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Optimum Healthy Weight Management for Cat

Optimum Healthy Weight Management for Cat

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This was fantastuic, my cat still enjoyed dinner time, but was able to maintain the correct weight. Was a little pricy but worth it as it helped the cat!
It seems to help my overweight cat maintain the correct weight, we used it and when we returned to the vet two months later she had actually lost and maintained some weight, while still being able to eat a decent amount of food, cat enjoyed the taste and was happy when it was dinner time.
No longer seems to stock in shops, I've found it three times at a speciality pet store near us but it is often sold out!


My 'overweight' cat likes the taste but with multiple cats in my household I found that they were all eating this same food. You then have to supliment the other cats food with something else as I found that this has alot of salt in it and therfore makes all of the cats drink an excess of water. There was never an empty bowl when I put this out but they tended to ignore the wet food in favour of this.
Pleasant smell for humans, cheap cost, easy seal packet.
Hard to find this again in shops and supermarkets. Originally bought at a discount store but no more coming into there.

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