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Ozito BLV-2401

Ozito BLV-2401

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Good performance but is extremely noisy.

Weight is not a problem, I wish it had a special squarish nozzle to increase the suction area and two wheels on each end like a household vacuum cleaner to keep it at a height that stops it from sticking to the ground and suck pebbles and small stones. Only problem is it's messy. While it sucks leaves air escapes out of the bag but so is the dust, and in no time my pants, shoes, shirt, etc. are covered with dust. The bag should have an air escape mesh away from the operator and not both sides. So, here is the results: Too noisy, nozzle jams firmly on the ground like a suction cup and on wood chips it sucks leaves and wood chips. On white or quartz pebbles it sucks the leaves fine but a slightly drop of the nozzle tend to suck in the pebbles. On the grass, it sucks the leaves but it's tedious in both the time in sucks the leaves and the suction effect of the nozzle with the grass. Lastly, as I said, whatever it sucks, even sand, dust and dirt, it passes through the bag and is blown on your clothes, mainly where the bag is closest to the hip. I converted mine to stop the dust being blown on my clothes, using a flexible tube that is attached where the bag is attached under the blower and, at 3-4 metres end of the tube it is attached to a drum that has an airing fabric like a hessian bag so that the leaves and cut grass remains in the drum and dirty air is blown away at the other side, so that it doesn't touch your clothes. Works great. But the noise it makes drives my neighbours crazy.

Purchased in March 2016 at Bunnings Warehouse for $49.95.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Ozito 3 in 1 Vacuum Blower Mulcher is superb

$49 with a 3 year replacement warranty from Bunnings - you have got to be kidding me!
Why do other brands have a better name than Ozito? Why are they so much more expensive than Ozito? Do they offer this type of warranty?
So what do you get for your money? A Blower & a Vacuum & a Mulcher! Nice compact box reveals a pretty robust and good sized unit, weighing in at only 3.4kg.
Quick start guide is your friend, with a well written and nicely illustrated set of steps to get you on the road in 10 mins.
Smaller tube underneath is the blower and a larger tube on top for vacuum and mulching to place back on the compost heap. Comes with a 40L vac bag and a pair of nose wheels for vac duties.
It's listed as variable speed as it comes with a thumb dial for settings 1 - 6. The box lists this as 160-270kph and I believe them. I started using the lowest setting and it blew dry grass hard. Crank it up if ur grass etc is wet and it will do the job easily.
Honestly, this thing is a miracle for the price. Give it a hard time and for 3 years you have not a worry in the world. Ozito are fast becoming my favourite manufacturer!!

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $49.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Works ok, extremely messy

Sucks up most leaves but does get stuck often on larger ones as it doesn't seem to have the suction required to pull large leaves in. Small twigs will also halt proceedings even on the most powerful setting.

The worst problem though is that an insane amount of dust comes out of the bag, so your pants and lungs will suffer.

For only $49 at Bunnings it's acceptable value, but sooner or later I'll be replacing it with one of much better design.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

good value its price

does what it is supposed to do. i dont know why people complain but with the price you pay for it you get what you pay for. it blows decent and the vaccuum is good too. the back has not failed on me yet. i use it to clean the garage and the patio. it makes the job a lot easier. i might even use it to blow dry the car.

for the cons, it is noisey. if you set it to maximum blow or vac, it can get a bit loud so wear an earplug or ear muffs. it is gets heavier the longer you use it so make sure to use the shoulder strap specially if you are vaccuuming as the back really gets heavy.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Ozito Blower Vac Mulcher VLV2401 - Luv IT :)

Bought 1st Blower vac "leaf" mulcher about 3 yrs ago and got lazy last month when I sucked up a small rock... motor rrrrrrrr... I thought I could get fixed but then I saw $49 at bunnings why bother. I could have spent 1/2 hr taking apart and cleaning but busy days lateley. So when I saw at Bunnings $49.00 on special I just replaced and put old one in hard rubbish (gone in 10 minutes) . What's the use of a blower (blow leaves on street \ neighbours house only to have blow back at you.....???) It does what I bought it for 100%. Leaves and debris around front drainage and curbs (instead of blowing out onto street only to have it blow back on me and end up blocking my drains again). Nice and clean Leaves gone. :) Yes it's electric so if you have small property easy peasy!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Ok vac if you don't have big leaves

Bought it to vacuum the elm leaves during autumn. Hope it would work like magic but it does not. May be useful for trees with smaller leaves. Gets jammed at the nozzle with small branches.Design not ergonomic,

Blower function is good enough for small compund.

You get what you paid for...

Date PurchasedApr 2018

This tool is a great electric blower/vacuum.

I bought this item as Choice rated it quite high for overall reliability. I’ve used it quite a few times now and find that it does a good job at both blowing and vacuuming the leaf debris around my house. You do get dust over you when vacuuming as the collection bag is quite porous so it may help to wear a mask. I do and jump in the shower after my cleanup. I recommend it for the price and warranty. I bought my from Bunnings.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

I won't buy another; sick of Chinese junk.

I bought an Ozito vacuum mulcher/blower from Bunnings a couple of days ago, cost $79. I set it up, and after 2 minutes the motor stopped working, Checked power cord connections and fuses in our power box, checked to see if anything had jammed it an then took it back to Bunnings who refunded my money on production of my receipt and explanation. More rubbish made in China.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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PS Mine was the Ozito BLW1800 as far as I can tell.

Its a little bit of a CON, Vacuum (If the bag doesn't break), Blower (barely), Mulch (maybe a leaf)

Ok so they sell this as a 3 in one unit. Well the first time I used it I was very impressed for money. I thought yep this is great ill use this all the time. 12 months later second time using it, the bag rips sending debris all over me. OK I won't vacuum all the mess up ill blow it away. I divert the air flow only to find it bypassing and barely throwing more than a breathe of air out the end. So I pull it apart to find nothing blocking the air path. Real cause was a little stick (maybe a small rock) had broken the fan blade near the motor. I have resorted back to sweeping and raking until I decide on what will be my next purchase. I really did like the idea of vacuuming up all the mess and then it being mulched and putting it back on the garden.

Going forward I wouldn't recommend unless they change the catching system and beef the propeller system up a little.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Vacuum good but bag not fit for purpose

Kind of wish this product was not offered for sale and I was forced to buy a more expensive product with a bag functioned as it should. Really good value for money and the blower and vacuum and mulcher work well. The bag is really cheap and has ripped after 1 month. Even worse is that it allows dust the blow through it all over me when I use the vacuum. It is not rocket science to produce a fabric that allows air but not dust to pass through and it should have been a minimum requirement of the production of this product even if it meant having to sell at a slightly higher cost. Cant be used unless I have old clothes on and plan to have a shower after. Shoes end up filled with dirt. Disappointing.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great for the price but!

The blower is great for the price however the bag is not the best and ripped within 12 months. True to their Ozito promise I was able to get a replacement bag and now I am up and running again. For the odd domestic job around the house it is worth the price.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Built to a price

Dont be fooled by the 5 Year Warranty and Low price of $49. The zip in the bag failed after the VERY FIRST empty (this product was purchased as a present and sat in the shed in the original sealed box for 14 months) and you try a warranty claim it's well the bag only has a 12 mnth warranty so theres the need to straight away look at buying a new bag (which to me is cr#p as that to is likely to fail) only trouble is all the spare bags are out of stock which in itself speaks volumes of the quality. Machine does blow & suck well though extremely dusty (especially with open zip lol) and is a very noisy machine. End of day pays to outlay a bit of extra cash and go for the extra and better quality built unit.
PS the Ryobi I have had for over 12 years is still on it's original bag even if it does have the odd duct tape on it.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Excellent value for money.

I bought my Ozito Blower from Bunnings at Silverdale five years ago, it has given excellent service , however the bag is of poor quilty material , it punctures very easily and the zip tab is not man enough, mine came off not long after i started using it.
I still use the original bag, i put duct tape over the holes, it last for a reasonable time then i have to redo the tape, i also have the odd hole in the plastic body , again duct tape does a great job.
with new bags at $30 i plan on buying a new machine. Overall i’m happy to buy another Ozito from Bunnings at Silverdale NZ.

Date PurchasedMay 2013

god vacuum. really POOR bags. I recommend do not buy unless Bunnings guarantee the bag.

The blower is great. VERY noisy though. Please wear earplugs! The vacuum is also great, but the bags are very poor. I inherited the machine from my son when he moved into a unit. The bag on it then was almost new. That was about two years ago. The first bag lasted about 18 months (never used in winter as I am in Canberra). Bought a new bag. After spring and summer work that bag is worm out. The bag leaks dust badly. You have to wash your clothes and shower after each use (the bag was like that from new, by the way). Now all the stitching has failed so it blows straight out.
I wont buy a other bag as they really only last one season.
The bag in my 20+year old Ryobi garden vacuum lasted almost 20 years of hard use.
Ozito? Have a look at Ryobi!

Date PurchasedJan 2016
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An update in case anyone is reading... I went to Bunnings and asked about some sort of warranty on the bag, or at least some acknowledgement of the problem. "Yes, we have had some complaints about the bags and leakage, but they are not covered under the warranty". Then he went on to compare the bags with batteries in rechargeable devices. So, I went home and took the bag (new) from my Ryobi machine and it fits the Ozito... Yes. They ARE way dearer, but if this one lasts as well as the first Ryobi bag I had, then its still way better value. Come to think of it, dont bother with the Ozito at all...

Clean ups around the yard just became easier

Firstly a very reasonable price of $49 from Bunnings, with a 3 year warranty. Easy to assemble and easy to use, the air volume in blow function is very good and adjustable as well, whilst the vacuum function does an adequate job. The vacuum bag has a zipper to empty the contents easily and seems to hold a good volume of leaves etc.
Overall this unit seems to do everything it claims to do, and makes cleaning up the yard so much quicker and easier than using a rake and broom.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great unit, but.........

I purchased my Ozito 3 in 1 Mulcher-Blower 3 years ago and it certainly does what it says. The only problem is that for older people with Arthritic hands it is a heavy article. The plus side is the little wheel at the front which alleviates the need to hold it up. The price is right, at $49.00, and I highly recommend this product. A definate 'must' for any gardener's shed.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Very Happy.

This is a great vac/blower. My hubby uses it after mowing. So easy to use. The vacuum mulches as it sucks up the leaves and grasses. So no need for a separate mulcher. It needs an extension cord if to far from the house. Would recommend to everyone. A great price bought from Bunnings.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

You get what you pay for

For a price tag of $49 I cant complain. The barely 1mtr long power cord is amusing for an electric power tool one would assume will be used mostly outdoors. It blows and vacs well. The clip and zip bag makes disposal easy. Ive only had it for 6mnths but its doing good so far

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Good news, bad news, overall a useful garden device

First the good points: great price, cheaper than competitors (except maybe Aldi's Gardenline model). Does the job well, I use it to make a cheap and excellent mulch/soil amendment using the huge volume of fallen leaves. Bunnings offer a return/replacement which makes it easy if it fails under warranty. Five stars for price and output. The flaws: not easy to get access to unjam when things wind around it (have to remove the bag and fish out the jam). Heavy, would not recommend for older people who struggle with lifting things. It's already quite heavy without filling the bag, once you get the bag half or more full, there's a lot of weight. Does not, obviously, do well with anything wet. The bags aren't durable, you can buy replacements but they are expensive relative to the price of the original unit. I ended up patching it myself a few times with some fabric and if you are handy with a sewing machine, that's an option - but the bags will wear out before the unit. So about two stars for flaws, and an overall of 3 stars.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Great value for Money

Purchased this to replace a similar Bosch branded product that was 3 times the price and only lasted 11 months before the zipper of the mulching bag broke. The process to get another bag under warranty was painful took 3 months and then by the 18 month stage and out of warranty the motor blowup. Took the gamble on the Ozito at $50 + a spare bag for $20 and figured if I only get 12 months then its still cheaper than the Bosch. 1 year on and the verdict is far superior that what it replaced, more practical to use, has wheels at the front which makes it far easier to use and doesn't ware out the vaccum tube. In 18months the Bosch was shortened by 50cm due to constantly rumbing on hard surfaces which is unavoidable. No broken bag zippers, adjustable power, although I've always have it up max, and its a lighter unit. I use it nearly eavery weekend for 10-30 minutes. Plus it has a 3 year warranty. I really can't complain. Brother in law was around one day and was in the market for one, had seen them at Bunnings but throught it was junk and wouldn't last, after hearing my view went and brought one and is also happy.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

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Questions & Answers

My ozito 3 in 1 seems not to be sucking very well was ok before what's going on
4 answers
Just to keep it simple, I would make sure that the small lever is still pointing at vacuum. Also check the rotary dial is on setting 6 and remove the bag to check for any obvious blockage, then turn it on vacuum and check if the air is entering the large tube, and exiting under the device. I would also move the switch to blower to see if that still works. Based on those actions proving negative, you may have to contact them for warranty, but I think the help desk would have you perform these checks anyway. Good luck.Hi. If you think the suction is not what it used to be and the red lever is pointed in the correct slot (direction), then you have a blockage inside, somewhere near the turbine. Blockages usually occur when large leaves cannot pass through the shredder and other leaves being sucked in continue to block it. At other times it may happen when too many leaves get sucked in all at once and then they slam against the shredder and tend to block the flow of air. To free the blockage, switch it off, try and give it a shake. If it doesn't work, then remove the black bag and look into the port where the bag is attached. Turn the red lever to suction and blow compressed air into the port (hole) so that air flows out of the suction pipe and not the blowing pipe (smaller pipe below). If that doesn't work then there is one last attempt before disassembly. Use a bamboo cane longer than the suction pipe, disconnect the power and then insert the came into the suction pipe and force it by pushing the cane several times up and down a few inches all around inside, so that the tip of the cane punches on the jammed leaves and other debris, ripping or breaking them until you can feel the turbine by a solid 'thud' sound. Pull the cane out and connect the power, switch it on without the bag, the stuck leaves or rubbish should be coming out. If not, you have two other choices, take the Ozito back to where you purchased it from and have it cleaned, or, You can do your bit yourself by grabbing a screw driver, remove the the suction or blower tube/s look inside with a torch, you should be able to see what the drama is all about. Try and free the jammed leaves or dirt, with the same cane, or a shorter one, then run it without reassembling the tube/s. If the suction has improved, then reassembly the tubes and you should be back to square one. Cheers.thanks Michael I will try your suggestions cheers

My machine blows weakly, what do I check?
1 answer
Hi Tony, I would remove the bag, check that the air intake isn't blocked, ensure that the lever on the side is on blower and not vac, and make sure that the thumb wheel is turned from 1 to 6, and that there is an effect. Failing all of that, use ur 3 year replacement warranty.

Hi can l buy a new suction bag for this machine ? BLV-2401
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Ozito BLV-2401
CategoryElectric Blower Vacuums
Price (RRP)45
Maximum Air Velocity270
Vacuum FunctionYes
Bag Size40L

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