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Panasonic EZ950U Series

Panasonic EZ950U Series

TH-65EZ950U (65") and TH-55EZ950U (55")
4.2 from 21 reviews

Good picture and easy to setup

Good quality picture with plenty of hdmi inputs. It only supports hdr10 so make sure you know what you are getting. There is promise of a firmware update but nothing has arrived. Comes with a wired additional remote control which I don’t see the value of. Internet connectivity is fine.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hi Brenden, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, it is great to see you are passionate Panasonic fan with a TV and a microwave!

Very good over all.

I am 80% satisfied with this tv, it only has one main fault and that is that images burn easily on to the screen, leaving a black mark in all other programes. It is a beautiful big tv to wnjoy any sort of programme and has fantastic clarity and sound.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Good TV with one problem

I picked this TV up for only $2,550 at JB HiFi and was very pleased to get it so cheaply, noting that I am a long- standing Panasonic customer.

While the image quality can be stunning for all the reasons outlined by other reviewers (especially with 1080p and 4K sources), there is one area where it is noticeably inferior to my 8 year old 50" Panasonic plasma which it replaced - motion handling. While I've always been aware that LCD TVs were lacking in this department, I thought OLED TVs were supposed to perform well with fast motion. Unfortunately this isn't the case. Fast action scenes or panning shots display quite a bit of juddering in some cases and no combination of picture settings could fix the problem. While the 'Clear Motion' and 'Intelligent Frame Creation' settings do make motion smoother, they also introduce unwanted effects which make the image unnatural and difficult to watch. Annoyingly, most of the reviews I read prior to purchase indicated that the Panasonic OLEDs are better with motion handling than other brands! i guess it's all relative and people who've never owned a plasma my be more forgiving than me.

My advice - if you own a plasma and are happy with it, DON'T SELL IT YET (wish I hadn't)! Wait a few more generations until they iron out the bugs with OLED technology.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Could have been a great product

The picture quality is fantastic, as you would expect from OLED. They have made some poor design decisions however.

The panel is not held flat by the frame that supports it. This is a consequence of the designers trying to make the TV as thin as possible. Ours is quite bent around the corners and is an annoying distraction when anything with straight lines is displayed on screen.

All the inputs are on the left edge of the TV, when wall mounting, it's usually nicer if the inputs are along the bottom edge.

Overall build quality is not quite good enough for a TV with a Panasonic badge.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Excellent picture quality

I am very happy with the picture quality, from sports, movies, music and commercial tv.
The tv has enough hdmi ports. The smart tv set up was very easy and it's app ready too.
I don't use the speakers as I have an external sound system, however, the in built speakers seem comparable to other tv.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Excellent TV for around $2k

Picture quality is excellent, sound quality decent (put bass boost on), can't really fault it at all. Bought from Videopro shipped to Sydney all good there too. Can pick up around the $2k mark. Operating system isn;t hugely complex but loads quickly and does what we want it to - Netflix and dual tuner functionality great.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great Picture, shame about the rest of the TV.

Cannot fault the picture on this TV it is 5 stars, but that's all it has and a smart TV is much more than a pretty picture.
The audio is very poor, no ability to have clear voice or similar mode, voices are totally lost in surround sound transmissions, but acceptable with normal 2 channel stereo.
The TV remote application for Android is very poor and crashes constantly.
The recording of TV is OK, but the fact it cannot use the same USB HDD to playback my own content is no good, proprietary restrictions really disappoint.
The smart TV applications are woeful, many just do not work, or are no longer supported.
There are plenty of free high quality streaming services on the internet that are just not available to the Panasonic range.
I do not recommend this TV. there are cheaper and better options from LG, and more expensive but better options from Sony.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Best flat screen tv I've ever had

Very happy with the ez950u 55 inch tv, image quality is amazing on broadcast tv and even better with an Xbox one x, super fast digital tv decoder, the sound is also great once you turn on bass boost there is no need for a sound bar at all, don't let the salesman try to sell you a sound bar. 5 Star

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great picture quality

I'm enjoying this tv. We watch a lot of sport and the quality of the image is great. It's pretty straight forward to use. There is a large button on the control for Netflix which is convenient if you actually have Netflix. It is awfully presumptuous though and even though I do have Netflix I don't actually use it much. The old controller used to have that button for program info for normal tv which I appreciated and used more often. The smart tv also doesn't have the channel 7, 9 or 10 playback app available for some reason.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Fantastic OLED TV

We bought this because it was OLED and were not disappointed. It's a very stylish TV that fits easily on an entertainment unit as the stand is not too deep. The blacks are so black that movies are very immersive, and the colours are vibrant. The menus are also very comprehensive and easy to use - it's a great smart TV all round.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good tv

Very good tv with lots of good tech features n good sound aspects.

Picture is great n size just right.

Quality overall very good. Can watch sport n movies to good effect.
Can change screen for particular modes of what you’re watching.

Would buy this tv again in the future.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Awesome TV

- Awesome picture quality as you would expect
- Black levels are amazing
- No adjustment needed out of the box to have a good picture.
- Simple yet sleek design.
- Decent amount of built in applications
- The remote, while simple, is very functional and as a button for Netflix making it a breeze to load the app and start watching something.

- Nothing really

We decided to buy this TV over a QLED as we feel we are the type of people that would benefit more from deeper black levels as opposed to a brighter image, and we feel we made the right decision. The brightness of the TV is more than enough for daytime viewing. The picture quality is amazing as well. All ultra high definition content looks amazing even though most content we watch is just high definition. Standard definition looks about as good as you would expect an image scaled up this much to look on a 4K 55" TV, so some free-to-air channels may look pretty ordinary.

The black levels are the best you will get considering individual pixels can turn off. Dark scenes in movies feel much more immersive and make the brighter colours pop out more. Watching a movie at night, in a dark room, just to have the movie cut to a pitch black scene leaving you in complete darkness never seems to get old. The TV didn't feel like it needed much adjustment out of the box to get a great image either, though this may come down do your personal preference.

The design is simple and sleek which is what most people will want. The compartment at the back allows you to neatly route your cables however keep in mind, if you are using an optical cable for something like we are (external speakers), this may protrude too much from the TV making it so you can't re-install the cover. To solve this, I would recommend getting a 90 degree adaptor for the cable. The built in speakers are OK, but if you can run external speakers, I would. Having a decent sound system is always a great way to compliment the TV.

The Operating System isn't terrific but its not bad. It's really going to come down to your personal preference. In my opinion, the LG OLED's have the best Operating System, but for the extra money you would pay for it and the 'smart remote', it's not worth it.

The TV comes with a decent amount of built in apps with the ability to download more. What I would've liked is for the Spotify app to be available (which its not at this time), but you can easily access it and other non supported apps using a Google Chromecast should you have one. The remote is quite simple but its practical and functional. The dedicated Netflix button is a nice touch for any people that watch a lot of Netflix. The secondary remote which you can connect via Bluetooth is quite nice yet I don't seem to use it much. It has all the main buttons you would expect and allows you to use voice commands to do things and search in certain apps like Youtube.

I really don't have anything negative to say about the TV other than I'm not really a fan of the 'Intelligent Frame Creation' option which I believe is turned on by default (I think its set to low). It makes the image appear smoother but it seems to cause the image to stutter every now and again, which I think may be a reason why some people have raised this issue before in reviews. Since turning it off, I don't noticed any more stuttering. I'm not sure if this is something that can be resolved in a future firmware update, or if its simply a side effect of the extra processing the TV is doing. My advice would be to try it for yourself on a low setting, or just turn it off. Perhaps fiddling around in the custom setup for it may be able to give you a bit smoother image while giving no stutter but for me, I was happy to leave it off.

Overall, this is an awesome TV! It gives you all the options most people would want at a slightly cheaper price compared to some other OLED TV's without sacrificing quality. The best thing to do before deciding, is to go and look at the TV in person, and compare it to others.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Black is back

The picture is stunning .. the blacks are as dark as black can be, truly amazed that the picture quality is so good
Even though I use external speakers the inbuilt ones are quite adequate for FTA .. no RCA output for audio? only digital .. loads of inputs + 2 remotes 1 standard & 1 touchpad .. lots to learn about this TV so will be good fun
My 1st smart TV .. but may just use it as a monitor for HTPC, Xbox etc
Anyway I am super pleased with the picture quality .. best I've seen
A big tick for Tony at Harvey Norman Penrith .. great salesman & great price
That You

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great tv

Great tv , however the speakers did stop working only a few months after purchasing. Otherwise great value for money. Has a very clear picture and sound and has lots of various ports to plug in other devices such as DVD players etc. we especially enjoy the hdmi ports so we can connect our laptops to watch movies !

Date PurchasedMay 2016

An excellent 4K OLED TV that needs some minor setting tweaks out of the box

The picture quality is absolutely superb out of this TV on all inputs; BluRay (HD), Foxtel (HD) and Netflix (Ultra HD/4K, HDR). However, you do need to adjust the settings rather than stick with the default picture setting "Normal". The "THX Cinema" & "Professional 1" are much better in their default settings compared to "Normal".

The blacks are astounding, so much that you cannot tell where the screen finishes and the plastic frame surround starts when the screen edges are showing black.

Also make sure Intelligent Frame Creation is off as it can make the picture look like a cheap video (also known as the Soap-Opera Effect) due to its hyper-smooth motion. Hard to describe unless you see it (some may like it).

I thought the picture in all modes was a little too black in dimly lit scenes which required me to calibrate the picture.

*** The TV will benefit immensely from a little calibration *** I know this might sound a little over the top but you will get your money's worth back in spades if you use the Spears & Munsil calibration tool. http://spearsandmunsil.com/portfolio/hd-benchmark-2-0/ This is a pretty easy to follow BluRay disc that will help you adjust the TV for the best picture. I thought the picture could not get any better until I used the calibration disc.

My experience is the screen will improve the picture from any HD source (Foxtel and Free to Air). It excels with 4K Netflix using the built-in app (has many other App capabilities). Just as an aside, as I understand it, Netflix transmits 4K video at around 16-18Mbps. A 4K Bluray disc actually delivers 48Mbps (higher audio quality as well) so I assume if you wanted to drop an additional $1000 on a 4K BluRay player you would have the complete setup but I am not sure whether the picture would be $1000 better than what I see :-)

The colours pop out at you due to the High dynamic Range (HDR). Most OLED screens are manufactured by LG which, if I am not mistaken, the Panasonic uses. However the real magic in the TV is the electronics that go into driving the screen. THX compliant, that is why it is called a "Pro" screen.

If you are in the market, buy one, use the calibration tool and you will be amazed.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Perfect for full hd and 4k

First time to play the 4K movie, it was so wonderfull, I was amazed. I tried the full HD as well, it was much better compare to led tv. I tried the speaker too for action movie, it’s great too. Close to sound bar quality. The HDMI ports are enough for tv box. And for the smart tv apps, I use netflix a lot, it’s quite fast respond. I recommend this tv.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

More than meets the eye

We purchased this TV after our LG 65" unfortunately suffered damage during a move. They make these darn things so slim these days that they are very fragile to screen flex! I loved most things about the LG, but the fragility was of great concern, so I looked at other models including the Panasonic. Two things that attracted me straight away - firstly, the section of razor thin panel which is left sticking out at the top of the unit is far smaller on the Panasonic than on the LG. This provides a sturdier base section for wall mount brackets and also makes it easier to handle. The second immediate benefit I saw was that the majority of outlet ports on the back were facing towards the side. If you are wall mounting the TV, you will want this feature. The LG always had issues with clearance when cables were plugged into the back.

I don't need to go into a review of picture or panel quality. Lots of professional reviews online will show you that this is a fantastic picture. The OLED definitely stands out from any LCD. So from a user experience, here's my list of pro's and cons for the 950U:

- The Dragon UI on this set is substandard in my view. Coming from an LG, this seemed like a step backwards. TV guide turns off all audio and picture for example. The apps panel does more of less the same and seems outdated and awkward. It's only in the last month that they put the Amazon app support into the set.
- You can't get the TV to switch channels automatically by scheduling your next viewing preference (e.g. from the built in tv guide or via Freeview)
- The smartphone app is very clunky - with multiple screens and giant buttons that don't support push & hold (e.g. for volume) and no selectable channel list. There are some minor hidden gems however (see Positives below)
- The anti reflective coating is very red. Quite noticeable when viewed from the side in a well lit room. The LG OLED panels look much better in that regard.
- The built-in speakers are terrible compared to the Harmon Kardon in the LG (but not a huge issue; if you have the funds to buy one of these, get a sound bar or hook it up to your audio system)
- You do get two remotes (one touch remote and a standard button version) but neither version is anything special in this price category. The touch remote looks flash and gets a microphone for voice search and control but is otherwise clunky and of limited use.
- When connecting the TV to a wired network (via the RJ45 port), you don't get to control it with the wireless smartphone app on the same network. Thankfully the wireless connectivity works well.

- Brilliant picture quality; OLED panel from LG - enough said.
- This set has two digital tuners. Incredible - a feature that every high-end TV had twenty years ago is making a comback ?!. Anyway, it's great since it allows for some really neat features, such as streaming live TV to your smartphone and side-by side viewing of two channels (would have been nice to have had picture-in-picture or resizable screens, but no).
- The TV can be set to act as a DLNA server, whereby it broadcasts not only content from the recorder or USB devices, but also the available TV channels from the 2nd tuner! Although it's limited to streaming to one device, this means you can watch any other TV channel on another media device (e.g. a smartphone, computer / laptop, a game console etc.), even when the main TV panel is turned off. Easily one of the best features in any smart TV.
- By holding the home button you can display an overlay of live previews for other channels, weather, or web browser content on the side of the picture.
- The smartphone app has a superb color adjustment feature for very detailed settings.

Overall there's some room for improvement on the user interface and smart TV functions, but this is a great television and one you will definitely enjoy watching.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Picture clarity is great!

The picture quality is great. The units built-in speakers are just amazing. There are sufficient ports in the unit. This is a smart TV which makes it my favourite. The operating system and apps are easy to understand and operate. I am glad I invested in this TV. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great quality & affordable (relative) entry into OLED

Got this guy on sale and well worth it, decided to splurge for the newer tech over a larger screen.

This was a large upgrade over our older Philips 32 incher and always had a soft spot for the Panasonic brand since the plasma days. Picture quality out of the box is great, but to get the most out of it have a bit of a tinker with the settings (play in the Professional settings) and you'll get it to sing even more (plenty of forums online for the best settings for what you are after). The blacks are great, the colours are natural and not over saturated (like i've found with other brands). 4 HDMI inputs are great, only gripe is that there is no RCA audio out, but thats probably just me trying to hook into an older audio receiver - easily overcome but a Optical audio out with a RCA converter (additional 50 buck spend - worth it for the sound upgrade)

I don't use much of the inbuilt functions - as i have external devices hooked up driving content, but the in-built Netflix app does what it says on the box and works well, and content that's 4K and HDR look stunning. The upscaling of SD channels are okay not going to give you the best quality trying to scale those pixels up, all dependant on what gets fed in, not really the fault of the TV but HD channels look great and feed it with hi-def content and you'll be rewarded. One day i'll look into a 4K player, but right now, its fitting the bill for our purposes.

I'd actually give this a 4.5 really, as the sound out of the built in speakers lets it down - but hooking it up externally to some speakers for movies/netflix series it shines some more. And there is a reflective tint with a bit of a magenta tinge to it, but only it bright rooms and you don't notice it when things are playing - not big deal to me - but if you are playing it in a bright room at all times.

Also can't say I've seen any of the micro stutter that was reported earlier and online.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Early days niggles

Bought this a week ago to replace my old pioneer plasma. Came with contrast set to 100% to compete with the LEDS I suppose. Turned it down to 50% and had to screw up luminance to 100% for reasonable brightness. Picture is great but not as great as I expected. Generally pleased however some features just should have been learned properly from previous products. If we stopped at the screen alone t5he rating would have been 4/5 BUT----
I have a a Panasonic PVR and was pleased to see that the recording features on the EZ950 are similar but really annoying. The TVguide looks the same as the old PVR but after setting record ( weekly) the guide doesn't show which shows are already scheduled :(. At the beginning over every recording a banner that takes 25% towards the middle the screen announces the recording is about to begin ( probably as a warning in case your program changes.) This banner can only be removed by either waiting 5 minutes while missing much of what you were watching or finding the remote to press OK. The PVR does a similar thing but much less intrusive and ONLY if you were using it to watch TV AND the channel being viewed might change. Oh a similar but slightly less intrusive banner flashes up to tell you the recording is stopping. Panasonic have some good history with previous PVR software---seems such a pity that they can't learn from history.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

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Can I plug a standard headset into the TV (e.g. such as a remote wireless headset)?
No answers

can stan be installed on this TV Panasonic TH-55EZ950U?
1 answer
Hi Sideshowbob, Panasonic does not currently have an agreement with Stan. Please follow our social channels for any future updates in relation to additional Apps.

Why doesn't my new FZ950U TV pick up any digital free to air channels ?
1 answer
Hi Hugh, please contact our customer service team on 132600 who will assist you further.


Panasonic TH-65EZ950U (65")Panasonic TH-55EZ950U (55")
Category4K Ultra HD TVs4K Ultra HD TVs
Price (RRP) $6,399$3,899
Screen Size 65"55"
Type of TVHDR Compatible and Smart TVHDR Compatible and Smart TV
Wireless OptionsBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-Fi
Number of HDMI Ports44
Number of USB Ports33
Wall MountableYesYes
Weight24 kg18.5 kg
Dimensions (without stand) 839 x 1453 x 48 mm716 x 1230 x 48 mm
Dimensions (with stand) 889 x 1453 x 280 mm766 x 1230 x 280 mm

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