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Ozito SNG-2050

Ozito SNG-2050

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It’s a toy

I have an old Bosch PK14 stapler that no one stocks staples for anymore so they have to be ordered in, they are Bosch specific and of course pricey.

I bought the Ozito as a replacement as the staples are cheaper and readily available.

Pretty disappointed. I was doing some vinyl upholstery work. It couldn’t drive home staples in pine plywood and I had to finish them all with a hammer. I tried some Brad nails into pine and same problem. Ended up finishing the job with a hand stapler. Probably okay for cardboard and corflute but all in all I thought it was pretty useless as a stapler.
I returned it for a refund and ordered Bosch staples and justified the price of them by the performance of the Bosch.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Not as good as the old version...

I had used a previous Ozito model (slightly different shape) of this staple gun for many years and it was absolutely fantastic. I fired thousands of staples perfectly. Eventually it died and bought this one to replace it. Unfortunately this new model doesn't seem to strike as hard as the old one and the staples are not driven all the way in. Even when stapling into particle board, the staples sit at least 2 mm proud of the surface. The old one would staple dead flush into seasoned hardwood. Will be returning it, but there's no alternative that doesn't involve shelling out serious cash. Might be OK if you were just working with paper, cardboard and foam though.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Nice electric staple gun - highly recommended

Bought this to staple some shade cloths under my pergola. Tried using a manual staple gun but it was not safe doing it on a ladder. Finding an electric staple gun is pretty difficult in Melbourne with not much choices. I was a bit apprehensive about the Ozito brand but at $39 (which is cheaper than some of the branded manual staple gun), I thought why not.

Wow was I surprised. The quality of the staple gun is quite good. It comes with 1,500 staples and 100 nails. It punched the staples in quite easily into the battens. Pretty powerful. You can get a cordless one but I prefer the corded version as I don't have to worry about batteries dying on me.

Highly recommended product. Works well. Very light and easy to hold. Easy to use. Good quality. At $39, its a good buy.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

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