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Optimum Kitten

Optimum Kitten

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Not bad

For a supermarket brand, this would be my top pick. It's very similar to Advance kitten dry food (pretty sure they come from the same factory?), so I've found I can swap between the 2 without stomach upsets. I do tend to prefer Advance though because it's premium quality and cheaper than this if you buy it online, but Optimum is great for emergencies.

Was using Optimum, but caused strong smelling urine and has lots of cereal fillers and use byproduct

I adore my kitten he is 5 months now. I recently switched to optimum, kitten liked the taste but his urination became excessive and very odorant, then switched to VIP grain free. It is slightly cheaper, and much better, no fillers, and helps against urinary infections. Kitten loves the taste too.

Sounds good, but made cat unwell

Changed my kitten to Optimum as its nutrition panel looked better - higher protein, meat as first ingredient etc.

Cat started drinking and weeing so much I thought she had diabetes, took her to the vet - $240 of tests later we work out that it was from the sodium content in the new bisuits.

Plus she seemed to eat a lot more of them, and her stools became incredibly offensive.

Back to Friskies/Whiskas we go.
Packaging, meat as first ingredient
Extremely salty


The kibbles are kitten sized and do not smell too strong. High in protein and other nutrients and my kittens love them! I have two kittens and six adults but I feed the kittens this rather than Whiskas to give them a better start as these are more nutritious. Great for people who think Whiskas is not good enough but nearly faints at Pets Paradise's EVO cat food prices (like me).
Outstanding ingredients with real ingredient: chicken and highly digestible. My kittens have beautiful eyes because of Optimum! Maybe I won't switch to Whiskas next year.
digestible, kittens like it, kitten sized, nutritious
a bit expensive


This may be the only dry cat food at the supermarket with meat listed as the first ingredient (chicken meal). It has a huge 43% protein, about 10% more than most other brands there, which have around 33%. Due to the high meat content, this is kitty's preferred dry food... although most cats prefer the wet variety.
Likely to be the best quality dry food at the supermarket.
Still has cereal filler, fairly expensive


Great for young kittens. No upset tums and this is a real plus.I am very impressed with this fantastic food.I definatly won't change my kittens diet now after discovering Optimum.
I found this food way out in front of any other available in the supermarkets.
None at all.

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