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Ozito OZSCMS1600WA

Ozito OZSCMS1600WA

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I would NOT buy again!

For the price is good for general DIY but if your a woodworker like myself, buy something from a good brand. I've been using it for nearly 1.5 years, I have found in the last few months that the slide function gets stuck while in the middle of the cut which is quite dangerous. I have to stop the cut and slide it back and forth to unstick it but its getting worse. I have cleaned the slide out but didn't make a difference. I think it's flexing while sliding which is annoying and I wish I'd gone with something a bit more expensive. The fence is flimsy and not very accurate.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great for the price

I've had this machine for 3 years now and am reasonable satisfied with it - for the price it is brilliant - but if we ignore the price and just look at the quality I'd give it 3 stars.
My machine has been outside but under cover and has developed a light coating of rust on the slides but with a little lubrication they still function smoothly.
It's possible to 'flex' the machine as you make the cut so you need to apply even pressure straight down when making the cut. And clamping the workpiece helps.
However, the clamping system is useless on the right hand side as it gets in the way of the motor. And clamping is a must for really accurate cuts - I've noticed of late that my cuts are not as smooth or straight as they used to be and I put it down to the machine starting to wear. I then clamped the work piece (rather than hand held) and cut 2 mitres that were way better and spot on for angles and fit to each other.
Unfortunately the blade is coarse and tends to splinter the material on one side which means you can't just flip the wood over to cut a reverse mitre. Therefore you're stuck with placing the workpiece on the RHS and the clamp there is useless.
As far as 'good enough' goes this machine is excellent but for precise work I am now looking at a better quality (and unfortunately higher price) machine.
But I do not regret buying the Ozito.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

its not to bad but...

10 inch sliding compound saw ...Overall its ok but the dust extraction is next to useless even with the vac attached wood dust goes everywhere.
The chrome parts are of poor quality and corrosion soon sets in if not waxed frequently, oil only attracts more crud,
I found the cutting angles to be quite good, once set up correctly as with the laser beam ,set it up properly. 45Deg & 90Deg cuts are quite acceptable...I use the saw with the Ozitto stand as well and find it to be satisfactory.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Worst mitre saw Ive used.

You simpoy cannot rely on setting this machine to cut the angle required.90 degrees was out by at least 1.5..45 degree same.. did not have enough adjustment in it to set the bed right..frustrating and going to take it back to bunning as just wasting product..get a better result with a mitre box or just an angle and hand saw..terrible...

Date PurchasedJun 2018

What he said

Phil nailed the review ..."This is a good little machine, It's not industrial strength, neither does it have all the goodies that come with machines costing many times more. It is good value and it will get the job done. <Snip>the dust bag just as ineffectual."
As someone else mentioned - the mitre setting (at say 45 degrees) is not accurate.
I used it for a one off deck job and it was very cost effective. If you want a long term hard worker spend a lot more.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great little tool

I had a bunch of cutting to do so I decided to bit the bullet and purchase the compound saw. I found it easy to use and quite functional. I purchased the Ozito stand as well for 70 dollars which also made the job easier. Three days of heavy use and no problems thus far. I have previously borrowed my Dad's makita set up for similar jobs. I didn't notice much difference. Accurate cuts and plenty of power for the job I was doing

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Ripper by "Buck the Backyard King"

this saw is OK, I am a serious tradie. Tungsten carbide tip blade is mainly for cutting aluminium section, plate sheet as well as timber. The thickest alloy plate I cut was 32mm and gently she goes through it. DIY tools today are pretty good. - Buck the Back Yard King

Good little machine.

This is a good little machine, It's not industrial strength, neither does it have all the goodies that come with machines costing many times more. It is good value and it will get the job done.

I've used many similar saws of this type, it is as loud as any other, and the dust bag just as ineffectual. So don't think you will get better if purchase one three times the price.

Three points - worth a read.
The locking device for the horizontal movement of the saw is not secured by rotating the handle on the front of the saw as advised in the instruction manual. It is secured by a knob just to the rear of the right hand fence.
This is not shown or mentioned in the manual. You can just see the knob on the images, it's there and it works. This is unusual, and I've never seen this before, but is is effective .

The motor has enough torque to lift the front of the saw off the bench if it is not secured. Very scary for newbies, bolt it down.

The mounting holes on the base line up exactly with my cheap Workmate type bench. So, no excuse for not securing it firmly.

I'm pleased with mine

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I've just read my own review, M/C is still good and working well a month later. No complaints.

Pretty good for the price

This is the first such tool I have owned, overall it works very well.
The preset detent angles are non too precise and a set square and triangle are necessary to set the angles properly.
The slide operation works well.
The depth stop is somewhat dependent on the pressure applied, something flexes a bit and a millimetre or so variation results if hand pressure is not consistent.
A dust catcher (big garbage bag) behind the saw is an essential addition to prevent liberally covering your workshop in sawdust.

Best sliding mitre saw i ever had

Very good saw to use for d.i.y.projects but I find it very hard to get it to slid I have to realy push hard to get it to slid

Excellent power tool

For my birthday I was pleased to be able to get this tool with a bonus stand. It has proved invaluable in the workshop cutting all sorts of wood. The saw came with two bonus blades as well. It makes wood cutting so much easier. However, please note that the tool is for DIY use only and not suitable for full on tradesman usage. The tool and stand are easily transported to a work site if needed and is covered by a 2 - 3 year warranty.
Solid, good quality. Slide function. Safety guide, portable bench or floor, good warranty.

Great Value

Cheapest compund sliding mitre saw I could find.

The bevel adjustment took me on a trip back to Bunnings to get a staff member to show me how to do it (the instruction manual is a bit unclear on this).

The saw dust seems to go everywhere but the sawdust collector

The extension rails don't seem to be level with the base.

Other than these very minor issues, this lightweight unit has been great.

Great bang for buck!

To be honest I wasn't expecting much quality from this cheap saw, but it cuts great, the angles are spot on, and its nice and quiet to run! About the only fault I can find is the work clamp positions are a bit close to the centre making it a bit fiddly to use when doing mitres (most of the time I don't use it anyway)
Inexpensive, accurate

Questions & Answers

My Ozito sliding compound saw does not cut all the way through on the couple of times I have used it. I can't see any obstruction , it just stops short. Has anyone else had this problem?
No answers

What is the brand of blade to cut steel and is it available in Adelaide? and the cost please
1 answer
I’m afraid I can’t answer that with knowledge. In the past though I have cut steel with a cutting blade on an angle grinder. Blades are cheap and available on grinder. I have not seen such a blade on a bench saw. But I am just a diy-er. Bunnings may be able to help.

Can you change blades to cut light steel?
2 answers
Yes but I found the blades to very expensive.Hi David L how expensive mate and where did you get the blade


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