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Pigeon Glass

Pigeon Glass

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The bottles leak which made feeding a little messy

I love that this bottles are durable enough. It is very slim and can handle drops when bub is being fussy. One thing I figured though is the leaking of the bottles. I tried doing everything in the manual but to no avail. I am not sure if it's just me or did other mums experienced this?

Love the glass bottles

I echo with the other reviewer that the glass bottles clean easily - love to see how clean it is after washing - and do not discolour. I used the S sized teats until the baby is two month old and found it becoming cloudy and getting flat easily, which possibly means the flow is too slow. Changed to the medium size and it was a bit too fast for her. Changed once again to Y cut which the baby controls the flow and it works fine. Will continue to use Y and M concurrently from now on.

Love these bottles

Bought these after having issues with another brand and so happy with them.
Love that they are glass and are easily cleaned and don't discolour like plastic.
They actually fit the Medela breastpump which is excellent.
Teats are awesome too. No leaks and very minimal mess when feeding. Yay!!!!!
The only thing you need to watch is that you don't expose them to extreme changes in temp. But that is the case with any toughened glass.
Really love their compact size too.
So happy we bought these and will be buying more in the next size up

Perfect bottle

This bottle is so simple yet well designed. Many other bottles seem so complicated in comparison. My 4 month old daughter has no issue swapping from breast to bottle. I love that they are glass and not plastic. They are also compatible with medela breast pumps which is great. I wish they would sell the lids separately though as I've lost one and need to buy a whole new bottle.

Glass and teat that Bub can use

I have tried a number of different bottles as I am trying to mix feed (bottle and breast feed) but found that Bub had trouble with all the others I tried.
He took to the slimline bottle and soft and stretchy teat easily and bonus the bottle is available in glass.

Too hot

Loved the look of these bottles but practicality took over after we started to use them. After 2 days we couldn't stand them anymore and bought all new bottles. We ended up having to wrap a tea towel around it so bub didn't burn his hands on the glass. Also forms Mandela teats don't fit on them either.

Good glass bottle

By far one of the best glass bottles I have purchased. The other glass bottle in the market were clunkier and chunkier. Extremely hard to manage and weight was terrible but this is streamlined and very light by comparison.

I only wish that the tall bottles come with the Peristaltic teats as well. I ended up having to buy the M peristaltic teats separately. (The small bottle comes with the peristaltic teats.)

Pigeon glass bottles 240ml

I found it surprising that the reviews on the Pigeon glass bottles are great. My friend gave me 2 brand new Pigeon glass wide neck baby bottles and after using boiling sterilisation for the first time, both cracks at the bottom. I have followed the instructions on the Pigeon manual. But it did not work. I decided to buy the slim neck glass bottle and gave it the last try as I personally like Pigeon baby feeding bottles. To my despair, it cracks as well. I have lost trust on the Pigeon glass 240ml bottles. Regardless of wide or slim neck.

Fantastic baby bottle

These bottles are great. No plastic involved. They're compact and easy to clean and feel like good quality bottles. They're nice to hold. The teats are a good shape for baby's mouth. They don't discolour like plastic bottles. The temperature of the glass is usually slightly warmer than the milk so less likely to burn the baby's mouth. They aren't easy to break!

My first baby was breastfed and wouldn't take a bottle for a long time but the Pigeon teat was the first he accepted.

I got rid of our other Avent and Tommee Tippee bottles because, although they say BPA free, I'm still not 100% convinced that there aren't some other nasties lurking in the plastic and I don't want to take any risks when it comes to my babies' health.
Nice to hold, no bpa, easy to see when they're clean, easy-to-read measurement markings
Very occasionally a little bit of leakage when we go out.

Great bottle, wouldn't use any other brands

This bottle gave me peace of mind knowing that it's BPA free. I prefer the slim neck style and never had any leakage problems. I previously used plastic pigeon bottles with my 1st child and found I had to replace them after 6 months as I felt the plastic was deteriorating somewhat but the glass bottles have lasted longer. The only problem i've found is that the glass bottles never broke when dropped in the first year but after 12 months they will break easily when dropped on floor boards or tiles. This isn't a drama for us as we are in the process of swapping to cups but may be for some who want to use them for a long period of time. I didn't mind the cost as I felt it was a far superior product than plastic bottles.
BPA free, easy to clean, lasts longer than plastic bottles
Bottles break after 12 months usage


The best thing about this bottle is that its truly plastic free and 100% safe for baby. The slim shape makes it easy to fit into bags however the cap always happens to come loose whenever it is in my bag because the cap does not screw on, it only slightly clicks on. The small neck makes it very annoying when trying to scoope in formula, if your formula has small scoopes you can be very careful each time you scoope it in to not to make a mess, but if your formula has large scoopes like S26 then you have to first scoope it into a formula dispenser and then tip it into the bottle (this is something I didnt consider when I bought it and the only reason I stopped using this bottle).
BPA free of cos! slim design and clear measurement markings.
Neck opening is too small, cap is abit loose. Can break and shatter when dropped

An excellent bottle!

I found them to be a really great bottle to store my breastmilk into, and been glass I know my baby is getting the full taste of the breastmilk.
It was glass and not plastic!
It was a little bit more expensive then other bottles but worth it!

Great bottles :-)

I haven't had any problems with these bottles leaking, or the cap coming off like some parents have.
I am reassured that my baby is receiving milk without any plastic nearby, and I warm them up in water, and the glass bottle helps to retain some heat too.
A fantastic bottle, and teats which my baby loves, the good old fashioned one's, recommended by our MCHN.
Love the simplicity of the glass, and the ease of use. I can use the pigeon peristaltic teats with no problems and the flow reducer was fantastic. I can't rave highly eugh about these bottles, having also used tommee tippee (my baby didn't like the teats), used Avent for breast ilk for a while as I was formula and breat pumping for quite a few months.
At 12.95 for the large, they are expensive; however I'm willing to pay that as I know that they will last a long long time (they actually have been dropped on our tiles, and didn't break!),


Despite the potential to leak at times i like this bottle and its ease of use, no gimmicks or flashy bits just a good functioning bottle, which is all we need.
BPA free, easy to clean
Package states to use only pigeon glass bottle teats, however these aren't available in Australia. Found the cap leaked at times with the peristaltic teats made for their standard range

Questions & Answers

When should I throw baby's glass bottle, I mean is there is expiry date?
1 answer
I don't think glass ever "expires". But I suggest changing the teats and the collars with every child, especially if there has been some time between children. Ultimately, it's a personal decision based on your preferences. I don't believe there are rules or guidelines regarding these.


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