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Don't waste your money


$69 plus shipping for 30 pills! (a 15 day supply) And the product does nothing for you. Rip-off! I have never been so disappointed with a diet product as I am with this. Especially the cost.

Purchased in March 2019 at Weight Losers.

Weight LostNo change

BarbiedollMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Did nothing.


This product did nothing for me, except heart palpitations.
I’m mad at myself for wasting my money. But learnt a valuable lesson: exercise and healthy eating is the only way.


ATMSouth Africa

Really,Really afraid right now


I ordered Phen375 from the officail website, I am struggling to lose just 6 kilograms.I am a South African and my shipping is done Via a certain British shipping company, after reading all the reviews comparing American Phen375 and European Phen375, I am afraid that I will be sitting with 4 bottles that are ineffective and expensive because I suspect that if they are being shipped from Britain they were probably manufactured in Europe.

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Has done nothing for me


At first I thought they were helping me but they have done nothing for suppressing my appetite or give me energy! I feel like I've wasted money I didn't have to waste! I've been on phentermine before with great results! This is NOTHING like it!

Do not buy this product or from this company


Buyer be Ware - I purchased this product, hopeful. I was not happy with this product in the first week of taking Phen 375. I contacted the company to return the product and was told the only way to get a refund is to take the product for30 days. Then I would need to go to the doctor and have them certify that it is bad for my health.
My problem with that is I was not required to go to the doctor to get the product, why should I be forced to go to a doctor to get a refund, and spend money for an office visit, as well as take time off of work. Secondly, no doctor is going to do that, as they did not have record of your weight or vitals prior to taking Phen 375.



I only had my pills for two days. I started taking them when I received them, the don’t work I still have an appetite and I did what they said to do but I still ate like normal I don’t think these pills is worth 70$ and they don’t do things it’s not even a months worth of product they cheating us out our money I thought it was one pill a day but two come on now smdh I don’t recommend anyone to buy this product waste of money.

This pill doesn't work


I have been taking this for two weeks already - this pill does not suppress my appetite at all. I haven't lost anything at all. I am very gassy now..never had that problem before.. Not going to order other bottles. Very disappointed.

Phen 375 is a scam


I ordered 3 month supply I have been taking 1 pill before breakfast and 1 pill before lunch, I have been taking this product for 36 days I have not lost any weight this product is a scam your testimonies are lies done by actors.



Basically a dummy pill, don't waste your money


I bought this product, Phen375 because the misleading website gives you the impression you are buying phentermine. There is no phentermine in these pills. The ingredients are calcium, L-carnitine, caffeine, pepper, and some kind of orchid extract, none of which have any proven effect on weight loss. You can get pills with these ingredients for a quarter of the price from your local health food shop.
Like an idiot, I did not check, and thought I was buying phentermine. Surprise surprise, Phen375 did not suppress appetite, and I lost no weight. No effects at all. Company refused to refund money unless I promised to take all the tablets and then get a doctor's certificate (what??!) Please, please do not fall for this scam!

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Total scam


Don't waste your money like i did
the pills did nothing! i do exercise and ate super healthy during the time i took the pill but it did not suppress my appetite nor it gave me any extra energy!
they should be ashamed for all the false claims and the expensive price they charge for it!!!

Didn't work at all


The pills did nothing. Did not curb my appetite, did not give me energy, did nothing like real phentermine. Coffee has more affect than these pills. Don't waste your money.



Would have been better off without it!!


Does not work even looks likes I mint!
Dont waste your money like I did.
How is this compAny able to sell a product that is a lie?
Really disappointed and angry

Terrible Product! Appetite Increased!


After the first 3 days with this product, I noticed that my appetite actually increased, so I stopped taking them immediately. I felt even more tired than I did before I started them. My energy level dived and my stomach was bloated with a gassy feeling the whole time. Horrible! Nothing Like Phentermine. DO NOT BUY!!!!

if a company doesn't back their product that should be a warning not to buy!


This product did absolutely nothing for me; just needed a catalyst to restart my metabolism. I work out and eat well and I did not lose an ounce (may have even gained weight). The fact is when I complained, the company responded with "satisfaction and weigh loss not guaranteed nor do we refund any monies." Beware of any company that does not stand behind their product! I should have spend that $200 else where.

Never buy it


The product is not safe with birth control pills. The quality of the tablets is very poor. They quickly went bad.

Money back guarantee is a big lie. Please don't trust them. They are liars. I would not give them even a start.

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With a proper diet plan, an exercise routine, Phen375 worked well for me


I have been using phen375 for 3 weeks and the results are good. I have read my negative reviews on this supplement, but decided to go for it after reading the review on [weblink removed] . They describe exactly what to do after getting this supplement to get best weight loss result.

If you don't control your eating habits, don't do any exercise and fully depend on the pill to lose weight, then forget about it. It will not work.
Here the link, It will help others too
[weblink removed]

Not worth the money!


Wish that I had read the feedback before I bought it. Wouldn't waste my money on this product again. The product came late and they are not 100% money back. They want you to go through hoops and send you doctors notes that the product isn't working instead of trusting you.

This is a scam


Do not buy this product!!! You will not get your money back without having to jump through hoops. Not only does the product work, but there is not a 60 day money back guarantee. I wish I had seen the reviews before I purchased the product.

Not legit, at all.


Been taking for over a month now (I even had my mom taking them since I bought 3 bottles!) Neither of us have lost any weight, in fact we both gained a pound or two. It has done nothing to suppress my appetite. The money back guarantee is total crap because you'll only get a refund if you follow their strict recommended diet and have a doctor sign off that you didn't lose weight. Of course you'll lose weight if you follow a strict diet! That has nothing to do with the pill.

Waste of time and money!


So disappointed! Phen 375 if anything increased my appetite.
Not just a waste of money but they are playing with peoples psychology. An absolute CON.
Shame on them! The only thing that has suppressed my appetite is Garcinia Cambodia by Health Spark.

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Mary Hanna

Mary Hannaasked

What time can I take and when I losse weight and stopped returning back?

No answers


Are these small pills or the huge pills?

1 answer

They are small easy to swallow.



Which website is legit?

1 answer

Hello Tamisha (what a lovely name). I am sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I cannot in all honesty remember the site, except it was an "offical med dispensing site". However, my problem was not so much about the site, but the product itself and it's claims as a miracle cure. The bottom line is diet and exercise are the only things that work, and yes I agree I hate doing both, but it's the only scientific system for weight loss that works.Depending on what drugs are used in these weight loss meds, many are harmful to you heart muscle and other organs such as liver and kidneys. These people just want to sell you a product, they don't give a damn about you, so please be very careful.
I hope I have been of some help to you

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