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Ovuplan Pregnancy Planning Kit

Ovuplan Pregnancy Planning Kit

2.3 from 9 reviews

Worst Ovulation Kit I’ve Used

I’ve been using First Response and Clear Blue for months now with no issues. This month I went to the chemist and they only had Ovuplan kits available. I purchased one and will never buy this product again. It never detected a LH surge, in fact it barely detected anything. Each of the 10 days had a barely visible line which is highly disappointing given I know I ovulate every single month and no other test strips have failed me like this. Save your money and stick with First Response if you can’t afford Clear Blue. Next time I’ll drive to another pharmacy to avoid buying this product again

Purchased in March 2019 at Terry White Chemists for $19.99.

Ease of Use
Regular PeriodsYes

Ovuplan strips were not accurate and I am concerned I have a faulty batch.

I am trying to conceive 3rd child so am very experienced with using ovulation strips. I purchased Ovuplan as limited options in pharmacy I went to and these strips did not work 2 months in a row. Both times I ended up using some strips (another brand) I had left over from previous months and these immediately detected the LH surge and gave a positive result. The Ovuplan ones did not. These strips are the ones in the new white and blue packaging. Very disappointed. I won’t be purchasing these again.

Accurate and clear results.

First time using this particular brand. Love that there's 10 in a box, reasonably priced, has clear and accurate results. I will post a photo of how it looks. I did one every day from the 28th of dec 2018. I will be buying this brand again should I not conceive this month. The strips do look a bit cheap, but they do the job.

Better than expected :)

It was confusing at first because of the lack of window for the result lines.. however I had a feeling I was ovulating and a second light pink line came up within 2 minutes. A little fiddley, but it's affordable for working families. Also appreciate that the box comes with a pregnancy test :)

Read the instructions a couple of times and handle the strips gently.

New kits terrible

I have been using the purple boxed ovuplan kits for 10months and was very happy with the consistent clear lines and quality of the product. However, The recently released packs in the blue and white boxes are terrible. The strips start to fall apart once urine has absorbed and the reading/test line is hardly visible and patchy. Bring back the old strips!

Wouldn’t buy it again

OVUPLAN is the worst ovulation kit among the ones that I have tried .
Reading the result is terrible experience.
Thin crapy test strip
Followed the instructions , Just one faint line appeared and It was hard to figure out whether it’s T window or c window as there were no markings

Worked like magic

I would recommend this product due to its high accuracy and low cost for an OPK. I was at first sceptical given that there were not many reviews on this product. I decided to start testing 8DPO as that's when I first noticed an increase in estrogen noted by an elevation in libido and decreased appetite and pimples appearing on my chest and face. On 8DPO and 9DPO I got no pink line in the test line area meaning no LH surge. 10DPO I noticed a very faint pink line in the test line area meaning a small amount of LH was detected. 11DPO I noticed another faint pink line in the test line area. 12DPO I noticed a moderate pink line (still lighter than control line) in the test line area with my level of libido increasing and appetite decreasing, meaning there is an impending LH surge. 13DPO the test had picked up a clear LH surge as the test line was a much darker pink than the control line. Let's just say all other ovulation symptoms were very present that day and I noticed mild right pain in my stomach/hip area towards the end of the day. I believe that is when the egg was released. 14DPO the test line was the same pink color as the control line meaning LH surge still detected. Again ovulation symptoms were present with a slight decrease in libido towards the end of the day and a slight increase in appetite in line with a drop in estrogen and slight increase in progesterone. Then to top it all off I noticed very mild ovulation spotting the next day 15DPO confirming I definitely ovulated.
I decided to be very detailed with this review as I personally highly recommend this product.

Inaccurate results!

I used First response last month and got accurate readings. This month I bought ovuplan and despite all of my typical signs of ovulation I got no LH surge results on these sticks. No good. Better off following physical signs and not wasting the money.

I wouldn't buy it again.

This kit came with 10 ovulation tests and 1 pregnancy test. It is priced at $37.74.

The ovulation tests come with foam pieces that you need to insert the test strip into and then float in the sample.
Its a fiddly kit to use and not very straightforward when reading the results. A line may or may not appear for a negative and yet a line is also supposed to appear for a positive as well. You have to keep checking the instructions again and again to see if the right shade of pink has appeared. I was never sure of the result.

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