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Ozito TSB-0808

Ozito TSB-0808

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Rating weighted by price - it's a genuine surprise.

OK. It's a $99 table saw. You probably shouldn't even be able to make one for this price. But if you want an absolutely bare bones saw here's the thing I want from it - I want it to cut straight. If it does that, then I have to be happy.

I read that the bigger 2000W Ozito is not good. The fence has so much play it's ridiculous. I saw one in store at Bunnings and the reviews were right - play in the fence.

But this little thing has clamp screws on both ends. It definitely locks firmly in place without any play.

Also, the measurement markings to set the fence are almost square. Inside half a mm, so when I allowed for that the rail was clean, straight, and locked in.

The other thing for a straight cut is a blade that spins without wobble, stays seated, and can be adjusted to exactly 90 degrees from the table. This blade does that.

So a stable, square rail and a true blade = a straight cut. And that's what you get.

Is the whole thing well made? No. There's some cheap plastic parts. The splitter is a little fiddly. The blade height can't be adjusted. In short, there are ABSOLUTELY no bells and whistles. All this thing does is a straight cut.

But I have a good router setup to get a jointed edge, and once I have that I can run it through this saw for two parallel, clean and straight edges.

I can't rate it a 5 - even taking into account price. It's just WAY too basic. And I don't yet know how long it'll last - I've only had it a month and made no more than a dozen cuts.

But so far, genuinely so good. A surprise. A nice one.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Cheap, small & portable. Nasty or not?

I have limited workspace so when I saw the Ozito 200mm 800W Table Saw I thought this would be ideal for the space available and for what I need it for. I've read reviews and feedback on the larger 2000W Ozito table saw with mixed responses. One overall glaring major issue with the 2000W table saw was the poor fence. With the 200mm 800W table saw they seem to have rectified this issue with a full length fence, although it wouldn't be difficult, it's only a small table afterall :P

After parting with $90 (pretty cheap) and started setting up the small table saw and fitting the blade (it comes with a 24 tooth blade, but I fitted a 40 tooth for cleaner cuts) I discovered immediately that straight out of the box it's carelessly made, the saw blade didn't even run true, it had a deviation of 1mm along its plane, which is totally ridiculous. How do they expect anyone to make any sort of decent cuts with that much deviation!?

I managed to fix it quite easily though, I fitted half millimetre shims beneath the rear two motor mounting bolts and voila! Problem solved. The blade now runs true. Something they could have checked in the factory during manufacture. But I suppose they think because it's a small cheap tool they don't give a damn about accuracy. No surprise there really, it is after all made in a place that is notorious for making cheap and nasty rubbish.

Then next was fitting the riving knife. This too was a shambles straight out of the box. No idea how they expect anyone to cut anything with any sort of decent accuracy the way they put this together. If you watch the video on the Bunnings website it's demonstarted how to fit the riving knife. I couldn't get this to square up with the blade at all. I had to elongate the slots for the bolts and grind back the mounting part of it to make the width narrower so I had more adjustment in fitting it. Only then could I get it in line with the blade. I also had to bend it after it was mounted to square it up too. It would seem that the mount on the table was bent down slightly making the riving knife crooked (not straight up and down). And if you're not careful, when you tighten up the mounting bolts it will twist the riving knife out of alignment. If you look carefully in the demo video you'll see the bloke in the video has the same problem.

And then there's the fence. The locking nuts and bolts are nothing short of a complete disgrace. They're such a pathetic after thought, it's ludicrous. By the time you mess around trying to get the fence square to the blade and the amount of timber you'll waste, you could have done the job with a circular saw with no waste. Makes it almost completely pointless in buying this little table saw. Ozito seem to have major challenges with making a decent fence for their table saws. It seems to be a skill that completely eludes them. It boggles the mind.

The solution is to make your own fence, which I'll definitely be doing. There's a multitude of videos on Youtube for how to make a table saw fence, none of them will give the perfect solution for this little table saw, but it will give you ideas of how to make one.

At least the inlaid measuring guides on either side of the table seem to be accurate, thank God for that!

Once those challenges have been met though, I dare say this is a great little table saw. There's nothing else, that I've found at least, that fits this niche for a table saw of being small, compact and portable, and cheap. The 800W motor handles cutting pine with consumate ease, which is all I've used it for so far. It has its limitations over other table saws, which is to be expected, but overall, if it fits the need, and especially the budget, then I'd say it's pretty good.

If you're not afraid to do a bit of fettling to make this thing accurate, and you're limited for space, then I'd say go for it. I've only just got the saw, so I can't talk of how long it will last or how much you can throw at it, but for the price and with the 3 year warranty, what have you go to lose (except your patience perhaps :P)?

UPDATE: I ended up returning this to Bunnings for a full refund just after writing this review as I found that there was not much point in messing around with this tiny table saw. I decided instead to buy a second hand Aldi Workzone Titanium Table Saw or the Bunnings Ozito TSB-1208 (exactly the same saw) - https://www.productreview.com.au/p/ozito-tsb-1208.html - which is a bit bigger and a bit more powerful, with more usable features, yet is still compact enough for my needs.

I found a Workzone Table Saw on Gumtree for AUD$45 that was used once then put back in its box, and is only about 12 months old, so is practically brand new. Of course, I still need to make a better fence for this unit. If I need to mess around with a table saw to make it more usable, I may as well mess around with something a bit better.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

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