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Philips HQ9190

Philips HQ9190

3.7 from 3 reviews


This shaver was my fifth Philips shaver; I've used them for 30 years. It provided the closest shave leaving no skin rash or inflammation in the quickest time of all the shavers I've owned. The Jetclean system worked well and it was easy to clean under the tap. But it failed after 14 months usage. A huge disappointment. I have since bought a Speed XL (lower model) and it provides the same close shave, but the battery is starting to lose charge quickly after 12 months usage. I always wait until the "Charge" indicator is lit before I recharge and am very careful with the shaver. But as with my last 3 battery operated shavers, this one is in need of a new battery with 12 to 18 months. It will have to go back to the shop for a replacement at a cost of $100. At that price you have to weigh up the cost against buying another new one. Deliberate obsolescence or poor quality or both? I am becoming disenchanted with the Philips brand and am thinking of choosing something else next time.
Three stars for a good, close, fast shave. No more than that due to poor quality.
Closer shave compared to previous Philips shavers
Faster shave time compared to previous shavers
No rash compared to previous shavers
Washable under the tap, much better cleaning than using a brush
Battery charges quickly
Battery lasts many shaves for the first few months
LCD failed after 3 months, so I continued to use it without knowing how much charge was left
Travel lock faulty
Battery charge doesn't last long after 6 months use
Unit failed after 14 months usage - poor quality


I bought this shaver as it was Philips top line shaver. I got a good impression in the beginning but soon after I dont feel that I was getting the shave that I want. I find that it didnt give a close enough shave or it took too long to get a clean shave. Recently I found using King Of Shaves oil with a normal shaver has done a better job and cost me much less. Maybe I should try King Of Shaves oil with this shaver as it can be used this way. This shaver went under showers as I was told itis fully water proof but soon enough it began to fail and fogged the LCD, I would recommend using water and shaving as it may cause mold on the shaver, since my repair I use dry shave only.
high tech with lots of features with latest blades and water proof
Is it really water proof?


I purchased this razor to replace a Remington foil type shaver that was next to useless. My average shave time is only 3 minutes for a great close shave and that includes everyday shaving or 2-3 days growth. It comes with a stainless steel travel case which I thought would be useless as you would need to carry the charger etc. But I went away for 3 weeks and still had 50 minutes of shave time left when I returned home. So just charge it up if needed and away you go. The LCD indicator let's you know your shave time and reminds you to rinse the heads after use. It also tells you the minutes you have left. Further it tells you when the heads need replacing. The manual said it would take sometime to get used too, and it has three setting for sensitivity. I left it on "Normal" and have not had a rash or sore face at all. I have thrown my shaving cream etc out and have only used this shaver since buying it. Don't hesitate this does the job nicely. I found the pop up trimmer ok.
This is one great shaver, about as good as you will get to a blade. Great battery life that will last me more than a month at a time.
Charging cradle could be better as it is a bit fiddly getting it in the right spot ofr the charging contacts.

Questions & Answers

Is there some kind of cassette for this shaver available?
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Hi there, Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by a cassette for the shaver. I replaced this shaver a long time ago (5 or 6 years). I currently have the Philips 3D Sensotouch RQ1260. I've had it for at least two years and it's still going well. No problems with the battery and it provides a good close shave. It doesn't have the JetClean system; I just rinse it under hot water after each shave. I'd give this one 4 stars. I know you can purchase replacement batteries for Philips shavers at quite a low cost (about $15) and if you're good with a soldering iron, you can replace the battery yourself. You need to go to the website of a battery supplier and enter the model number of your shaver. As far as I know the only way you can get one from Philips is to take it to a Shaver Shop and they will replace it for you for about $100.

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