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Optimum for Adult Cats

Optimum for Adult Cats

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Scamming for more money

This cat food was my favourite for a long time but now they have changed.. I used to get 1.5kg for around $10 now they have made it only 800g for $1-2 cheaper... This is utter greed. This sizing wont last me for 2 weeks. Now i must change my cat food brand. Not happy

Good quality that you can easily get in a supermarket

My cats usually get proplan but if i cannot get to a petshop, I can get this at a supermarket. Its good to be able to get actual quality cat food when you cannot get to pet shop. My cats love it.

Bye Bye Furballs!

My cat Monty is a larger than normal cat and for years I had used a certain type of cat biscuits and meat - even their alleged furball formulas - because it was cheaper. He had a history of hacking up furballs and vomiting every now and then. I changed him to Optimum biscuits and he doesn't hack up furballs or vomit anymore. He's 18 and still going strong :)
More expensive than standard brands


I buy the small bag of Optimum Cat Biscuits and find this lasts my one cat just over a week which isn't to bad. I find that Woolworths reguarly has the biscuits on sale which is good. I might add that I am probably feeding my cat too much as she is overweight.
Available at Woolworths and Coles so easy to purchase. My cat is quite fussy but is always happy to eat Optimum Cat Biscuits. For some reason alot of other brands of cat biscuit make her vomit but we have never had this problem feeding our cat Optimum.
More expensive than the cheaper brands of supermarket cat biscuits.


I've bought this a few times as my vet recommends it, and I like the fact it is targeted at adult cats rather than being a general product. The cats like it, but it's very pricy.
Often easy to find at a speciality pet store that is located near us, the cats really enjoyed it, didn't smell so bad, was very easy to store as the bag could be re-sealed.
The price was very expensive compared to some cat foods, you don't get that much considering the price you pay. Is only in stock at the pet store, I've never seen it my local supermarket


Over all this is a very good substitute for veterinary-recommended cat food. It seems to be enjoyed once initial feeding commences, and it is of a convenient size to buy, carry and store.
It contains quality ingredients and does not bulk up the product with excessive amounts of fillers or cereals, and it contains a good mix of essential fatty acids and trace element-type ingredients necessary for good cat intestinal & colon health as well as maintaining good dental health - also very important to overall cat wellbeing.
The higher cost-per-kilo or grams is outweighed by the premium quality. Bonuses such as less odouress stools that are well formed but do not indicate constipation are excellent to see. It did not cause regurgitation or hair-ball vomitting as some higher cereal/filler products can so.

Good value for money when considering the quality ingredients, ease of buying from local supermarket and conveniently sized packages all make this a great product when looking for premium dry cat-food.
This cat food was available at the local supermarket, so a trip to the vet's or a specialty pet-product store was not necessary. It was packaged conveniently, and it poured easliy, unlike many dry food products that spill everywhere.
The cat's faeces were not as offensive on this diet, and there were no incidents of diahorrea or constipation - the balance of ingredients seemed to produce an appropriately formed and unoffensive stool that was easier to scoop up (with indoor cats and use of littler trays).
It seemed to be of good quality and the protein content was high, with the content of cereal-based fillers moderately low - giving enough fibre without "askimping" on proteins or other essential ingredients such as fats, vitamins and minerals.
There were good, clear instructions on feeding amounts, as well as essential recommendations to keep water nearby at all times and to avoid constipation by offering lots of water, and occassionally offering wet food if desired.
Ingredient list was included as were contact information for the company to ask any questions you may have on the product or its use.
The product was relatively expensive. Despite it being of apparent high quality, being available next to lower priced supermarket variety cat foods made it tempting to bypass this one and choose a lower prices item.
Initially, none of our 7 cats were enthusiastic about the smell/taste. They did not seem very keen on eating this dry food at first. However, once they did try it (which did take awhile) they seemed to accept it and it was well tolerated - no regurgitation etc.

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Why has the bag size been reduced from 1.5 to . 8 kg?
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for Adult Cats
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