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Fancy Feast Royale (Can)

Fancy Feast Royale (Can)

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Tastes Great On Toast

This cat food is so over priced !. I told our burping and farting furball that its now off the menu @ $1.90 a can and I will be eating it instead. The Mrs dared me, so I did and to my surprise, it tasted better than John West's tuna for humans. I guess I'll start licking my own asss and using a kitty litter tray soon enough.

Better than the normal Fancy Feast

I use to feed my cat Fancy Feast, she loved the chicken and Beef Gravy. However after a while whenever it was dinner time she would just turn away from it. I then tried the Fancy Feast Royale Tuna and Chicken, she seems to like these. I checked the ingredients and noticed the Royale range actually has real meat in the cans rather than the standard range which has no actual meat just substitutes.

Attention to detail lacking in packaging

I ask myself why did Fancy Feast spend so much on creating a food that basically every cat loves, but failed to present it in packaging that was of the same quality. Invariably, a portion of each pouch goes in the bin (along with the $$ you paid for it) because the packaging doesn't allow the bottom contents to be retrieved. It's expensive anyway, but to waste that amount of food doesn't encourage me to keep buying it.

Both my cats suffer diarrhea

Ive tried different brands and unfortunately this brand gives my two cats very loose stools. They like it but i have to give it to them sparingly


Great food my cat loves it, but far too expensive and rarely on special anywhere. Only one time I buy it now .

"Treat only" food

I did buy a few tins of FF Royale but was later warned that this food should only be used as a 'treat' for my cat. I think your product label should display on the FRONT "To be used as a treat only" because this food is not 100% complete or balanced for any cat. I prefer to use Fancy Feast Classic range because it is a complete diet and more importantly it contains the LOWEST carbohydrates. Cats do not metabolise high carbohydrates. In fact, too many carbs in their food leads to feline diabetes. I only select diets with the LOWEST carbohydrates.

Fantastic Food but Shame about the Price

Great cat food, a definite favourite among the cat community. Shame about the price though, as many people can't afford it. If price was more reasonable, sales should increase enormously with people purchasing it on a more regular basis. At the very least it could be put on sale regularly at say $1/can. Wouldn't the sales increase make it worth it still?

Why so expensive.

All my cats love this product, but as a pensioner i only purcuse it when it is on special for $1 a can and i get it in bulk. i do not understand why city farmers (where i puchase most of the fancy feast royale) sell at special price of $1.39/can but a box of 12 tins at $18.
Easy to open
The price

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I want to know why it does not come in 375gr cans

The best wet food and better than whiskes

I have been feeding my cat almost a month. He's doesn't like only one choice. He love mixing with other product ( wet food ). It's just that I really want to know it there any oil in fancy feast royale? Because his hair fall a lot. My cat love fancy feast royale. In fact, I try to stop and give him something else,he just smell and walk away. Hopefully fancy feast royale have more variety wet food.

Please bring back the yellow fin tuna

Our 18 month blue chartreuse kitten will only eat the Fancy Feast Royale yellow fin tuna with whole shrimp since a foolish visitor gave her some ham last Xmas.This caused a pancreatitis and she has never drank water since.She has a whole tin for breakfast and a tin of tuna banquet with whole prawns for dinner.She has water in the food.Life was very difficult and she became very ill and we nearly lost her.After huge vet bills and trying every type of cat food we finally hit the jackpot with Fancy Feast yellowfin tuna and the tuna banquet with whole prawns although the former is her favourite.She began to slowly put on weight again and now I am told it is not available everything has chicken.It is not the time to say goodbye to her she is very sweet.Our last cat lived to 22.
Obviously it is the food that she can tolerate
Other products and tastes cant be tolerated the vet says.

Good quality..

My cat likes the Fancy Feast range a lot. The chicken one actually looks like proper chicken, and the Royale range doesn't contain any by-products according to the ingredients. However, I think there should be more meat varieties in the Fancy Feast Royale range instead of all fish ones and one chicken. I heard it's not good to give cats too much fish, so I find this range is mostly fish flavours. I would like to see some beef, lamb and turkey flavours added to the Royale range. Overall, my cat loves the chicken one and is the perfect portion too.
Portion size, no by-products, cat loves the flavour, doesn't smell.
Not many meaty flavours as opposed to fish.

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Yes definitely would like to see other meat varieties rather than tuna. Tuna is not good for cats to eat as it can cause health issues.

My cats find this is like heaven

Both my cats will only eat Fancy Feast wet food. They wont eat any other wet food, no matter how hungry they are. It is expensive, but it works out cheaper than buying cheap wet food and throwing it away. I don't eat cheap food, so why should my fur-babies.
Large selection which my cats love.
Is expensive, but I never throw any out.

My Cat wont eat anything else now

My cat loves it wont eat any other tinned food now tirns his nose up at it he just gulps this down and will eat a whole tin in one sitting
Available in the supermarket
Not cheap if u feed yr cat 2 tins a day like me

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not cheap if you are a breeder either


My cat loves this food. I used to buy her cheaper food, but she would only ever eat half of it then come back and sniff at it later and meow at me she was hungry. I would throw most of it away.

This is more expensive, but she will eat the lot in one sitting! I figure I would rather pay a bit more for something she likes and is going to eat than try to save money and end up chucking it all in the bin!
My cat gives it two (non-opposable) thumbs up!


Good quality cat food that does not look or smell like cat food, none of that awful aspic jelly stuff in the can and no horrible odours in the fridge or bin, but you do pay for the privilege! lots of great flavour choices and looks like real fish and meat. My cat loves it, but then again at that price what cat wouldn't
Great flavour choices, good quality


I occasionally buy this tinned cat food from Fancy Feast for my cat as a bit of a treat food. It is a bit expensive to be buying too often but as a special treat, it is affordable. It comes in a good sized tin and the food is not messy at all and my cat seems to really love it each time I give it to her. It is in a better quality range of wet cat food than a lot of other brands you get at the supermarket.
A good quality wet tinned food that comes in a good size.
Expensive but great as a treat.


My cat will occasionally be given one of these for a bit of a treat and most of the time she will eat every last bit of a tin. The tins are quite small in size but they seem to be around the right size for an adult cat. The meat looks quite good quality and it is much nicer to be feeding your cat one of these tins rather than some of the more cheaper wet cat foods out there.
Come in some nice flavours, good quality, my cat likes to eat them as a treat.
Can be expensive if you are buying them all the time.


My cats favourite food, so I try to buy them only when they are on special as they are at the pricey end of the cat food range. They are full of meat content though, unlike some other brands which seem to be more gell or liquid.
My cat never turns its nose up at these.


Judging from my cats reaction, it is delicious, and not too bad on price for the quality you get. The size of the cans are perfect, one is enough for a day, he gets half for breakfast and half for dinner.
Full of meat, not much gel. My cat adores all but one flavour. He doesn't meow very often, but he seems to know what those cans look like because he will meow!

Questions & Answers

What dry and cat foods are suitable for kittens... What age does a kitten become a cat?
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Dry food is a “commercialization” version of pet food nutrition. Dry food is not "species appropriate" nutrition for cats. This is because dry food is a water-depleted diet. Cats normally have a low thirst drive. Dry food is the worst thing to give any cat of any age. You should visit the internet site "FELINE NUTRITION EDUCATION SOCIETY"I would disagree with anyone, qualified or not that states dry food is not good for your cat. We've had two cats, now on to our third that lived over 20 years and we have always fed them dry food by day (no smells in warm weather) and real tuna/sardine/fish from the can at night. Always try to give your cat as little wheat/grain (found in many dry foods and the likes of canned Whiska's etc) as possible as grass is all a cat needs once in a while.

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