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OzKleen Shower Power

OzKleen Shower Power

3.8 from 49 reviews

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StuRMurray Region, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Generally great product if you use it right


Purchased at Woolworths.


JBCMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Not for me


I used Shower Power for the first time today. I think it smells revolting. My husband asked if the dog did a wee inside. It cleaned ok. Sorry OzKleen, Im all for Australian products but they need to perform well.

Bruce M.

Bruce M.Perth, WA

  • 2 reviews

Best cleaner also versatile


I'm a professional cleaner. Thankyou for this amazing product it removes limescale with
much morecease than many other previously tried products. If you've given a bad review you are obviously inept at reading the instructions or just dont have the required brain capacity to complete a simple cleaning task. Works great as,a degreaser too. Looking forward to trying some of their other products I have on order. Thankyou OzKleen.

Purchased in August 2019 at Woolworths for $6.80.

Heather M

Heather MGold Coast

  • 3 reviews

Doesn't completely rinse off


It cleans ok, nothing outstanding, but I can't get it all off as the glass looks less shiny than before application, waiting 1 min., scrubbing, rinsing, and then buffing. Heaps of rubbing and buffing doesn't get it all off.


BrendaNew South Wales

Don't Use Shower Power on Black Tiles


I used Shower Power on my Black Tiles and it has damaged the tiles leaving a white looking powdery look which can not be removed.I will have to redo my shower completely.It says safe to use on Tiles.
Obviously not black ones.

Purchased in February 2019 for $5.99.


HelenGreat Southern, WA

  • 3 reviews
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I have used so many products and done the vinegar etc etc etc over 50 years and I have never found anything as AMAZING as Shower Power, some days I just spray on & come back five minutes later & just hose off, AMAZING, I enjoy that I can breath when using it, thank-you for making it so much easier, this senior so appreciates it, I am so using Shower Power for the rest of my house-work days which I hope I have many more to come, I have put so many friends & family onto this AMAZING product, thank-you so very much, I enjoy cleaning the shower, basin & toilet these days, so easy, thank-you again

Bazz D

Bazz DCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

  • 12 reviews

Works if you put in the hardyards


Well it said on the bottle that I works and I was stupid enough to believe the it.
Third attempt with some scrubbing finally got a result.
I still need to give it another scrub but will eventually get there



It DOES work


Just cleaned shower in new house which has shiny tiles with those white fine water marks that only a finger nail can sctatch off....Used Shower Power according to directions with plastic back scrubber and with a short medium firm scrub -WOW - its taken off those marks. No more putting off shower cleaning or post clean aching hands



  • 4 reviews
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Spray sparingly


The first 2-3 times I used Shower Power, I was stunned to find scum asll over the shower area. It was worse than my shower had ever been. I scrubbed and scrubbed. Now I think it is because i sprayed too much and left it for too long. It seems as long as i scrub and then rinse very thoroughly, it's okay. Will see how that goes.


armingateVictoria, 3134

  • 15 reviews
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Great if you use the trigger pack instead of the squeeze pack


While the formula according to the help person at OzKleen is the same as what is in the trigger pack, the liquid in the squeeze pack comes out very thin and just runs off. The nozzle on the trigger pack makes a sort of foam which sticks better. I was told I could just put the squeeze pack liquid in a trigger pack.


CamSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 21 reviews
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Great Product


I've used Shower Power for a few years now. I just spray it on after I've showered and use a sponge to spread it around and rinse off after 10 mins or so. Works great every time, I use it every fortnight.


PeteWest Ryde

Not as God as White King


Never used before and never again - didn't do what was promised. Safety instructions imply harmful ingredients however, the list of active ingredients is vague but specific that it doesn't contain ingredients normally asociated with efficient cleaning products.

My Superhero! "Shower Power." "BAM," take that Batman!


Uneasy off bam.

Uneasy off bam.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 5 reviews



I have used and reviewed another so called shower cleaner and this one really knocks the rest right out. It performs as is instructed on the label spray on leave for 1 minute and then rinse off . This product really works and is so so easy, no scrubbing or bad smells , i would certainly recommend it to any one who asked me about it, what i can't get over is how easy it was to do the whole shower all cleaned inside ten minutes, wonderful !!!

money saver

money saverPerth

  • 5 reviews

Love this product


I really love this product I have been using it ever since it came out and love the fresh smell, it really does work and gets the soap scum off the should leaving the screen so clean and clear!! I have also started using the disinfectant for my toilet and also love this product to. Highly recommend it....and its good for the environment, no harsh chemicals!


harmonyentertainersouthern highlands

  • 9 reviews

What have you done to shower power


I have been using shower power lemon scent since it was on the shelves and absolutely loved it. What have you done to the new fragrance cleaner not only is it a new fragrance but it's like washing with water. I hate it and will never buy it again. Bring back the old product with original formula please



I tried vinegar and bicarb, bleach, lemon juice and a few different cleaners on my shower screen which hadn't been cleaned for about a year. Nothing budged the soap scum build up. This stuff actually worked how it said it would on the bottle. Sprayed on waited 1 min and rinsed. I did have to give it a second go in some spots. But all in all 2 minutes and it was all gone. No scrubbing at all! I bought a bottle from IGA for about $6 and didn't even use half of it. I will certainly be trying their other products. Nice to finally by a product that does exactly what is says it does



  • 6 reviews

Happy with the results


Ceaning the shower was continually ignored due to lifes priorities. Soap scum had built up, the glass looked like it required lots of scrubbing to clean. I sprayed shower power, gave it a quick wipe and instantly could see the difference. The spray cut through the soap scum with ease. Some of the other part's required soaking and time but worked like a charm! Really happy with the results.



  • 2 reviews

OMG - it really works!!




  • 7 reviews

What have you done to Shower Power?


I have been cleaning homes for over 20 years and always used lemon scented shower power which worked wonders. Then I bought the new fragrance which is a clear liquid and it did nothing. It was like trying to clean with just water!
I should add that the lemon scented, yellow liquid is fantastic. It's the new fragrance with a clear liquid that does absolutely nothing, that is why I only gave 1 star.

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Questions & Answers



Is shower power safe to use on ezy clean treated shower doors?

2 answers
Bazz D
Bazz D

I have a glass shower screen and no problems with ozkleen cleaner.
I suggest that you read the label


So has your glass shower door been treated with ezy clean technology by metro glass or similar?



Is shower power good for septic systems?

3 answers

Sorry, I have no idea.

Uneasy off bam.
Uneasy off bam.

I would believe it would be as there are no harmful chemicals in it, It states on the bottle that it is safe for septic systems. Hope this helps.


Yes it is! I too have a sceptic system as well grey water, so I research a lot of products before I use them. Thankfully, this brand does :-)



I would like to know the ingredients in shower power?

2 answers

Hi, there are no ingredients listed on the bottle, however it does say that it is Citrus Fresh and enviro friendly


The SDS is here: http://www.ozkleen.com/assets/files/Shower%20Power%20Citrus%20SDS%20v1%20May%202017.pdf
That is for the citrus version.
Citric acid (1 - 5%)
Lactic acid (1 - 5%)
Ethoxylated alcohols (C9 - c11) (1 - 5%)
Orange oil (1 - 5%)
The rest I assume is water.

The SDS for the lemon myrtle version is different - hence maybe why it doesn't work as well - as per some of the reviews here.

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