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NUK First Choice Polypropylene

NUK First Choice Polypropylene

4.1 from 48 reviews

Great system

Great Product for small month babies that cannot latch to those Big round nipples.
Been using them for 15 years with all 3 of my kids.
Gentle on the tummy, gerber always makes good products
Help promote good feeding habits this system isn't design for infant to be left unattended while feeding.. and you should never give baby a bottle while he or she is lying down in his crib.
Gerber is great for fallowing Pediatricians recommendation.
and it fallows well within the slow drip for teat per recommendation in bottle manifacturing.

Purchased in January 2019 at Toys R Us / Babies R Us for $6.99.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Breastfed Child No
Bottle LeakageYes


We are currently giving Bub 1-2 bottles a week of breast milk using the nuk bottles with the small teat.
She takes the bottles easily compared to some other brands, the teats are great to control flow of milk and the bottles are easy for storing and heating breast milk

Great bottle for after 3 months

I tried many bottles brands for my little one. He was 2 months premature and was bottle fed pretty much from the get go. We started using Nuk bottles from about 3 months and have not used another brand of bottle since.

The only negative is that the teet leaks - have had a few occasions where I have had water or formula in my andbag and nappy bag - otherwise a great bottle

Works well for my baby

Initially I was hesitant to purchase nuk because they aren't hugely popular in AUS (avent and tommee seem to be most popular). I only bottle feed 1-2 times a day and bf other times, I found this bottle gave my son a comforting and enjoyable feed where as previous bottles where a struggle for him to finish and was not a settling experience .. I've tried avent and mimijumi but nuk works best. My only critisism is that milk goes everywhere in the cap when shaken which can be annoying when you open the cap and it's all wet/flooded. Other than that great !

A great bottle!

I've used NUK with two kids now and my second child is a heavy refluxer. I haven't had any problems with nuk bottles. Both kids have fed very well from these, had no spillage problems and the bottles didn't leak. With my reflux bub, i find the slow flow teat is perfect even with formula. It's taught her to suck really well after having breast feeding problems. I do have to screw the cap on hard though as if it's loose it affects the flow. The medium teats are perfect for feed thickener too. The bottles are easy to clean and a nice size. She feeds well from these bottles and their soothers are great as well. I tried Avent soothers and they wouldn't stay in her mouth. I also have the nuk microwave steriliser and it's the best $40 i've spent on baby goods.

Horrible, not recommended for newborns

I have tried a many different bottles and I have to say this was one of the worst bottles. The first night my baby vomited and I thought it was because she was trying to drink too fast and didn't think too much if it as she was fine after that. The next night she vomited even more out!! I was so distressed seeing her this way. She has never vomited with any of the other brands I've used so it's definitely the bottle. The description says anti-colic but I believe she vomited as she swallowed way too much air from this bottle design. I would definitely not recommend this bottle, don't be fooled by the cute design!

Never using these bottles again!

I tried to use these bottles for my son & when he was using them it would take forever for him to finish a bottle, hes 1 month old now & today when I was feeding him with a Nuk bottle he stopped breathing, I will never use them again! After I got him to start breathing again I put the rest of the formula into a Playtex bottle and I find they are so much better so I strongly recomend them over the Nuk bottle. These bottles were a big waste of money, I wish I would have read the reviews about them before I went out & bought them! I will never use Nuk bottles ever again.

Scary experience and terrible bottle

I wish I would have read the reviews before I spent the money on these bottles. My 8-month-old had just finished a bottle and minutes later out of no where was projectile puking an insane amount. He had swallowed so much air and was to the point of dry heaving. Not to mention the bottle leaked. Safe to say I'm never using these again.

Ok but not recommended for small month babies

I like Nuk unique teat design and it says anti colic, but it could be a little bit confused to put into baby's mouth in the right direction. I have looked everywhere who selling Nuk bottles for 0-6 months unfortunately the teats are only available in size M and I could't find any size S.

I tried a few times to use Nuk to feed my 4 months old but the milk from size M teat is still too fast and split out everywhere on my little one's face and neck.

I do find their orthodontic pacifiers are really good to use.

Worst bottle ever!! Way too fast!!

I bought this bottle because I thought it was really cute with the pink design. The pretty design is all that this bottle has going for it though. The milk came out so fast my 5 month old nearly choked, she had the bottle before bed and actually woke us up power spewing an hour later. She was fine once she had finished vomiting so it wasn't a bug, I believe she just ingested way too much air and it didn't sit well in her stomach. Needless to say we didn't use the bottle again. Glad I only purchased on, to try!
Back to good old boring Pigeon brand bottles for us.

Fantastic bottles

I originally used all Avent 260ml bottles but i changed to these because they fill to 300ml and the Avent bottles were bothersome due to leaking, cracking over time and the valve rings were annoying. I always used Nuk dummies and was pleased so i thought the nuk bottles would be great quality too.
These Nuk Bottles are sensational, and i wish i bought the lot sooner. they fit 8 scoops of formula easily when making it with 240ml water. the bottles don't have the annoying removable valve ring so its one less bother. the bottles come in cute designs with mickey mouse, or in blue, pinks, yellow.
my baby prefers using the Pigeon Peristaltic Plus wide neck teats and these fit into the Nuk bottles perfectly.

Difficult to direct teat into mouth the correct way

I love the design and quality of the bottles and teat although I find it difficult to direct the teat into my babies mouth the correct way when I'm feeding especially at night in the dark. I find I have to touch the tear which then is a hygiene problem. Bubs is also not so keen.
Love the colours and patterns
Difficult to direct teat into mouth the correct way

Fantastic bottle!

We were using Phillips Avent bottles with our young son but didn't like them at all. Would take almost an hour for our son to finish a feed (approx. 90-120ml). Family members suggested we try Nuk as they had used it on their kids many years ago and always loved them. We are extremely happy with them! Our son takes less than half an hour to finish a feed and is way more relaxed. The teats work well for our son (11 weeks old) and the bottle shape is so easy to hold. Our son is breast and bottle fed due to low milk supply and he doesn't have any problems switching between the two. The teat works well for him. They sterilise well and the design/colours are great! We love the sealing cap which comes with the bottle. Excellent for preventing leaks during transportation and mixing of formula.The only downside for us is if our son sucks a bit too hard low down on the teat, it does collapse but not to an extent that stops the milk flowing. So all in all, it's fine! Highly recommend this bottle!
No air intake during feeding. Great colours/design. Excellent shape. Teat has a great flow. Sealing cap.
Teat will collapse somewhat if sucked on too hard, down low.

Poor quality junk that leaks all over the place

We purchased 2 of these from Priceline and they were both defective. They leak milk all over our baby's face leaving her hysterical at a time when we are trying to settle her for bed. Half way through I changed the teat thinking that maybe I just one bad one but then the other one leaked as well. Really furious at this product - it really is a fundamental functionality that they teat shouldn't leak. In my case, they both leaked from the air available that sits just under the baby's nose. Cannot recommend this substandard product to anyone who wants a happy baby.
The colour
Leaks all over baby face - wish i could have given it half a star

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Further to my review I contacted the company directly and they ignored me - which speaks volumes.

Very good

We are very happy with the way this bottle works for our little one. I did try a couple of the really cheap ones first because I didn't think there would be much difference but I was wrong. I would definitely recommend this , its long lasting and looks good too

Life Saver!

I tried to wean my 6 month old off the breast and after 4 weeks of trying with several bottles, teats, sippy cups, EBM and different formulas, I was just about to go insane! Nuk came to the rescue just in time and bub took it immediately and actually sucked on the teat rather than just chewing on it like she did with the others. She loved the Winnie the Pooh bottle and would get excited about feeding time when she saw it.
Teat shape and Disney designs on the bottles.
Difficult to find. Not many places stock them.

Baby can't drink from it!

I bought quite a few of these bottles, and was really disappointed as my baby would suck and suck and get absolutely nothing out! I know these are meant to be slow flow but he was getting nothing whatsoever and getting very upset. the only thing I use these for now is storing milk in the freezer.
Short, stout bottle makes them good for freezer storage.
Unusable for drinking - baby can't get anything out of these bottles.

Love Nuk!

Love these bottles, I have always been a fan of Nuk. Don't know why they discontinued their narrow neck bottles and teats as they were fantastic. Wide neck bottles are also great too and come in lots of cute designs. There mouth wraps around the teat like it would a breast :) love them.
Reliable, hardy, cute designs.

New design is terrible

I bought this new orthodontic version after being very happy with the soothers by NUK. However, the teat is terrible on these bottles! It took half an hour for my baby to get 30mls out and even after i pierced the anticolic hole it still did not allow for a more better flow of milk. Also very worried that if i have to pierce a hole bigger what the integrity of the silicone teat is like after this...does it increase plastic poisoning of my baby?? I ended up going back to using the awful tommie tippiee bottles that i inherited after a baby shower. I have heard the older style NUK bottles (before the orthodontic hype) were much better, but its very hard to find them anymore - i would love to try these if i can get my hands on them.
bottle looks pretty compared to others on the market
expensive compared to other brands, teat does not release milk at a reasonable rate (even after compromising the integrity of the teat by piercing the existing holes to be bigger)

Very good product for your baby

I live in Brazil and I bought this product when I travel. The shipment was fast and the quality of product exceeded my expectations, I recommend and more. If you want a very good quality, buy this NUK. it's terrific, my baby love it.

Thank very much to all


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Questions & Answers

Hi my baby is 6 weeks old and is using nuk bottles with small teeth. He is always constipated and struggling to poop sometimes he does not have a messed nappy for up to three days. After every feed he battles to break a wind and throws up alot. What should I do?, I am not sure if it is the nuk bottles???
1 answer
formula fed babies can have a poop only every 3 days or once a day their isnt a one size fits all. If your baby is constipated his or her poop will be hard little pebble like poops. If it still as the density of peanut butter your infant is not constipated. feed ur baby in a upright postion ( sitting with his head lifted at least 45° ) Burp him/her more often between each once/ or 60ml keep him her at an upright position for 30 minutes after each feed. Consult your doctor if your child spit up seem to discomfort him/her and make sure she or he doesn't have GERD or Lactose Intolerance... and in some very rare caisses eosphegus obstruction. ( very rare ) From 1 month to 3 month babies bowels and stomach valves are immature... it normal for spit up and discomfort to accure, their no absolute fix for what doctor call colic, it usually resolve itself by 4 month. Be sure you keep the venting valve at the top of the nipple and unobstructed by milk, they should be a gap to allow air flow in. If the teat is filled with milk and the valve obstructed the air venting system won't work. check out the baby center for more information on babies this age to help you understand what's going on :) Good luck.

I just wanted some suggestion on which bottle and can get for my 7month old son? Im using tommee tippee and avent bottles at the moment , but i want to know what bottle are better and ones that dont leak through the teat?? Thank you
2 answers
I found the pigeon bottles to be great as well.a good bottle should have a steady leak from the teat... That's normal. If a bottle doesn't leak it defective. It shouldnt jet out but drip steadily. As per pediatrician recommendations. You won't find any pediatrician approuved bottle that do not leak. Bottle aren't ment to be given unsupervised and an infant shouod never be put to bed with a bottle. A gentle leak shouldn't cause any problem since infant are supposed to be fed supervised by an adult at all time. When carrying milk out with you you shoukd never pre-mix formula before you use it. Keep water and Formula seperate or use product design to be given already mixed by the manifacturer. Formula is only good 1 hours at room temperature after being made and 24h in the fridge. Remember to keep tract of the time. Otherwise Good luck. Personnally, I've use Gerber Nuk for all my kids and so have my parents used Gerber products for me and my sisters. Gerber is a well established compagnie that fallow pediatric regulation well and as over 80 years in the baby marquet.

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