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Rainbow candy take it or leave it

Rainbow candy has a slight hubba bubba after taste but actually tastes like some tropical Metamucil... it’s not great and it’s not bad...... def way better then the horrible pina colada but I still like all original flavours better but hey all you can do is try it. Not really sweet like the name suggests.

OxyShred FTW

Been taking it when i wake up and occasionaly as a preworkout for over a year, it definitley has lost some of its potency but its still bloody awesome.
Definitley helps with losing a bit of weight (I was semi muscular and big at 103kgs, now im must more toned and way more muscle at 98kgs), stops you from getting hungry, great if you do intermitent fasting as its only 5 cals so you can still have it in a fast and it stops you from getting hungry. Gives you morning energy (im not a morning person). Tastes great, and i mean i'm a fussy eater so thats saying something. I like it as a preworkout too as its a slower burn than proper preworkouts which i find give you heaps of energy but only for a short period of time.

Cant recommend enough. only issue is that it does lose some of its potency but thats to be expected as your body gets used to things.

Love this product

I’ve been using oxyshred for about 2 months now and love it , I have lost 23 cms from my waist , no more snacking and gives me so much more energy for my workouts . Just about to start using oxy sleep and see how it goes , highly recommend this product for anyone who wants that extra little boost!

Tastes great!

Tastes amazing and helps suppress hunger. I find that it helps boost my energy during workouts and there's a range of different flavours to choose from.

Disgusting but works

Its absolutely disgusting. Kiwi strawberry is the worst. Grapefruit is a tiny bit better but still bad. They work though. The new candy flavour might taste good but they are all hard to get down and when you get to the end of the cup little pieces are left and by that point im galcing on it because of its taste. There is a promo code that you guys can use in the photo for 5% off from fat burners only, which is definitely the cheapest place for aussies with free express shipping too.

Losing eyebrows

It helps you lose and tone which is great but the downfall you will lose your eyebrows at the same time:/

Not recommended

I have been feeling very awkward after taking this in the morning from 2 weeks . It just feel like my blood pressure arises whenever I take this and will have a heart attack anytime . Never recommend . Doesn’t feel any difference .

Works perfectly and even better with an eating plan!

I have been on Lite n Easy and mixed with some exercise, OxyShred has helped me lose 13kg in 3 months and keep on losing it! Flavour options are great and the delivery times are really quick!

Highly recommend it! Get some!!

It works!

Guys, this product really works.
I've never believed in fat burn or pre workout and this product is just the combination of both!
Definitely is part of my diet every morning pre workout. I love it.

Great for first timers!

I found this product amazing the first time I used it however after the second and third I found it didn’t have an as great effect as another product did. I had to up my dosage and still wasn’t getting the effects.

It works but has side effects for sensitive people.

Let me start off by saying i have PTSD and therefore an highly sensitive to ANYTHING that interacts with your nervous system. Coffee for eg, throws me into a panic attack followed by an entire day of extreme anxiety. I've been working out at home for a yr or so now and have been getting more toned but my diet sucked so i hadn't really lost much weight lol. This is the first supplement that i've tried.

I've been taking this almost every day now for about 7 days or so and it's only made me jittery and anxious twice. And both times i'd had too much, too quickly and hadn't eaten enough calories in the day.
In these times it makes my ptsd symptoms go into overdrive:
scared to the point where the slightest thing makes me scream and want to hide in a cupboard,
irrational in my thinking
severe heart palpitations (tho i'm about 98% sure that''s actually a result of the hidden stuff in the protein i was taking moreso than this one but i'll include it in there for people to be aware of)
physically shaking uncontrollably,
I also start to hallucinate if its really really bad...

Side effects of the actual shake and NOT ptsd were only:

My brain feels like its got 500 tabs open at the same time but also like there's static in there lol.

I described these to my hubby who takes a lot of supplements and has tried them all and he said yeah, i drank it too fast LOL. Easy fix tho. Since i've slowed down, these symptoms have never happened again.

Cost is a bit of a negative too, this stuff is expensive but you can get it on ebay with a free shaker and a free teeshirt for less than the actual supplement stores! And if you're like me, and only use a smaller amount and only once a day it should last you a good while.

Once i DO slow down while drinking it, i am alert to the point of ptsd being almost non existent! Triggers aren't as harsh and i can think clearly without any dissociation at all. Which, for someone with a dissociative disorder as well is almost impossible! THIS STUFF WORKS! :D It helps me stay present as well as lets me multitask like 20 different things at the same time. Its just amazing, i've never EVER been had this sort of clarity. Ever. I honestly didn't even know it was possible!

Possibly because it makes you have so much energy and clarity, but hubby and i both noticed this stuff gives an instant mood boost. It can take me from irritable to happy and it keeps you in a happier, more positive uplifted mood all day. Without being euphoric and or drug like happy. Its just a genuine feeling of "yeah, i'm having a good day today! go me!" lol. There's no crash once it wears off either. You don't come crashing back down into a blithering heap of depression or rage lol.

On the energy front, it kicks in about 5-15 mins after drinking and gives me enough get up and go to work out and get all the stuff done in the day that i need to. I generally use 3/4 to a whole scoop to a full shaker (700mls) of water. and drink 1/3 when i get up and then more with lunch. If i take it any later than 2pm i have insomnia that night but again, this is a PTSD thing because my nervous system takes so so much longer to process caffein. I can have coffe at 9am and still not sleep till the next day it's that bad...But Oxyshred is different. It lets me go to bed normally at about 10pm and sleep really well.

There is no sudden drop with this one either, You don't know when it's worn off other than you may feel a little tired.

When working out with it, i have found (which is kinda scary) this product makes weight lifting easier and i can lift heavier weights for longer but there is absolutely no warning when you're about to hit failure. So when i'm home alone working out under a smith machine and my chest and arms just give out its a little scary LOL. Again tho, easy fix, i just need to work out with my hubby to spot me when i'm doing harder stuff.

I love the taste of the kiwi strawberry, in my opinion its the best one. The mango one tastes like lemon sherbert lollies to me lol but its hubbys fave. I love that these are so sweet they fill that craving for sugar without actually eating it.

RE: pooping. Hubby says it religiously makes him need to go to the loo about 15-40 mins after drinking it. And that he likes that because it makes him more regular and predictable. But i haven't noticed anything at all. No changes to my loo habits. I'm thinking this may just be a person to person thing.

I've not really noticed a decrease in appetite much in fact its really kick started my metabolism. I used to only really get hungry every 6 hrs or so. And would eat stupidly large portions of bad foods lol. Now i'm hungry every 3-4 hrs and am eating clean, pair that with working out harder and for longer and i think I've lost a few kg's already in a week. I'm also noticing better muscle definition as a result of the work too.

Overall i think i will keep taking this and see how we go. If I get any massive side effects i'll come back and note them here. For me, with the sh!t i struggle with daily, this is a god send product.

Keeping all of these things in mind, i have and do recommend it to others.

It’s OK

It’s OK, it helps with not wanting to eat.. but it doesn’t give me much energy just I guess more mentally alert which it’s meant to I think so it’s a very standard product would buy again but was horrible. Taste was pretty nice though can’t complain there

Love it

I usually take a scoop in the morning before leaving the house and it definitely keeps you more alert and focused. I love it just for that purpose but is also a good appetite suppressant too.

I love it for so many reasons

So I've just bought my fourth tub and I really love it.
No side effects: I've taken one scoop each morning on an empty stomach. It 100% has decreased my appetite and it gives me the perfect amount of extra energy. If you're getting shaky or the jitters you've obviously had too much- just decrease how much you take. Ive taken it twice some days around 8pm to workout and gone to sleep fine.

The mango was the first I tried and I liked it more and more as I went on. I'll definitely repurchase it once I go through all the flavours.

I was a TAD disappointed with the pina colada limited edition flavour, but it was still good (i mean im comparing it to a legit alcoholic pina colada which I guess isnt fair, probably because you expect a creaminess but its just watery). I do prefer mango to it but its still nice (just didnt reach expectations)

Everyone raves about the passionfruit so my expectations were very high- Its not as passionfruity as I would personally like but its still great.

Now, GUAVA, is actually so good. It doesnt even taste like a supplement but an iced drink you would enjoy by the pool (SO underated).

The product itself does what it says it will- through exercise 4-6 times a week and a healthier diet coupled with the oxyshred I've lost 8kg (17 pounds) since I started taking it (2.5 months). To keep this in perspective, I'm not going crazy with the working out or diet (I would die on chicken and broccoli alone) and I find it important to still have a brownie, whenever I want a brownie (which actually isnt too often because the oxyshred is so sweet that it really diminishes my cravings for sweet food) so it has been slow but VERY steady progress.

I love it oxyshred to bits and I really recommend it (especially the guava)

Also: I swear on my life that I'm not from a sales company or am endorsed in any way to write this. I'm an average 21 year old girl who wants to be fitter.

Good but messed with my cycle

I used to use this stuff while I was on a weight loss program and it really gave me a lot of energy, sped up my metabolism and tasted great, only problem or concern rather (it might be a little tmi for some people) is that it caused me to miss periods. I normally have a very regular cycle but while using this stuff my period would kind of disappear and that concerned me. That’s the only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5, simply because I don’t know if that’s normal for a fat burner to do. Otherwise it’s a great product & I’d give it a 5


Good product. Have used for a couple of months now. Thermo is great! Sweat so much throughout my workout. Initially gave a buzz then body will adapt over time. May need to increase scoop by half for an extra kick.

Not sure on this one will review again next time around

Ok did trial this a while ago & stopped as I was feeling a little off for some reason .I'm unsure if it was this or something else at the time. i was having this twice daily & did feel that that was too much for me to begin with as I was experiencing the overstimmed feeling. I will review this again when i give it a time a second time around @ once daily. I did remember feeling some slight increase in euphoria & energy the first couple times i took @ once a day as i can remeber really getting into the mood whilst training & trying to dance between sets lol( i can't or don't dance).This has been reported from reviews I have read before trying. I didn't experience any appetite supression which is not surprising for me . I am a big boy & I have a healthy appetite. Most likely the only time my appetite will be supressed is when I am no longer walking this earthlol.I think this product has potential ..I am not fully convinced at this point but still do have quite a few servings left . It is a little pricey but you do get a lot of servings which makes it quite reasoanble. As i said i will review again l8r (part 2) once i run again ...if your reading this & are thinking of trying i would say just do it & see how you go but start with one a day & access your tolerance before adding more, it is quite strong.

Prepare to crap yourself

First two days I felt I had more energy and in a great mood, then i crap myself twice on day 3 and again on day 4. Literally crap my pants

Insomnia, anxiety

Took 1 scoop with water around 3pm, flavour was nice and I felt energised during my workout. However it stopped me from sleeping that night, felt anxious and jittery. Might not be a problem if you’re used to caffeine or drink many cups of coffee a day.

Apparently contains 150mg caffeine but the way caffeine anhydrous is listed on the label to me suggests it contains more (10g contains 1.25g “mood enhancer blend”, the first ingredient of which is caffeine. 1 scoop = half of that). The safety of another ingredient, higenamine, seems questionable.

Overall wasn’t worth it for me.


I have tried the Pink Grapefruit, the flavour is fine. I am disappointed with the results i.e did not help me at all. (Only effect has been terrible stomach pains and diahorrea every morning)
I stick to a healthy diet and exercise regime but my metabolism has slowed down due to age. I saw all the reviews and decided to purchase. ( I have now learned that the majority of positive reviews are from Sales companys) I would not recommend.

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Questions & Answers

I would like to know if anybody cycles of oxyshred after 6 weeks and what do you notice on the off week with your mood etc? Very Interested to know.
2 answers
I skip a few days a week or if i get enough sleep in the previous night. And my mood only starts to decline after a day or two of not having it. (That said tho, i have cptsd, and depression, so my moods are prone to fluctuating anyway lol, but oxyshred keeps me on a very even keel when i take it :D )Thank you for your input. Much appreciated

How often do you take it? Is it an everyday thing? Couple of times a week? Just before exercise? Hi
1 answer
Hi I take it every morning on an empty stomach 30 mins before exercise. Then exercise for 45 minutes a day. I had no benefits from taking it unfortunately.

How long does it take to lose weight? do you need to exercise and how much, how much weight would I lose once I finish the tub, how often do I need to take it, how would I need to eat, sorry for all the questions
1 answer
You need to exercise and eat well in order for this to work., You can't rely on this helping you lose weight if you don't exercise. Eat a well balanced and healthy diet. I take 1 scoop in the morning and 1 in the arvo before a workout. Everyone is different so theres no amount to how much weight you'll lose.


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