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Honda NSC110 Dio

Honda NSC110 Dio

4.9 from 10 reviews

Excellent commuter and so much fun>

It's so original and practical in so many ways. It has no real starter motor, it electronically starts using magnets, which makes for silent starting. The Idel stop feature is kind of interesting when you do and will when engaged, the engine will stop when you do and will restart when you twist the gas.
Very peppy up to about 80ks then maxis out at 100k.

The lights seem to be on all the time with no option to turn them off, just high and low beam, it is ok I guess.

Engine stops when the stand is put down, handy.

quiet and responsive motor, good fuel economy and looks good.

Get the one with disk brakes...Digital dash apparently not to be had in Aussy

CVT trans is great

It also has combi braking... right-hand brake level selects braking for rear wheel as well..
A little more expensive as a scooter but great build quality.

Purchased in May 2019 at A1 Motorcycles for $3,230.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Mileage 30 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

Great scooter for run around and delivery

We had a 2016 dio 110 for our delivery and runaround bike for 1 year until it crashed on the tram roads.

it was able to actually do 110km on the freeway during the first month of ownership
but for some reason could not go faster then 85km after that and since never tried.

very quick off the mark for a 110, and light.
fuel consumption is around 300km on a 5lt tank/ as well as the idle stop engine feature.

If you wanted a great value get around scooter, definately should get this one.

The Pros:
1. Excellent fuel consumption
2. very quick
3. room for 1 helmet under seat.
4. Holds its value

The cons:
1. Parts are hard to find and expensive

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Great little town bike

Having owned this scooter for nearly 4 years, finding it a faultless little town run around machine. Sure it isnt the fastest machine on the road but it is It is quick enough to beat most cars at the lights. It will zoom along at 80kph, and even a little more downhill. It is very inexpensive to run and service, as well as cheap rego and insurance because of its low capacity. It is extremely reliable with no issues at all after over 8000km. The space under the seat is big enough for your helmet, and big enough for a few groceries on the way home from the shops.
Overall it is a great little scooter that does everything it is designed for faultlessly.

Date PurchasedDec 2013

The [almost] perfect urban scooter.

Recently purchased a new Dio 110 from Honda in Sydney. Absolutely love riding the little scooter, its so very easy to live with.
Changed the tires to wider Pirelli Diablo's almost immediately after riding on the stock garbage.
My only complaint so far is the suspension, which is a bit harsh for some of Sydney's terrible roads, [ eg: Pittwater Road,] but if I can source a better one from somewhere I plan to change the rear shock asap.
The Dio handles very well on smoother surfaces and can corner like a demon with the Pirelli's on it.
The scooter has enough grunt to beat most cars off at the lights, and carves through traffic easily now that lane splitting is legal in NSW.
It runs out of grunt up long steep hills but you can't expect too much from a small 110cc motor. Overall, it does a great job.
The question is: Would I buy the Dio if I had to do it all over?
The answer is: Yes! definitely.
The little scooter is the ideal commuter and runabout for urban work, it's light weight, size and ease of riding/parking is fantastic.
No gear shifting, good brakes, quiet motor, good luggage carrying capacity and Honda reliability make it a winner for me.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Good scoot, some caveat

I bought the Honda Dio 110 new a few months ago, after selling my final(sob!) motor cycle. In spite of having no particular expectations of the scoot, I've been enjoying riding it very much. Of course it's economical & it has that cute 'idle off' switch, but it's so manoeuverable & quick that I use it instead of the car at every opportunity. What enormous fun! Also, it amazes me that it can accelerate so quickly while dragging my 90kgs around. The only negatives are that the ride is quite harsh on some rough suburban tarmac & the seat is not particularly comfortable. I recently tried a Yamaha Tricity 125, but wouldn't swap it for the Honda.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

best scooter ever

ive had several scooters in my time but the nsc110 is the best of them all. Great power for its size and fantastic fuel consumption ,handling is superb and its a beautiful all round scooter and has looks to match . I would highly recommend this machine at anyone for fun or daily commuting

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Best Scoot EVER !!

I love my Honda Dio ! I ride 100 kms a week for work commute into the city and my tank of fuel lasts a fortnight. Under $5 a fortnight and so much fun ! Do peak hour traffic with out stopping. Takes off faster than the cars so you can go right to the front at the lights. So much storage. Can stop for a big grocery shop on the way home and with the hook on the front, the top box on the back and the big storage under the seat it all transports easily. Best vehicle I've ever purchased!

Little Ripper

I've had this Little scooter since brand new 2013! Use as a daily commuter to work and now just clicked over 8500km. I have not had one ounce of problem with her (apart from starter motor was faulty in the first 100km which was replaced under warranty) Put a new rear tyre on at 8k km and apart from servicing every 4000 km and running it on 95 fuel, that's all that has been done. They are a great little scooter for around town, i've had mine up to 105km/hr but with a head wind she'll max out around 80 - 90 km/hr. I also must say sorry to Chris that I do not agree with his comments at all. Mine has never overheated, has plenty enough torque for around town, is a sweet sounding little engine, and suspension is fine, fits the wife on the back no worries at all (mind you she is only 48kg)!
I've calculated fuel economy to be around the 2.2 litres/100km and I believe will achieve around the 220-250km mark on a fuel tank of fuel. Bought mine brand new for $2790 on road but I believe the new ones are slightly more then that now. Love the room under the seat for storing the helmet or throwing a shopping bag or 2. She's my fav little commuter, the poor Prado stays in the garage all week! Very happy

Best purchase I have made!

I have no idea why Chris is writing a review for his uncle but I disagree with everything he says. I have had mine up to 120ks/hr, get great fuel economy and it has great grunt. If I wanted to carry passengers I would have bought a bus. I love it and sing its praises daily!

Amazing scooter

This is the first scooter I've ever owned and have ridden around 3000km in the year I've had it. It is a fun little scooter that will easily do over 80km/hour unless going up a steep hill in which case top speed can drop to around 60km. It will accelerate to 60km/hour about as quick as a small car can which is sufficient for keeping up with traffic. Fuel consumption wise, I'm getting just over 150km/ 4.5 litres petrol. I have a full size helmet which sits nicely under the seating compartment too. Very happy with my purchase.

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I've had the scooter for over 3 years now so thought I'd give an update. I've clocked up over 22,000kms and I don't have any mechanical issues to report. The rear tyres started to wear down to the mark at around 18,000km so I've had it replaced with a fatter tyre for more stability. Servicing is done every 4000km which can get expensive but it's easy enough to DIY for competent folks (youtube videos etc) so I have kept servicing costs low. I still look forward to jumping on the Honda everyday. It's a great ride and won't disappoint. Tip: Having come off the scooter twice now (less than 10km/h in the wet) over the same section of tram tracks I've decided to avoid them altogether. If you must ride over tram tracks, keep your weight centered, cross them at right angles where possible, and avoid braking whilst you're directly on top of them, especially in the wet.

Questions & Answers

Hello. I have Honda NSC110 Dio (for just a month) and I like it very much. I do have few issues though. One is: I am 150 cm tall and generally I am 'small' = small palms. I can use the break handles on both sides but they are a little too far for me to reach them - I need to use just my finger tips rather then, say, the first knuckle. Is there a way to get the break levers closer to the handle bars? Thanks
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You can buy adjustable levers which are very affordable. Try searching "custom honda dio levers" on google

Is it a belt driven or a shalf drivenot?
3 answers
It is a fully enclosed constantly variable transmission, so it has a vee belt with two variable pitch pulleys. It is very positive, smooth & quiet in operation.It is belt driven :)It is a CVT (constant variable transmission) which is a belt drive between two cone shaped discs. The belt moves up and down according to the amount of throttle applied. Very reliable and quiet setup, requiring almost no maintenance except a new belt every now and again as it wesrs out.

Hi there, I'm planning to buy a first scooter. I'm 4'8 ft tall so about 148cm. I'll move to Parkes and requires a scooter to commute to work. But to get to the workplace, I need to be onto A39 highway. Do you think honda dio 110cc can handle A39 highway? I have L license which max speed is only 80km/hr. And A39 highway is relatively not a busy highway. Do you think its worth it to get this? Thanks heaps!
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For highway riding.. you need something with a bit more power incase you need to get yourself out of a dangerous situation.. maybe take a look at the Yamaha BeeWee YW125. Has slightly more go for highway driving/riding. Depends on your budget of course. The Yamaha's seat height is only 2cm higher then the Honda Dio.. so being vertically challenged.. should still suit your needs. The Yamaha has dual rear shock absorbers which would be much better for country roads. Either way.. love the Dio :)Absolutely. I regularly ride mine at over 100km per hour and am usually ahead of other traffic as I find this the safest way to ride. I also ride mine fairly regularly on trips of over 100kms and find it has more than enough power to get out of any tricky situations. Honda is a solid brand and I would definitely recommend you go with the D10. I hope this helps Stev. Happy scootering.Im 1.82 meters and weight over 105kg...I was going t by the Suzuki address 110 but having test driven both...the dio is far better..I have done over 90kph but at over 100kg and im very happy with the performance. To be honest, I would like to see an option to turn off the headlight, It does have driving lights after all. Very good though

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