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Peats Ridge Springs

Peats Ridge Springs

1.8 from 15 reviews

this is horrible

I found mould in a bottle as my mother was about to drink it, it said it would expire June 2020 when it is 2019, I saw a floating piece of mould in my bottle!

Purchased in April 2019.

Great Water. But Bottles Fall Over

We have been purchasing this bottled water for a few years from Officeworks but now that the 24 Pack no longer has cardboard on the base of the bottles in the shrink wrapped bag. The bottom of the bottles are all damaged and when you take a bottle out it won’t stand up. Very Disappointing.

I'd write a review if..

If I could open the darned plastic bottle. Got a man to open it for me and he couldn't - so he got a knife and cut the cap off. Ridiculous.

Won't repurchase

The other reviewers are right. The water has an awful taste and feels acidic. Better to choose other brands with higher pH.

Taste is not that bad, however the problem is...

I give taste a 2.5 out of 5. Me and my partner tried to drink this for two weeks instead of tap water and after 1 and a half weeks we were not feeling very well, felt very strange as if something missing and got leg cramps. Noticing the water is purified and possibly from a tap, we suspected there are little to no important minerals in the water which is why we didn't feel well. This is why I deduct 0.5 percent to make it 2 out of 5.

Hate it

Horrible after taste! Smells like feet if it isn't cold.
I hate the taste of tap water but prefer tap water over this brand.
Prefer the woolworths select brand, tastes a lot nicer.

Will Not Buy Aldis Peats Ridge Water

I agree with all other reviews. The water has a terrible taste. My 3 sons immediately on tasting refused to drink anymore of this particular brand. I would suggested the company to filter this water before bottling it. They - the company, think, that we, the consumers, are stupid, because we buy this water because it is cheaper then other brands. Guess what, I'd rather buy good water for an extra $1. or $2!

Weird taste and weird feeling in my mouth

I bought this from Woolworths because it was on special. It tastes weird and it left a weird feeling in my mouth

So very wrong!

I have worked for a similar company also on the Central Coast of NSW. They simply fill tanks with tap water, chlorinate it and call it "Spring Water". I'd suggest Peats Ridge do the same 'cause it smells and tastes chlorinated, and overly so. Rip-off merchants!

Horrible Taste & Smell!

Bought 6 cases of this as it was on special. Can't even drink it as it has a horrible taste and smell.

only bottled water that doesnt taste like plastic

Peats ridge water is by far the best bottled water I have tasted all the others taste like plastic and one or two taste like they contain heavy metals. It has a nice clean taste. We go through 30 litres a week. I would and have already recommended it to my family and friends
inexpensive and clean flavour
the nozzle on the 10 litre containers

Water actually taste like hose water

This is possibly the worst bottled water I've ever had. We had this water at work and everyone has complained about it. It tastes like hose water and everyone is refusing to drink it. Usually we have no complaints about the taste of the bottle water at work. I wouldn't recommend this water to anyone.

Taste is horrible

The best

Several of my work colleagues and myself tried Peats Ridge sparkling mineral water by mistake and all agreed it was the best.I have tried mineral water from North Queensland all the way down to central Victoria and I still say it,s by far the best. We are still buying it and drinking it
The amazing flavour

Worst Water Ever!

Get your "natural spring water" with free plastic flavouring! I buy bottled water and this one is by far the worst I have ever tasted! It wasn't the cheapest and it was the most expensive but I would not recommend anyone even trying this brand. Is it necessary to use this type of plastic if it contaminates the water like this?

Heavily flavoured with plastic!


The packaging is excellant and very practical, unfortunately the product is not one i could recommend. I would not put it on my garden let alone drink it. In short, it sucks!
A convenient package that holds l0 litres of water
The taste is awfull and PH level of 4.5 is doing you no good

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