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Completely gutless

I bought this item because it was so lightweight and no need to worry about winding on snipper cord. I then discovered it is totally gutless. Even when fully charged it struggles on soft grass a few inches high, and battery goes flat after 10 minutes. Would definitely not recommend this product.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

piece of crap

Good for 45 dollars i think it was lasted 5 months, then died and needed new cord also.
Whatever was just cheap throw away

So for a quick job and use once a fortnight ok for a short period, but if your a serious gardener long term ,dont buy it

Date PurchasedJun 2011

Useless battery

Unit has hardly been used, kept battery fully charged at all times and now useless after one minutes use. When placed back on charger it fully charges in five minutes, not a good sign. Back to petrol for me! The convenience of not having to refuel or drag a power cord negated by the useless battery.

Battery dead 14 months old.

Just been told by Bunnings that a new battery will cost $76.00. Paid in advance. The mower has been great too, but same problem $140plus for battery after 14 months .Guess I will forget the battery powered units from now on and go for the old petrol powered type.Stuff the global warming.

What I need

I just needed a whipper snipper which is light weight and easy to use. I find this suits what I want and, although I haven't had a chance to use it too much yet, it does the job. The battery keeps a good charge and recharges quickly. For general use and with its light weight it is a good buy if you don't need really heavy duty use.

works great. very light and easy to maneuvre

I bought the ozito cordless line trimmer 18 V from bunnings today for 97$. Those plastic blades are great. extremely light and was great to cut that grass on the edges. I am not very finicky about the edges. just want to get rid of that grass which i cannot cut easily with lawnmower. I ve heard of people complaining about battery life. it was not bad for me. another big advantage was , i could stop and have little breaks, whereas in petrol you kinda have to keep going. being able to stop anytime and low noise and light weight made this job much easier. i have a 400 sqm block , out of which 200 sqm is the lawn altogether. I mainly did the edges, but grass was big and wet.

Terrible battery life

Battery life always fairly hopeless and after only several uses fails to hold any charge at all. Ozito via Bunnings wanted $87 for a new one battery when whole kit costs under a 100 bucks. Have replaced with a ryobi - time will tell

OZCLT18VA Did not last long.

First couple of times out it lasted the whole (large) garden, third time it died half way round and therafter will not charge, I presume it over heated and gave up the ghost, but it was not over worked and day was not over hot, so not sure why it did. But after 15 minutes noncontinuous use the battery was very hot.
First time out it worked fine
Last two months nd three / four uses

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same experience -- trimming my lawn in 10 minute bursts followed by 2 hour re-charges -- not only pretty useless as a lawn trimmer -- might injurious to the earth's eco system even wasting the resources making the piece of junk.

Ozito 18V Cordless trimmer

Ultimately disappointed. The first one lasted 3 days before the round trimmer fell off. The replacement lasted 3 months before the same thing happened. The third one was handed back yesterday, after a record 11 months. This time it appeared to be a faulty trigger mechanism. The battery was not run down, it was fully charged and I was getting only 3 - 5 mins of operation from it. The initial attraction was the weight, price and replacement warranty. However, this time I discovered that the policy has now changed and the warranty is dated from the day of purchase - so there is no incentive (with now 3 weeks of warranty left) to give it another try. Apparently, this change was in answer to unscrupulous tradesmen taking advantage of the RW with abused tools. Thanks guys. It's now going to cost me another $100 extra to replace it with another, heavier, brand - - none of which has the Replacement Warranty, but Repairs only - could be very inconvenient.
Price, weight, flexibility of head positions
Change of warranty replacement policy dating system.No incentive to re-purchase.

Great little tool

I love this whipper snipper! Was really dubious when my husband came home with it but its become my best garden tool. Sure...you wouldnt use it to clean up a football pitch but its absolutely perfect to use around a normal size garden. Light and powerful. The battery lasts for only 15 min but you can do a lot in that time. Battery re charges in an hour. You get what you pay for obviously. ..but this is worth every cent!
inexpensive light powerful
would be great if came with extra battery!

Great little line trimmer

Love my line trimmer!!
I needed something light and was battery driven as I was going to use it too far away from a power point
It is certainly light, however I do get frustrated by the short length of time it operates for. It also took me a little time to work out that the battery needs to be really cool before it can be recharged again. The recharge time is short though.
Trying to find a second battery is impossible!!
Lightness and the effectiveness, only $59 - does a great job
Short operating time on a charge, inability to get a second battery

I paid $99 for mine, last year.It is possible to order a second battery from Bunnings, but it costs nearly $70, so may as well get a new trimmer! I agree with caninehot dog on the review.


I have this hopelessly inadequate piece of junk in the boot of the car to return to Bunnings for a refund. I think I'll go for a petrol trimmer. Sadly, this is the 2nd crap product I've purchased from Ozito. Cordless drill lasted 2 charges, battery died, and guess what wasn't covered by warranty? Battery...
I would not recommend this cordless trimmer unless you have a very small area to trim.
Easy to assemble, OK cutting power, lightweight
Runs out of power really quickly (5-10mins), battery wouldn't recharge until it cooled down (another 20-30mins). Didn't finish front yard before battery was flat. Only "success" was on 3rd charge and attempt when I practically ran around the backyard trying to trim as fast as I could. Still ran out of power before finishing. For a decent sized yard, would take 4-5 charges, and stretch your trimming over 4-5 hours.

Heap of [censored word removed]!

Will cut thin grass ok, wont go through weeds,battery takes ages to charge and will only run the trimmer for 5 to 10 mins. Battery and charger gets so hot you cant even touch it without burning yourself! line continuously gets stuck. Its a heap of junk and will be going to the dump if I cant get a refund! Not happy at all
light, cheap
battery heats up really quick, smells like burning plastic, way to hot too touch. Doesnt cut through weeds or thick grass, extreamly short battery life unless you have a yard the size of a small varanda its utterly useless :(

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Very short life.

Great for a small to medium garden and easy to use

This is my first line trimmer so I didn't want to spend a whole heap; it was cheap ($79 at Bunnings as compared to Bosch and Ryobi's 18 volt battery-powered ones at $180) and it was surprisingly easy to put together. I had made sure I read up on using line trimmers and felt comfortable with the "bump" system of feeding more line to the end. The battery took 90mins to charge the first time; 60 mins thereafter. This gave me about 15-20mins of charge, which is enough for me as I have a medium-small garden. My one criticism is that is doesn't have a rotating head at the base to allow vertical clipping. BTW the $79 package includes the battery and charger which I thought was really good value.
Easy to put together, cuts well, great price
Short charge time, need to check for bump feed every few metres

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Footnote: I just recharged the battery and after half an hour it was smoking and the battery melted. The battery was cold when I put it in the recharger but must have had some charge left in it and yet the red light on the recharger was still on, not the green light and yet smoke was BILLOWING out of it before I yanked the charger cord.


I am very impressed by the new Ozito 18V line trimmer. I would recommend it to everybody. I was able to do my 650 M2 garden trimming with only 2 charging and one set of blades in very heavy duty work.
The blades even if used at the end were still trimming well even between rocks.Very pleased indeed. i finally finished from the standard line trimmer with the wire getting stuck every 5 minutes. Great buy and so economical
Easy to use. light and extremely efficient


For a compact allotment this unit is fine and the one hour recharge time is good. There is no fuel,oil or cords to worry about. Noise level is not excessive and the user doesn't breathe any exhaust fumes.
Easy to use and set up. The compact DC motor has surprisingly useful power and rpm. Affordable price.
The bump feed doesn't seem to want to work but it is easy to press the button and manually pull the line out instead. The ten minute run time
may not suit everyone.

More power!

Don't expect anymore than 10-15 minutes of battery life. Spool isn't wound to support easy feed when bumped. Lot's of stop start to manually feed the line back through the spool holes.
Energy efficient, and works well when spool feeds. Excellent for small areas.
Battery has a short charge life, spool doesn't feed line very well, not suitable for the average Australian suburban lot due to the short battery charge.

Good compact cordless trimmer

Excellent little line trimmer for the price.

Can do a suburban house in 2-3 charges which if timed in between mowing, can be not too time consuming.

It is what it is, a battery powered line trimmer. Dont expect the power to last long in the first couple of charges. Ensure if you do buy this to discharge fully, and i mean fully, and with each charge you will get more power for longer.

Just ensure to be efficient with how much time you are using it for.

Also battery has to be cooled down before you can charge it back up so take this into account.
Cheap and light with great portability
Short charge life and 10-20min wait for battery charge to initiate


This line trimmer was better than I expected. It was surprisingly powerful for a battery powered motor, although it did have trouble with some tougher weeds like some older kikuyu runners on my nature strip. However, for a quick light trim it was excellent. I was able to do my 10m of nature strip and a small patch of lawn off one charge (about 10 minutes).
Light, fast charge, simple and convenient
Short running time

Questions & Answers

Hi, my plastic blades keep coming off just after a few seconds of trimming. I have unscrewed, cleaned it and then pulled the blade back on to no avail. On a positive note I have not had any battery problems, it just keeps on going until I’m finished and charges quickly. Does anyone have any suggestions for my blade coming off please?
2 answers
Yes I had the same problem but not until the blade was pretty worn down and needed replacing.It’s even happening with a new blade so I’m confused.

So once it stops when battery is good is there any way to repair it and how much would it cost?
2 answers
Sorry but when it dies it dies full time.In my case this hasn't happened, but if it still sounds like the motor wants to turn then something would be stuck in the rotor section. This would be pretty evident so you would most likely have seen it. My second choice is a wire loose or bad connection in the electrics or dirty connections where the battery plugs in. Most likely this would be easily repairable by a friend who knows electrics. The initial cost would be the guide and if it is still in warranty most distributors should be very helpful. I've found my Ozito products (4 of them) to be reliable and are probably easily fixable. Good Luck. Roy

grass got caught around the rotating part. can I remove that section to get grass out?
3 answers
Hi yeah i think you press the button and if you dont want to take cord off use a high pressure hose to take grass off , but u may need to take the cord out .Sorry I can't help you Mags, I took the trimmer back to Bunnings because of line feeding problems. Bunnings told me that Ozito had put the wrong gauge line on the spool, told them I didn't want to keep it and they refunded my money.I would like to help Mags but the cordless trimmer I have is the one with plastic blades which is very easy to clean using needle nose pliers. On yours the line feeder should pull off or be popped off in some fashion to replace the cord and this should give access for cleaning (again using pliers, if necessary). Sorry I can't help more. Perhaps send an email to Ozito. Roy


Power SourceBattery
Handle TypeLoop Handle
Release dateJan 2010

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