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Pump Pure

Pump Pure

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Very Dangerous, Choking Hazard

I purchased a PUMP water bottle for my son to use on a school excursion. The night before he went to open it so that it was ready for the next day. He removed the lid and then opened the white pop top part with his mouth. The whole white part broke off into his mouth and he nearly choked on it. Very Dangerous, I will never buy one again!

Dangerous choking hazard

I’m a 41 yo male. Was at the gym and grabbed my pump pop top for a drink, upended it as usual and squirted a mouthful of water into my mouth and swallowed. I suddenly felt something extremely painful and discomforting was lodged in my throat. I was shocked and could barely breath,I ran outside to the garden and had a friend slap me hard on the back which did nothing. I jammed my fingers down my throat and whilst vomiting felt a hard sharp object deep down,I managed to get the tip of my middle finger into what felt like a plastic ring and reefed it out. Please check to make sure the clear plastic ring is not loose and still on after u crack the clear seal on top of the white pop seal. I am left now with an extremely sore throat that is swollen and cut inside due to the sharp edged object being dragged forcefully out.

Choking hazard

If I'm out and about I normally buy one of these for my son and I to share as they are an easy water bottle. Only today I got one from a supermarket then when we got home I just gave my son, who is nearly 3, the rest of the water in the bottle. Luckily he came up to me at one stage and said "mummy! Water!" I said yes it is!! He put it in his mouth and pulled outwards to up pop the top, only to have the white tip bit on the bottle come off and flicked back into his throat, causing him to nearly choke to death!!! I frantically put my fingers down his throat and with one finger only just could get the edge of it to flick it back out of his mouth which has made him have a severe sore throat from the scraping. I'm just so glad that his one time he came to and was standing in front of me having this drink. Being hot weather at the moment he normally has water on the go in the house to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated. Never again will he be having any kinds of pop tops again. I'll stick with his normal day to day water bottle and take it everywhere with me.

not just tap water

It may be purified tap water but its actually Singapore tap water which is also reclaimed and treated Singapore sewerage.

Just Tap water

You do all realise this is just filtered tap water?

Rip off price for a rip of product. Fill a bottle at home or buy proper spring water.

$4.00 for a water? is coca cola crazy or what?

This water has some of the highest wholesale price on the market which reflects on its retail price. I guess this water might be special. you know, cos water is not just h20. It is now h20 with a label. You see it everywhere. Of course you do, Coca Cola has agreements and contracts in place that do not allow other brands to compete with it in the same space. If you looked up the word greedy in the dictionary it would say, "see Coca Cola".

I agree. Its too much. We should be filtering and bottling our own water and carrying. Most of us now are sucked into the disposable world... disposable. And we have to SMS to enter the comp??!! More rip offs! They'll make a profit out of their own competitionTruth_teller, I agree with everything you said, especially that this water is nothing more than filtered TAP water, that's all, I'm surprised people would buy it in the first place..

Fresh tasting water

Even though this water tastes nice, it is very expensive, which is what stops me from buying it too often.
This bottled water comes in a nice big 750ml size and has a clean refreshing fresh taste to it. Because this bottle is a larger size, I think you get getting more value for your money. It is found easily at all stores and I have noticed that when I am looking in the cooler section of the supermarket, this is the one that they sell chilled, which is great. It is also found in the front near the registers too.
Comes in a larger bottle
Can be more expensive

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Anyone saying this water tastes nice has not had real water, this water is terrible, all it is is filtered tap water, there's no value what so ever :(


This bottled water is a nice big 750ml size and has a clean refreshing fresh taste to it. I can easily drink it anytime. This bottle is a larger size, so maybe you are getting more value for your money? It is found easily and I have noticed that when I am looking in the cooler section of the supermarket, this is the one that they sell chilled and its also found in the front near the registers too. Overall, this is great tasting and refreshing bottled water.
This is a great tasting and refreshing bottled water that is so easily found in most supermarkets and shops and in a lot of vending machines. In fact, this one is the one I see most everywhere I look when searching for bottled water.
Even though this water tastes great, it is very expensive, which is what stops me from buying this one when I am searching for bottled water. But I think it may even out with the others because this size is bigger, since this is 750ml compared to the usual 600ml.


I would recommend this product. Tastes great, is fresh. It is easily available in supermarkets / milk bars / petrol stations / cafes.
Great size to quench big thirsts. Sports lid makes it easy to drink from in a hurry and easy to close. Makes it good for driving in the car. Always tastes fresh and is clear in the bottle. Tasts the best super cold and straight from the fridge.
Is the more expensive of the bottled water variety. Size and shape of the bottle does not fit in a lot of standard sized car cup holders, so I have a tendancy to throw it on the front seat and watch it roll around!

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it's available everywhere because of the evil tactics coca cola uses on retailers to stock their brands, this does not give us a true choice for real better value and healthier products.


the pump water pure range is a great choice of water available in pretty much all supermarkets, petrol stations, etc.
good quality water, pump pure tastes fresh and better then average tap water, good size for travelling / taking to school
The lid cap always gets lost when in my bag


Pump is a great well-known brand. It provides great quality-tasting water and comes in a strong handy bottle that can be refilled and used again and again and again! It's definitely a great alternative to buying soft drink or alcohol when you are out and holds a lot more than most soft drinks would for that price, which don't quench your thirst. Renowned brand name for quality products and fresh-tasting water in a bottle than you can continue to reuse.
Great quality water. Fresh and natural taste that will quench even the strongest of thirsts.
Expensive seeing as you can get water basically free from the tap but not too bad if you reuse the bottle.


I like this product as it is always high quality and has a great fresh taste. The size of the bottle is excellent. The bottle is great for refilling and using it again. It is more expensive than the other water but this is because it is a lot bigger
Refreshing taste, nice thirst quencher. Good size and available at most shops. Quality product you can trust. The bottle can be used over and over again which is good for the environment.
A lot more expensive than the other bottled water, I guess because it is a lot bigger than most.


Pump pure water stands out on the shelf thanks to it large bottle size and its sports cap. The water itself is nothing out of the ordinary, but tastes clean and fresh. I think one of the main selling points is that the 750ml size is larger than most of their competitor's products and the handy sports cap is very convenient. The larger size also makes it great to reuse again as you won't need to refill it as often. As far as bottled water goes, it's an average product but with above average packaging.
Big bottle. Re-usable sports cap.
Nothing of note really.


Good tasting water that is made by the Coca cola Company. Affordable and you can use the same bottle over and over again as it’s a very convenient bottle to take to the gym or when you’re exercising. I think its great tasting and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys water and wants a convenient refreshment whilst there out and a bout on the go. Good way of getting kids to drink water too as they love the pop up cap.
Really handy bottle thats easy to take on teh run or to the gym. Avalible in muti packs and in most supermarkets and gas stations.
Bottled water is bad for the enviroment.


Pump Pure is a fresh, natural tasting water that is readily available in most super markets, service stations and news agents. Pump water comes in a 750 ml plastic bottle with a handy pop top. I love this yummy tasting water and regularly buy it when Im out and about to quickly refresh and hydrate my body. Also the pop top bottle makes you more inclined to re use the plastic bottle in your own fridge to chill water.
Convenient 750 ml pop top bottle filled with fresh natural tasting water. Available at most super markets, news agents and service stations.

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