market

For a general wash of any and all items, this gives the absolute best clean. Smells great and clothes come out sparkling and stain free. Love this, prepared to pay

Purchased in April 2018.

Causes Irritation No

Number one!!

I have used several washing powders but none of them worked like the Ultimate!!i was in a hurry and i put all my sons cloth for quick 18 minutes wash in my 7.5 kg electrulux!!i was seriously shocked because no other washing powder worked like this one before!all the dirts gone and smells so amazing!!and love that the smell remains longer!!highly recommanded!!definitely will buy again!

Purchased in August 2019 at Bigw for $24.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Suds overflow from my Machine

I have used OMO Matic for over 40 years. Was even a member of the OMOmatic Club.
Since they have now combined the TOP Loader and FRONT Loader powder.
I will not purchase it anymore.
How can the same soap powder suit both Front Loader and Top Loader Machines? They have
different actions.
If I use the amount stated on the box the suds overflow from my Machine.

Purchased in April 2019.

Omo ultimate

I bought this a week ago on special at Coles for $12 best laundry liquid ever will be buying the 5 kilo box next time round as it works out less for more. Super fresh clean laundry.

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles Online for $12.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

The very best washing powder for a great clean

I have used regular omo or drive for over 20 years and always been happy with the results.
I would need a prewash spray for some items that are soiled.
I decided on using ONO ultimate after it was on sale and wasn’t expecting much difference between the regular OMO. I was wrong the end result is cleaner fresh smelling clothes and I no need my preen prewash spray unless it’s heavily stained clothing. I do believe it’s a better product with better results. I buy the 4 kilo box from either supermarkets and it’s only $30 all day everyday. At using one to two scoops this lasts even for a big family like mine.
Can happily recommend

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $30.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

New formula too foamy

Have used Omo front loader for years and love it, but since they changed to a top/front combo formula there is just way too much foam being generated in our machine. So disappointing but will be changing to a front loader specific formula.

Works well on greasy tradie work clothes

I'm not sure about 'tackle 99 tough stains' but works well for greasy clothes. I find that I can also use half the detergent for normal clothes. So that evens out any extra cost.

Nice smelling, good washing - over priced.

I finally caved in and forked over the $$$ to buy a large box of Omo Ultimate. It has a really nice fragrance and it washes clothes well, as you'd expect from an Omo product - but my usual powder is Surf (the one in the pink box) and Omo is literally more than double the price of Surf, which also has a nice fragrance and does a good job at washing. Save your money and try the Surf; you won't be sorry. The reason for only 3 stars is not the performance, but the price, and also, this powder suds up a lot more than Surf.


Works really well and use it for washing just about everything. I wash at least 3 loads a day
Including linen for short stay apartnents. Very good with all sorts of marks.

Waste Water Worry

After using LaundRite (Aldi) Powder plus additives for years, OMO Ultimate did brighten and freshen my wash to my amazement and continued use. However no matter how good OMO Ultimate professes to be; in the long run I do not consider this product biodegradable or user friendly for your lawn... as in my case, where I use the waste water from my laundry OMO Ultimate has slowly killed off the grass and promoted weed growth, unlike LAUNDRITE which is a biodegradable product!

[+] Brightens and freshens
[-] OMO's "Cleaner Planet Plan" - Not so environmentally friendly :(

Cream Of The Crop

This is by far the best laundry powder by Any of the Big Brands. I gets rid of anything no matter how old the stain is. Tip Never use to much, you dont need it.
As Good if not better than Aldi's award winning powder.

Love every scoop

Cleaner clothes
Fresh clothes
Can not fault this washing powder
Amazing brightness
Amazing clean
Worth paying the extra!
We don’t skimp on washing powder anymore!
Love OMO

Utterly Bad

My Son's white Ecko T-Shirts cane out PINK!!!! The washing was done, as always in a Top Loader washing machine. Also to be mentioned the washing was done separately. When the cycle was done the washing was PINK!!!! Two new t-shirts done the drain. I will not recommend OMO to any consumer
Stay away!

Big hard block of powder

I'm over buying omo. Every time I buy it its hard lumps or one big lump and I have to smash the living daylights out of it to use it. A simple load of washing can take me 5 miniuts smashing hard powder into small granuals just so I can use it in my machine. This has happened too many times. Even my mums top loader omo is always hard and difficult to scrape out of the box.

Good Product !

I have been using the Omo Ultimate washing powder for a while now. I have used the liquid too. It does great job, washes off hard stains too and not expensive to buy.

great product

I've been low on clothes washing liquid so I bought the omo ultimate clothes washing powder and found it outstanding to get rid of stains however. But great for the kids, smells fab.

Best Laundry Liquid!

I had always thought that all laundry products were pretty much the same, until I started using OMO. My clothes and towels have never been more clean, it removes stains and odours even in a cold water cycle. It is gentle on all fabrics and good for sensitive skin. My favourite thing about it is how it makes my clean laundry smell!! It smells so good.

Pretty good

I've been low on clothes washing liquid so I bought the omo ultimate clothes washing powder and found it outstanding to get rid of stains however, have to careful how much to put as if someone places too much powder in the tub it puts holes into the clothes and creates an itchy feeling on the skin nevertheless I found omo ultimate a great clothes cleaner

So I switched to the liquid variant - the omo liquid is absolutely amazing - outstandingBeen using omo and was putting holes in the clothing so changed to the new version omo eucalyptus - pretty sure it's called omo eco drive

Not so "ultimate"!

Washed white underwear and socks on 30-40 degrees and could not see the stains being removed completely even after 4 washes. I prefer to stick with Radiant, it blows this detergent out of the water!

Love it

So i work in fast food and run kids parties. My uniform is really hard to wash and be very clean. Omo ultimate does it. I love it. All the pil and everything is gone. Icing and other items i get from parties gone. The only downside is that it is so expensive. Which it were cheaper.

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Is Vietnam made omo the same quality as Australian made??
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Is Omo gold safe to use in septic systems?
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Hi i'm doing a review on Omo Ultimate, in liquid form. I was wondering if anyone uses it and has and positive and negative reviews on it. Any help is much appreciated.
3 answers
Powders always perform more superior to liquids. Having said that liquids are still excellent. It's always recommended to use powders for heavily stained items.I agree with the other answer > powders are superior to liquids however , have to be careful not to place too much powder otherwise it could place holes in the clothes plus it usually causes the skin to become itchy > I usually use the blue omo liquid as I found it to be pretty goodOmo ultimate washing liquid is even better though, don't know where you plan to do your research and review but, you need to actually use the clothes was liquid powder or liquid in the washing machine as directed by the washing machine manufacturer and the laundry detergent which in this case is the omo range. As for omo ultimate : would only recommend if the clothes extra dirty - otherwise I'd recommend the the normal range


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