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Puri eBike Y Series

Puri eBike Y Series

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It's been a great ride travelled everywhere with it when I lost my licence made life easier

Great when fully charged loses speed gradually it slows down when you ride over 35 km in distance but I have a charger with me all the time and when stop for coffee or something to eat plug it in if allowed to ensure top speed for me at all times

Date PurchasedSep 2013

Not Legal in Wa

For 8 years I rode epuri bikes but the law always questioned it, "Looks like a duck must be a duck" in other words ILLEGAL. Just today got fined $600.00 and suspended for 9 months. Check your state laws. It MUST be power assisted. E puri bikes do not satisfy "power ASSISTED' LAWS' It is a real shame because its a good ecological transport solution. But the pollies lead by the nose by the oil companies will not allow it. Thanks for the years of totally enjoyable rides, farewell Epuri.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Green lock

Can some one send me pics of how to put the green lock and washers back on the back wheel ....not sure if the green lock have washers in it......there is nothing on you tube or manuals....so does any one have any manuals on this thanks .....I hope someone can help

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Not a Power Assisted Pedal Cycle ..beware the importers/dealers claims

Dear Me Bike
I refer to your application ADDEND3898 for 32 2016 Ningbo A-OK ES-020A and
ADDEND3899 for 17 2016 Ningbo A-OK ES-020 lodged on 6 September 2016.
Due to a number of enquiries from other jurisdictions, the Department has recently
reviewed the assessment of power assisted pedal cycles, as defined in the Australian
Design Rules (ADR) vehicle categories. For a vehicle to be determined a power
assisted pedal cycle (AB) category vehicle and be eligible for importation under the
Non Road Vehicle import option it must be a pedal cycle to which one or more
auxiliary propulsion motors are attached and must not exceed a 200watt power output.
The only exception to this requirement is for a “Pedalec” which may have a 250watt
power output, so long as it is fully compliant with European Standard EN:15194.
Evidence of compliance will be required for all vehicles.
For a vehicle to be considered a power assisted pedal cycle (AB) it should also have
the following design features:
" have a total weight (including batteries) less than 35kg;
" have a gearing mechanism between the pedals/crank and the driven wheel;
" have a parallel centre-to-centre length of the crank arms not less than 160mm;
" the distance between the outer of the pedal attachment points on the crank arms,
when measured parallel to the bottom bracket axle, does not exceed 250mm;
" have a seat capable of being height adjustable;
" the distance from top of seat to crank centre is greater than 450mm when the seat
is at the lowest position;
" have no alternative place (other than the pedals) on the vehicle for the rider to rest
their feet on whilst the rider is not propelling the vehicle;
" the vehicle is rendered inoperable by removal of the pedals and cranks;
" the vehicle is not equipped with integrated lighting, such as headlamp(s), front
and/or rear position lamps, stop lamps and/or direction indicators;
" the vehicle is not equipped with a speedometer;
" the tyre section width is not greater than 50mm;
" the vehicle is not equipped with mirrors and/or a horn; and
" the vehicle is not equipped with integrated passenger seating.
The vehicles that you have applied to import do not meet these design features. As
noted in the approval document issued to you on this occasion, I have considered your
particular circumstances and I decided to grant a vehicle import approval under
Section 19 of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (discretion). It is unlikely that future import approvals will be granted to these or similar types of vehicles without
evidence showing the vehicles meet the appropriate national standards for road
vehicles, in particular LA category vehicles (2 wheeled mopeds).
If you would like to discuss this matter further, please contact Dr Linda Rasmussen,
Section Head, Vehicle Imports on 1800 815 272 or via email at:
<linda.rasmussen@infrastructure.gov.au >.
Yours sincerely

Date PurchasedJun 2017

4 years on, still going strong.

I've been riding my XL for 4 years. I love it. Police have charged me with unregistered / unlicenced use. Went to Collingwood Magistrates court. Was adjourned twice before being thrown out. Ride with full confidence that you are not breaking any laws.

Wonderful Bike

I love it, but the local police say it needs to be registered, insured and I need a motor bike license,so very upset, sold under false pretenses, who can I ask for clarification of the Victorian Bike Laws


Don't buy 1 never answer phone or emails want parts for 1 headlamp lens etc for over 18 months. Gave up contacting them for parts. Run very well but no good now off road waiting for non existence parts. and cracked plastic bits. would say look for other makes. very dissatisfied
replacement batteries readily available
no spare parts

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Someone else taken over firm spares now available

Bad manufacturing.

I purchased this bike less than a week ago and problems started when I first unboxed it.
The mud guards had cracks and tears in them, the front light broke after 2 days of using it, there were several problems with the front wheel and mud guard on the same day I received it.

All in all, the customer service wasn't too bad, but the bike itself was just terrible.
It looked nice and was great to ride but didn't last long at all.

I would not recommend this bike to anyone wanting to purchase an electronic bicycle.
Stylish, Rode Good
Was broken the day I received it

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I agree

A great bike. The best transport investment I have made

I bought a Y series and have had it for 3 months now.
It was delivered direct to my home, but I had to assemble the bike by putting in the front wheel, (that was all I had to do).
The quality of the bike was a great surprise.
I ride the bike to work on most days and I am enjoying the savings.
The bike is sturdy and fun for me to ride. Great value.


I am sure this scooter will be great for my daughter,i have read great reviews and this scooter will be perfect for her to ride and carry her oxygen as well Thanks [name removed] in Melbourne
Inexpesive and nice looking Scooter

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