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Paslode IM250S

Paslode IM250S

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Absolute rubbish

It fired the first 6 nails well then 1 out of every 3 when I pull the trigger now 1 out of every 10 goes if I'm lucky. It had done 2 architraves around a window what a joke. It's in under warranty so I've have gone back to my 15 year old GMC that cost $90 and carry around my compressor. I hope the framer is better as it came as a pack. The other reviews make me worry they are just rubbish I would never buy anything made by paslode again

Date PurchasedMar 2018

What a peice of rubbish

Im a carpenter in the building industry, and the paslode finisher is the most useless tool any one could buy. Consistently jams up, miss fires, or just doesnt fire at all. Wouldn't recomend to my worst enemy
The framing gun on the other hand is quite a good gun, unlike the finisher..

Date PurchasedJan 2017

From An Old Soldier

Thank god they don't make armaments as I probably wouldn't be here. Have both the framer & finisher and just no reliability. When doing a job it's always a consideration, do I hand nail or go through the time & hassle of getting them to work.

I nickname my guns the blunderbuss 1 shot per day.

pas 'LOAD'

The Paslode straight finish nailer is a $690 product without maintenance goods or indeed, nails. I got one (1) job out of it and it stopped working. I took the nail gun to one of Paslodes 'approved repairers' and when I told that there was no spark, they took it, did not fix the problem, fixed a totally unrelated part and charged me $66. I then took it back and after they told me that I was NOT getting a refund, they took it for a week, did nothing and gave it back. This organisation is 'ABLE AIR' on Gaffney St in Coburg Melbourne. After many emails to Paslode, I was offered nothing. In fact, even after hours of travel and preparation of the required paperwork (paperwork that Paslode asked for but were obviously hoping I didn't have) they got belligerent, indignant and arrogant about my claim. The construction of the gun and the organisation lacks common sense. In my opinion, Buy a compressor but whatever you do, DO NOT BUY A PASLODE PRODUCT! ITS NOT WORTH IT!

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Release dateMar 2011
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