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Perma Child Safety Gate

Perma Child Safety Gate

2.3 from 15 reviews

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I'm campaigning to get this gate removed from every store in Australia.

This gate does not self close when fully opened.
Our daughter fell down a full flight of stairs because of this gate. How can you expect tired over worked parents to remember to close the gate every time. These gates are an accident waiting to happen.
Our daughter was fine, just a few bruises and scare. But you put my child in danger and now I'm to make sure you don't put anyone else's child in danger.

Purchased in January 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $50.00.

does the job

I love this fence, we installed it from a wall to a chest of drawers splitting this way our open kitchen from family/dining space. Our daughter is almost 2 years old and the fence does the job perfectly. she can never access kitchen area through this fence. she tried to shake it a lot but what it does it just moves a bit without collapsing.
I also found it very useful as we didn't fix the middle joints to the floor and therefore now can move the fence closer to the kitchen or further from it as needed.
in our case great value for money

Purchased in November 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $118.00.


Our baby was 6 months old and she just pulled on it and it fell down. You basically can't secure it properly to the "anchor" ponts. Total waste of money and dangerous because it will collapse on baby. I am so annoyed that Bunnings sell this junk. This is yet another junk piece going in the bin....It would not be ethical for us to on sell this junk to someone and their baby getting injured.

Flimsy, unsafe, pointless.

The plastic joints on the sides of the gate section (not the points between gate and panels that are supposed to pivot) are so weak that my 1 year old can push against the adjacent panel and split them apart, which causes the whole divider to move and the gate to swing open. The so-called "customer service" email address is unanswered.

Does not function correctly, not safe

We installed this barrier as a room divider. The gate we received was faulty, some of the panel locks did not work at all while others held a little bit not completely. In troubleshooting the company advised some movement is normal and to place rubber matting underneath it. We will be returning for a refund and choosing an alternative brand that is functional and safe.

Autoclose? No. Childsafe? No.

Autoclose feature is totally unreliable. Even with the wall cups it does not take much force at all to pull it from the wall, will not last my 9 month old for long. I do not recommend this product unless it is for small dogs, I'll be buying another product for home safety.

NOT secure

We purchased these gates when my baby was crawling and as soon as he could stand & start to walk (approx 10 months onwards) he'd figured out he could lift and shake the gate open.
Company refused to refund or provide a solution!
Not a baby proof product!
Get a different brand!!

Enclosed instructions to setup are useless

I found very poor setup instructions that did not make any sense, this is disappointing as it really could be a good product if they made more effort with instructions, this is becoming quite typical with a lot of products. I have returned mine to bunnings for refund. wont touch this vendor again

wonderfull item

This product is really great i use 5 for fencing my dog outside and i dont have that worry that he will get out on the road better than pool fencening panels that i used i would highly recommend this product i even used it with my little ones to keep them in and worry free

Easy to use! Great value!

I purchased my first Perma Multi Purpose barrier from Bunnings a couple months ago and purchased another one on the weekend. You can add as many panels as you want together to make a large play area or room divider. I used three panels to block off my stairs and the rest of the panels I used to make a large play area. I did my research and looked at a couple different baby stores but all I could find were playpens upwards of $250 which aren't any different to the Perma playpens I have bought for only $129.

Unsafe - don't put your child at risk of injury

I purchased two of the auto closing Perma child safety gates and initially I had no issues and the product operated as described. Some months later, it becomes evident that the auto closing feature was unreliable and even manually closing the gate was not efficient as the lock was not secure. My 1 year old has now had two incidents of crawling through the gate but has got his foot stuck under the swinging gate and has screamed in pain and been unable to get himself free. Luckily, I was just steps away when this occurred and was able to free my son but with extreme difficulty which caused him more pain and distress.
I urge all parents to avoid this product and instead by the Dreambaby child safety gates which are a much more superior product.

Don't put your child safety at risk. I am about to contact Bunnings and advise them of the safety concerns with this product which they appear to sell in all stores.

An accident waiting to happen

Originally the gate was great. It was easy to install and it worked well. We had no problems with it shutting and was securely locked. However after 12 months (just past the warranty) it stopped latching properly when it was opened inward. We could still use it perfectly fine opening outward but thought it would be best to replace it since our 18 month old is getting into everything. It seemed as though it was just an issue with the plastic on the latch becoming disformed after 12 months of slamming shut. We bought the same gate as it was a good price however this one only lasted a day. The latch on the bottom of the gate is completely faulty. It doesn't stop the swinging gate. It has essentially become useless as my son has figured out that all you need to do is push it and he can get down the stairs. I will definitely not be replacing it with another "Perma" child gate. There is nothing safe about this gate.

Faulty locking mechanism

Not Happy

I bought this gate at Bunnings & should have known that you get what you pay for as it was very cheap. We looked for instructions on-line about putting the gate together but found nothing from the company. We eventually found out that we were missing some parts so had to go back to the store.

The metal itself had raised bits that caught on clothing & it did not close properly

Baby has a safe play space and Mum can get on with her day

Strong fencing that it easy to assemble into a playpen straight out of the box. The joints lock to either a hexagon or square shape. It can be configured as a barrier or playpen. It also has a swinging gate. For bigger rooms it's possible to connect multiple barriers together to form a larger playpen. When I put my child in the playpen I feel at ease to do housework. We have 2 playpens - 1 in the living room and 1 in the kitchen so baby can always see Mummy. Happy baby, happy Mum, happy house!
Preassembled, works straight out of the box
Joints could be more regid when locked into place

Shoud have purchased sooner!

Ours too was purchased from Bunnings, with no hassle!

We love this product, very easy to assemble, very strong and we love it as a playpen. Our dogs can run around whilst our child plays on the floor with his toys!
Strong, Durable and nice and big, especially for a double doorway, love safety gate also!

Questions & Answers

Can you remove 2 panels and can you get more wall brackets to use the extra 2 panels for a different doorway?
1 answer
I purchased additional panels and brackets through the website. :) http://www.permachildsafety.com/product/playpen-barrier-wall-mounts/

Does anyone know.... Could a Pomeranian could get through the gaps?? I want to purchase one of these to keep my dog out of the laundry so he doesn't get into the kitty litter!!!
1 answer
The gaps would be too small for a Pomeranian, I think the gap are only about 60-80mm wide. :)

How do I take the wall brackets off the wall bracket covers?
1 answer
Hi Sam, they simply slide apart in opposite directions :) if your still having trouble I would contact their customer service, they have been very helpful in the past.

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