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Senco Fusion F-15 / F-16S

Latest review: When it works it works great, but it only fires about 1/2 the time or less. Pull trigger nothing happens pull 50 times and shake it maybe it will fire 7 nails then quit again. I would never buy

Bosch Cordless Tacker PTK 3,6 V

Latest review: Owned this unit for about 3 years. It's been used & abused, dropped onto concrete from on the roof, survived about 50,000 actuations and has never missed a beat. Yeah, it's difficult to get staples

Trojan Medium Duty Metal Staple Gun TJ91002

Latest review: I purchased the Trojan 3 in 1 medium duty staple gun from Bunnings about 6 months ago and have used it almost everyday for a variety of jobs. It has never let me down - it is easy to use and the

Dewalt D51256K-XE

Latest review: shits over hitachi or paslode 16 ga nailers... i have a hitachi nt65m2 , good gun but you need earmuffs to use it.... dewalt can hold an extra clip of nails , so much less reloading........ the

Bostitch Mini Impact PN50

Latest review: Works well. Very handy when you need to get in a tight space where you cant swing a hammer. Also takes a diverse range of nails. Had to change over the quick connect fitting though before first use

Paslode Impulse Framemaster-Li Powervent B20543P

Latest review: I was always sceptical of the suitability of framing nailers to build stud walls, but ended up buying one simply to try it out. Must say, it will change the way you work; simply hold the timber in

Ryobi One+ R18NL15

Latest review: It has lots of power and Ryobi had the option of the 12 volt car charger and 6 ah battery at the best value. This thing has lots of power and packs a punch. It seems to be virtually unbreakable and

GMC MSN Mini Stapler/Nailer

Latest review: What a handy little tool. Makes it is easy to reupholster chairs at home. I previously used a manual stapler & that was hard work. I like to do things around the house for myself. Having easy to

Makita AN943 Pneumatic Framing Nailer

Latest review: Purchased few yrs ago and has performed very well. I'm a carpenter and have used this gun for many house frames and other jobs. Hold heaps of nails. Although it comes with spike like nose i sharpened

Ryobi 18V One+ AirStrike 18GA

Latest review: I purchased this stapler after being told it would be good for doing the upholstery job I was attempting. I was told that the local store didn't have the 10mm staples but they could be bought.

Ozito SNL-1000

Latest review: I bought this stapler to attach under- floor insulation to my house, I didn’t expect it to last a quarter of the time it has, it has fired about 8000 staples so far and it fired 3000 staples alone y

Hitachi NT1865DMA

Latest review: In 10 years of being a Carpenter I've owned the senco fusion, milwaukee 16g fixer, dewalt 16g and now I have my hands on the hikoki 15g. First impression was the weight of the tool was on the

Ryobi 18V One+ AirStrike 16GA

Latest review: Purchased this nailer about 3 years ago and was pretty good. The occasional misfire and undriven nail. Being cordless made up for this inconvenience so would have given it 4/5 stars. Put through

Ozito SNG-2050

Latest review: This staple gun is for hobbyists only . I am a leatherworker,mainly making belts, bags etc out of leather, obviously, but I was asked to a re-upholster a M/C seat, something I rarely do. I already

Unimac Cordless Brad Nail Gun

Latest review: I've bought mine for doing a lot of architraves and skirting and have used it on so many different things since. Lining planter boxes with plastic, reupolstered a set of chairs etc. It's one of my

Paslode IM250S

Latest review: I was always sceptical of the suitability of nailers for fitting architraves and skirtings, but ended up buying one simply to try it out. Must say, it will change the way you work; simply hold the

Hitachi NV65AF3 Coil

Latest review: Not even two years old and the magazine is broken for the second time. After further research I discovered that it was a common fault. Hitachi told me it was due to wear and tear so the 3 year

Paslode A18200

Latest review: I'm bought this paslode secret(A18200)new From alltools in(Moorabin)thursday,6th/11/2011 AU VIC has been fix 3 time in 2week. first time the secret (A18200) not drive throw the hardwood floor

Tacwise 140EL

Latest review: Bought only a year or two ago and haven't used it often but i stopped firing and when i emailed Tacwise for advice on repair I was told the spring had probably worn out. Pathetic. Has been described