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Panasonic 5-Blade Wet/Dry

Panasonic 5-Blade Wet/Dry

ES-LV65, ES-LV95, ES-LV61 and ES-LV81
3.6 from 21 reviews

Bad quality

I bought a Panasonic shaver model ESLV 65 five weeks ago, from Shaver Shop at Castle Hill in Sydney, the shaver is good, shaving is close, but mechanically its very bad, after a few weeks the trimmer on the shaver stop working and start making noise and the sound of the motor was struggling and humming , I took it back to where I bought it from, since it’s still under warranty, the owner of the shop she was very clumsy, she stayed more than 20mintus repeatedly switching the shaver on and off, and during that the trimmer did not work, and she saw that that it did not work, but she tried to ignore it and said the shaver is working ok now, and she illegally refused to replace it, in spite of the 2 years warranty, she was very aggressive and unprofessional in her conducts. then I called Panasonic Australia and I explained the situation to them, after a long time and a few calls, a person from customer resolution called me, and again after a long unpleasant conversation, he said in a very unprofessional and angry way, that I am demanding and request to email him a copy of the receipt and hanged up, I did as he requested and he also refused to replace the faulty shaver, he was very arguing, aggressive and no manner at all , well I was very disappointed from Panasonic from the bad quality and the way they deal with the customers, I expect that they honor the warranty and replace the faulty shaver, but they were misleading and cheating, their conduct is illegal.

Purchased in June 2019 for $249.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation Yes
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life

The WORST shaver I have ever had the misfortune to buy.

This is by far the worst electric shaver I have ever bought. Leaves lots of individual hair unshaven on my chin especially stubborn white hair. Even going over the same place several times in different directions does not work. I have to end up pulling them out with tweezers. It's also incredibly difficult to wash out properly as the shaving foils cartridges have incredibly small gaps where hairs get stuck and are impossible to remove. Please DO NOT buy this overpriced, overhyped piece of garbage

Purchased in June 2018.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life

Only had it 3 days, but so far, best shaver I’ve ever owned

Absolute bargain if you can get it on sale for $250. I’ve been using various Philips shavers for the past 30 odd years, the last one I was never really happy with, I was all set to get a Series 9 Braun when I came across reviews for the Panasonic. To be honest, Panasonic isn’t really a brand that I’d associate with men’s shavers, but boy, I’m glad I got it. Best shave I’ve ever had. Time will tell how well it holds up, but so far very happy.

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Hi Tim, thanks for taking the time to provide such great feedback, it's great to hear you took a chance on this shaver and that it far exceeded your expectations.

Time saver

After 2 different manufacturers an a 3 blade Panasonic clean shave but 40 mins of rubbing even with gel have found the 5blade clean as shave in 20mins thanx shaver shop excellent service Cheers Ross

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Hi Ross, thanks for your great feedback on your shaver and the customer service experience with the shaver shop.

Cant go back to razors

I have been using these for 2 years now . So used to this that i cant go back to razor . Closest shave ever. No lines , best shave everytime . Charge last for days if not weeks . Parts easily available at shaver shop. Nill issues whats so ever. Works great with shaving gel/foam

Panasonic IN, Philips OUT

Used a Philips for past 42 years, over 6 shavers, but their subborn policy of replacing original robust heads with cheap flimsy head and blades on very expensive shavers and their dismissive response was last straw. New Panasonic is great, excellent quality, great shaving results, the closest and best ever. No cheap head and blades this time.

Best shaver I've had

My girlfriend bought this shaver for my birthday does a great job in very short time easy to use easy to clean Just an all-round superstar of shavers excellent value for money

Blades lasted 5 months only :(

Ok i purchased this shaver from shavershop because they had a money back guarantee. I was wrapped with it initially and now 5 months down the track the blades are blunt and its terrible. I didnt realise the blades would only last a short time or I wouldnt have purchased it. Happy to replace blades every year at $99 but not twice a year!

Doesn't last as promised or guaranteed in the Panasonic Manual

Lasted 8 months (using twice a week, 4 minutes using cutter first). Each shave took longer and longer to get through. shaver shop recommended this for sensitive skin and said the blades only needed to be changed every 18 months to 2 years for approx. cost of $40. If only they had gone into more detail. Manual states replace blades every 2 years (based on 3min shave every day, cleaning &oiling after each shave), &to replace the foils once every year. The trimmer is also now blunt. Went to shaver shop to get replacement blades &told that the foil &blades must be replaced together, blades $50 & foils $100. The trimmer can't be replaced, now useless. I complained to Panasonic, told me the blades &foils not covered under warranty (I contacted them 1 month before the 12 months, didn't get back to me until after 12 months and said it was out of warranty....What the? I asked to speak to a manager &now agreed to replace the blades, the cheapest part. So instead of spending $100 on the foils, I'm going to put the blades on Ebay, and put my money towards a Phillips shaver which have far better reviews, and far better pricing, particularly on the blades and foils which come as one for $60!!!

Not worth the premium price

I purchased this shaver in July 2015 because of the, at that point in time, largely rave reviews. I've been using it pretty consistently for 9 months now. It does a very close shave on my face; at least as good as a blade. However I've found it quite patchy on my neck: to the extent that I need to use a safety razor once or twice a week to remove the hair that keeps growing there. It was expensive to buy, and it won't be cheap to replace the parts when they wear out, which probably won't be long. The perfect electric razor is yet to be fashioned!

Built-in obsolescence

Would not buy Panasonic again. Disappointed with reliability and longevity compared to my previous brands, always had Braun and Remington.

Original unit was replaced twice under warranty! The third unit is now just under 3 years old and effectively dead, due to battery only lasting about 2 shaves and quickly getting worse, and the mechanism having developed a severe vibration resulting in poor performance (it seems to be in the mechanism itself, not the replaceable parts).

I was originally swayed to buy Panasonic by The Shaver Shop's patter, with staff telling that "they all use Panasonic" and that the cutters, while more expensive than other brands, last longer. This was UNTRUE as I've actually had to replace cutters more often than with previous shavers.

On the plus side, while it was working, the shaving performance was as good as (though not better than) previous brands, and it is quieter.

Panasonic versus Braun.

Always had Braun, but bought this due to its advertising. Initially seemed good - very smooth shave. After a few months the time taken to shave blew out unacceptably and I had to buy new blades at exorbitant cost. I have found that I need to get new blades every 3 months versus every year for the Braun series 5 which is a huge cost for a marginal shave improvement at best. The blades on the Panasonic get very hot when they start to wear and then cause rashes despite me using shaving spray on them every time. Panasonic only supply the blades not a matched set of blades plus foil as with Braun, which I suspect is part of the problem. Have not been able to get new blades for some 6 months now due to the demand so have gone back to the Braun. My local Shaver Shop tells me they are getting lots of similar complaints. I would definitely not buy again.

Great smooth shave - sensitive skin and tough whiskers

Scored one of these for Fathers Day in 2015. Up until then I had been using shaving foam and razors, but the damage to my skin (especially around my neck) was getting bad, so my family bought me one of these electric razors. I have used an old Remington twin blade razor many years ago, so have that memory as a comparison base.

This Panasonic 5 blade worked great from the first shave - I remember the Remington took a few weeks to shave well due to growth direction of my whiskers, and many electric shavers instructions and notes on the internet say this is common. But not with the Panasonic , it just shaved close and really well from the first shave. I had my last razor shave on the Friday, so when I got the new shaver on Sunday morning (for Fathers Day) I had a bit of stubble to test it out on and it shaved close and smooth.

The best bit was no skin irritation. It was very noticeable to the foam and razor shave.

The following morning, heading off to work, the shave was as good and equally smooth with no irritation. It has continued to this day in day out, and copes well with my weekend growth on a Monday morning. I have quite a heavy dense and course whiskers too.

I have used it wet, under the shower, but found it sort of 'gripped' due to the water and so it irritated by skin a bit, a bit of soap or shaving gel would fix it I guess, but I've since continued to use it dry.

Cleaning is so much better than my memory of the old Remington - this is hugely due to the fact it is water proof so you can just clip off the cutter head and rinse both it and the cutters under the tab. Quick spray of some alcohol shaver spray and the cleaning job is finished in less than 30 seconds.

Quick Update: With the Christmas break, I had let me beard grow for just over a week, 10 days actually, so it was quite thick. Today, it was time to get rid of the beard, so I thought I'd give the Panasonic 5 Blade a run. Previously, many years ago with the old Remington, I would have had to use foam and a blade razor, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the ES-LV65 just buzzed away and shaved off the beard, which meant no harsh razor against my skin to irritate it. After 9 minutes (usual shave is just on 4 minutes) a few odd whiskers remained, so I gave the Panasonic a clean (yep, simple unclip the head and wash it out under the tap) and with another few minutes the pesky little whiskers were all gone.Quick Update: it's now 26 November 2018, so over 3 years since I was given this shaver, and I can say it is still running as described in my original review. I have only had to replace the blades and screen once in this time. I find it's best to use the 'shaver guard' spray after each 'wash' of the blades and screen under water so as to dry off the water etc. It seems to keep the blades and screen lubricated well and drys off the water well. Very impressed with this shaver and would definitely recommend.Hi Dean, thank you for taking the time to provide more feedback on your shaver, it is great you have had such varied use out of it. Hopefully this Christmas you will get another break and the opportunity to grow the beard again!

Way overpriced

My old Remington was past its use by date so I decided to lash out and buy a 5 blade Panasonic despite the expensive price tag. It shaves my face well but is useless on the neck or on longer hair if I don't shave for a few days. Replacement screen and blades are also expensive and I am replacing my Panasonic with another Remington for $100 which is what the screen and blades cost. Buying the Panasonic was an expensive bad experience that I truly regret.

I wanted to like it

These shavers come with a big reputation and a big price tag to match, but I was willing to give one a go when my Braun 7 series died prematurely last month. With a 60 day try out period I could just return it if I didn't like it. So here's my impression after the first 30 days.

The Good - as noted in other reviews, this shaver is powerful and the large foil head makes very short work (no pun intended) of my facial area. The shave is the closest I've ever had from 30 years of electric razor use. Pretty impressive.

The Bad - that big foil head that worked so well on my face was truly abysmal at shaving around the neck and chin areas. It picks up any hairs standing vertically first pass, but any hairs lying down simply get left behind. I tried all kinds of shaver angles and stretching to make better contact with my neck and chin but to no avail. The only solution is to use the clipper which left a nasty rash and took forever, nearly 8 minutes according to the timer. This shaver is like owning a high performance car that won't go around corners! The power pack and plug annoyed me too so this shaver is going back for a refund.

Post Review Update
The sales guy at the Shaver Shop convinced me to persevere with the Panasonic shaver to give my skin time to adapt to the different shaving head. I wish I hadn't. It didn't get any better AND I missed the window to return it for a refund. A month ago I purchased a new Braun 720S on special. It feels less well built than the Panasonic, doesn't come with a foil guard, and the carry case is pretty budget too. But, crucially, IT ACTUALLY WORKS! It is sheer luxury being able to shave in a single pass with no skin irritation. My face thanks me every time I use it. The Panasonic has been exiled to the back of my cupboard as a last ditch back up shaver.

Hello Panasonic

Love my gadgets and love my electric shavers. I also like to update them about every 3 years due to technology advances. So it was time! First of all it had to be foil shaving for 2 big reasons: Firstly they are much much better on sensitive as the rotary just mauls my skin. Second big reason is they provide a closer shave than the rotary. So now to do a little research. My Braun Series 7 was an awesome shaver so thought best to look at a new offering from the respectable company. To my surprise there was none but read that a Series 9 was widely available in other parts of the world. Reviews were on a par with Series 7 which are excellent. So far so good. I also could see that they had bumped it up to a 4 blade to try and match another great shaver from Panasonic which had 5 blades. Now started my inquiries as to it's availability in Australia. First the Shaver Shop had no real idea so I decided to go straight to Braun. In doing so I was redirected to Proctor and Gamble and sent them an email. Before I got a response I also called them only to be advised they have no idea and to wait until I see something in the media. The email followed and was equally as non informative. That was not good enough and right then Braun lost me as a customer for now and perhaps for good! I thought it was terrible customer service not being able to provide simple information which I am sure is available for a shaver which is available for the rest of the world!

Anyhow, I soon realised that there was another shaver as good, if not better than the Series 7 and that was the Panasonic 5 blade foil shaver so decided that was the way to go. So I purchased the Panasonic ESLV65 which I still did despite the very high price tag for these shavers. I really do think that all these companies need to drop their prices a notch or two as seem a little ridiculous!

Anyhow, one week in must say I am very happy with my ESLV65 and comparing with the Braun Series 7 there is only one thing that I can say in comparing and that is that the Panasonic shaves to the same level of closeness in half the time which is a very good thing. Also is a little quieter but that is not really a big thing at all. So summing up both are great products and will not disappoint but if you do not like shaving and want to spend less time doing so then the Panasonic wins. I also dry shave as putting shaving gel on my face sort of defeats the purpose of electric shaving convenience. The results are excellent and the closeness of the shave super impressive and my skin feels great afterwards with no irritation which is extremely important to me.

Hello Panasonic and goodbye Braun (at least for now)

Ideal for sensitive skin. And daughters.

I have been a razor man since I was old enough to shave. I had an older Remington that my dad bought me, but the abrasion from the shaver and the rubbing and the skin stretching meant it wasn't a good fit. Even with the razor, I couldn't shave closer than once every 5 days, or my face would get this painful red rash. Now I have two beautiful girls who won't kiss daddy when he's "spiky". Great.

Time for research. One review mentioned that the Arc5 (5-blade) Panasonic Wet/Dry gets a shave as close as a razor (insert critical eyebrow lift here) and is ideal for sensitive skin. More research, followed by a special offer on Amazon coinciding with Christmas.

So I got one as a present to me. As a curiosity there is a note that falls out of the packaging that says "Please use this shaver and no other for 30-days before you make up your mind, as it takes a while for your face to adjust." Not promising. At this point I have a seven day growth. I plug it in to charge (this fills up surprisingly quickly) as I read the manual. I soap up and apply the shaver. Not a promising start. I go over the same areas again and again, and again and again. This is going to take some getting used to. I use up 60% of the charge in about 25 minutes before I'm done. The face is clean and it is indeed as good as a razor if not better.

I await the painful razor burn to set in. Nothing.

I wait exactly 60 hours and try again with soapy water. Perfect. The bristles are short and stand up, the razor does its job fantastically. 2minutes 28 seconds later (it has a timer so you can challenge yourself to set a PB) I'm done. Again good job and no razor burn.

I have assembled the auto cleaning thingy, but so far I have only used it to charge and dry the shaver. The cleaning and rinsing is very quick by hand.

The only issue I have found is the area where it goes up to meet my hairline is difficult to shave, even with the built-in trimmer, so that doesn't look perfectly sharp, but the rest is great.

What did I get for Christmas? Lots of Daddy kisses :)

Highly Recommended

Great shaver

The high speed motor and HUGE shaving area give a very fast shave (often less than 2 minutes). The shave is also incredibly close and the best bit - it shaves around those tricky corner areas that my Braun could never touch (no longer have to use a blade shaver to remove the hairs left behind).

While the head of the shaver is huge the handle fits perfectly in your hand making it very comfortable to use

Cleaning the shaver is straight forward by removing the foils and rinsing under running water (I dry shave but the shaver can also be used for wet shaving)

The RRP of the shaver is expensive but now that it has been around for almost a year the price has dropped. While it is still costs more than simple shavers the results justify the price
Speed and Closeness of the shave

Technology has come a long way .....

I have had this shaver for 3 weeks now. If I want I can return it for a full refund up to 60days - that's all part of the service with Panasonic - but I don't want to return it!! I have had the Braun Series 7 Shavers for the last 3 shavers that I have purchased and I have to say that the build quality of the Braun is terrible! All of the 3 shavers were returned during warranty for paint peeling off the case and for the sudden increase in their noise levels. The last one I sent down 2 weeks ago - The Shaver I sent for Service under Warranty was a Braun Series 7 390cc-4 Hugo Boss Edition - the Shaver that was returned to me had a different body and was not a Hugo Boss Special Edition - I complained several times but Braun (Proctor and Gamble in Australia) didn't really seem interested and still haven't replied to me emails!! The Panasonic Shaver is quiet - shaves me in half the time - easy to clean in the self-cleaning recharger and does just the best job. I love this Shaver and wish that I had changed from Braun much sooner than this!! That's the end of Braun for me after 15 years. Welcome Panasonic - a new world of shaving!!
Quiet - Easy to Clean - Reliable - Looks Great!!
New Price needs to come down to be affordable!!

Well I have now had this Panasonic Shaver for over 7 months. The Shaver is excellent - everything that it is supposed to do - it does!! My only criticism is this - The Replacement Cost of the 'Special Cleaning Solution' is ridiculous!! I recently purchased two replacement packs (Each have three satchels of cleaning solution) and are VERY DIFFICULT to find in Australia - and the COST Incl Postage $69.90 ????? When you are prepared to pay over $500 for a State of the Art Shaver then Panasonic should not continue to BITE Consumers to pay a very unrealistic price for something as SIMPLE as Cleaning Solution!! Panasonic - Life your game in this area and I believe there would be many more sales of your products. Disappointed in After Market Costs!!!Well I have now had this shaver for nearly 18months. It still cuts as close as the day I purchased it (I have replaced the cutter and foil) but now it's noisy!!! Same problem that I experienced with my Braun Shaver!! I have contacted support from Panasonic via email and so far it has been 2 days - and still no reply. The Warranty period is 2 years so will be looking to get the excess noise problem fixed. Shouldn't be happening after 18 months. It is loud enough now to wake other family members as I start work early. I will keep you informed as to the level of customer support that Panasonic offer or don't offer!! Disappointed at this stage.Well it has been nearly 3 years now since I first posted about the Panasonic Men's Shaver (ESLV9N). Firstly I must say that I love this shaver - but only before it gets to the 12 month of ownership mark!! I have had this Shaver replaced twice now. First occasion due to faulty on/off button and excessive noise and then on second occasion due to excessive noise again!! Both times the Shaver was replaced under Warranty but this was due more to the understanding of Shaver Shop than Panasonic which is my belief!! As I said at the start - for the first 12 months this is a top class shaver - well worth the cost. It's lucky I guess that they offer 2 years warranty. My question to Panasonic is - the noise issue is well documented yet you have not changed anything on this shaver due to this fault?? Are you happy to just keep replacing these shavers under warranty or do you listen to those who actually buy your products and make suitable changes to improve the product. The previous issue I mentioned about the cost of the replacement satchels for the cleaning station has improved as I now buy these replacement satchels overseas for about half the cost. Just an update!!

Best for head shaving

I love my ES-LV65 5 blade shaver, Fantastic for shaving my head. Great for my sensitive skin and is so quick. Does the job much quicker than my old 3 blade shaver. Gives a smooth result with no razor burn. I am very happy with the way the shaver contours to the shape of my head. I am looking forward to taking my ES-LV65 with me with I go overseas.
very smooth finish

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Questions & Answers

Shaver is almost 3 years old, and quite regularly it becomes rough/vibrates while shaving. It sounds like the motor is speeding up (not as much as when sonic-cleaning but very noticeably). Switching it off/on again fixes it for a while. I decided to see what was happening by carefully unclipping the shaving head WHILE it was doing this and I could see one of the cutters was vibrating very roughly while the other was still operating smoothly. Wondering if this just due to worn cutters/foil or is there a mechanical reason within the shaver itself? The cutters/foil ARE due for replacement but I have replaced them several times in the past and don't remember this symptom before with worn parts. I always keep my last set of parts as a backup just in case so I popped those in and it did the same thing so I suspect the issue is probably in the shaver. If that's the case that would be quite disappointing for the shaver only to have lasted 3 years.
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So... my question is, has anyone else noticed this with one of these shavers? And if so, do you think it's repairable? The battery also needs replacement, which apparently is quite easy and would cost about AU$40 if bought online, but I'm reluctant to spend money on a new battery and new cutters, if the shaver itself is on its last legs.

HI ,please let me know what is the difference (if any) between ES -LV61 -A and ES-SV61-W thanks for Your help best regards kornel
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The difference is the absence of Automatic Cleaning and Charging System with Panasonic ES-LV61. Since Panasonic Arc 5 is fully washable with wet/dry shaving features it is only a matter of convenience while deciding between the two versions. You need to manually clean with ES-LV61 which is not hard at all but even better with automatic cleaning system of ES-LV81.


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