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Pigeon PP Wide Neck

Latest review: Son is almost 3 months got the wide neck 3 month flow it’s perfect . I never leave reviews on anything but had to for this. Amazing satisfied with everything n

Munchkin Latch

Latest review: My baby loves the Munchkin Latch. I believe it was because of the design of the Munchkin Latch which led to a smooth transition from the breast to the Latch. The shape is perfect and size of the

MAM Anti-Colic

Latest review: Don't base your decision on negative reviews, just give it a try!! After trying 12 different bottles (my son has slight tongue tie and couldn't attach to all other teats we tried except latex narrow

NUK First Choice Polypropylene

Latest review: Great Product for small month babies that cannot latch to those Big round nipples. Been using them for 15 years with all 3 of my kids. Gentle on the tummy, gerber always makes good products Help

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Latest review: We got the big and small size of this bottles, and this has to be the worse design ever, being new parent we didn't know what to look for, but after a week, this design is exactly what you need to

Cherub Baby Colour Change Glass Wide Neck Bottle

Latest review: A great bottle, love the versatility of option bottle to straw sippy cup. I also love the colour changing sleeve! So handy for those late nights when you don’t no what’s going on!

Dr Brown's Natural Flow Wide Neck

Latest review: Dr Browns wide neck bottles really helped our baby who had reflux. They stopped him from gulping air so he was more settled instantly. The bottles are annoying though. The middle part needs to be

Dr Brown’s Standard Narrow Neck

Latest review: To begin with great but after about 2mths they leak! Was a horrible experience as I had to express then feed my EBM to my baby and the bottle would leak and I would loose my 3hours hard work

Pigeon PP Slim Neck

Latest review: After the disappointment of not being able to breastfeed Kicked in, we were quickly on the hunt for a good bottle for our LO. She rejected all the bottles we’d be given, and finally someone suggested

Medela Breastmilk

Latest review: Needed a slow release bottle as our bub feeds too quickly. Other bottles we have state 'newborn' or the like but just flow too quick. When we saw 'slow flow' we thought, 'bingo!'. But just as bad as

Philips Avent Natural

Latest review: The bottle thread is badly designed, it doesn’t seal, the milk leaks out while feeding. So frustrating after 30 minutes expressing for a crying baby. We recommend Weleda product i

Medela Calma

Latest review: When bubs was a newborn I had to supplement and thought this teat would be great to use. To get him used to the teat, I put my little finger in his mouth and started him sucking and then slipped the

Pigeon Glass

Latest review: I love that this bottles are durable enough. It is very slim and can handle drops when bub is being fussy. One thing I figured though is the leaking of the bottles. I tried doing everything in the

Baby Quoddle

Latest review: As a working mom, my baby needs to be bottle fed while I work. These are the only bottles in the market that I found to be plastic and silicone free. I was so excited when I found this company. It

Mimijumi Very Hungry

Latest review: I bought this because my guzzling baby started to show a preference to bottles over breast feeding. I thought the controlled flow would help but every time she has the bottle she chokes! She hates

B.Box The Essential Baby Bottle

Latest review: I just bought this bottle recently. I inspected the bottle and learned how to assemble and disassemble it before using it with bub. So far, Im happy with my purchase. I didnt experience any leaks

Philips Avent Classic+ Newborn Starter Set (PP)

Latest review: I purchased this starter kit for my newborn, in overall the glass bottles is definitely what I needed for sanitary purposes but! Every single bottle top will not close anylonger. When tightening the

Comotomo Baby Bottle

Latest review: Our baby girl took to the comotomo baby bottle "like a duck takes to water" We did the reviews on the US based website www.wiki.ezvid.com probably like most parents do, this product came in #1! We

MAM Baby Bottle

Latest review: MAM Anti-Colic bottles are the best choice for every mother. I have two children and both use the MAM bottle from birth. Easy to maintain and wash as it is completely disassembled and each piece is a


Latest review: This baby bottle is really amazing!! My friend recommended it to me, because I have tried a lot of brands and my baby doesn't like all of them. Until I bought this bottle, I even can't take it away

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