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Suzuki Burgman
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Not sure yet with my Burgman 650

After riding a SYM 400 I ( belt driven ) for 4 years I purchased the Burgman 650 ( 2011 with 22.000 Km). Perfect on the Hwy,
longer legroom as my SYM. One thing I don't like is the engine braking power when slowing down as well as the gearing. My Sym handles a lot better ( as it has no gears ) and is not shaft driven when slowing down. Not sure if the driveshaft or the gearing is doing this abrubed stopping ( when slowing down ).I know there are a few sensors, throttle position and a couple more...In my opion it is a scooter for long distance riding and not suitable for "City riding". Too heavy and the braking power from the engine/ gearing .I kept my SYM 400,
and the Kymco Downtown 300 for City riding.
But I will try the Burgman a bit longer and maybe get used to it ??? Otherwise it is for SALE.... could not find a picture from the Burgman

Purchased in August 2019 for $5,800.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Mileage 300 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

Had to buy it when very cheap way below retail..

I was humming and arring about buying the 2005 650 burgy, the previous owner had it since 2010, it is now July 2019 and she had 72000 km yes you had right, people say stay away from it once it hit 50000, but the previous owner was a bike mechanic and the service history was impeccable since new. he documented everything, he had done to it,He said it was good for another 250000? What? really, just as long as service is up to date the bike is almost like brand new too, so I just bit the bullet and bought her, drove it back to where I lived on the freeway 35 km away and sat on 100 to 105km per hr, the bike was just astonishing, I am glad that I bought it, the previous owner bought himself the latest 650 burgman, because the bike was so good, and because he could, other wise he said he would not buy another one...let you know how I go later..

Purchased in July 2019 for $2,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Mileage 40 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency

Excellent scooter .. I’m loving it!!

I’ve burgman 200 2015: the reason I bought it:- it’s 200cc enough power for daily commute,- lower government charges (in Sydney,motorcycle less than 225cc has lower ctp n rego fees( cost you around $250 per annum for rego n ctp), - it has huge underneath storage: can accommodate 1 full face n one open face helmet.., - I bought it from new castle.. can easily maintain speed @ 110-115 km/ hour. .,the cons: all plastic, expensive to buy ( $57-6400 ride away), fuel economy around 25-27km per litre .. I highly recommend this scooter.. however it’s underrated..

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Best bike i have purchased

I recently picked up my Budgman 650L8. I have oened many bikes and scooters over the years but without a doubt the Burgman is tops.
The first thing I have noticed is how well balanced it is especially at low speed. I was expecting it hard to manoeuvre at low speed but the Burgman travels along with rase at slower than walking pace. I had s Harley Heritage before the Burgman and there was no way I could do such slow speeds with it. So far I can't fault it and I couldn't be happier. Once I have done more Ks on it i should be able to do a more in depth review.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Star ship Burgman.

Less than 800 km so far on my new Burgman 650 with electric folding mirrors and adjustable screen. Factory topbox and heated grips are a nice touch too. Performance is very smooth and stable . As a long term motorcyclist it took a little while to get used to having the rear brake where the clutch should be! Staying below 4000 rpm for the run in period of 800km is frustrating but the Burgman will sit on 100km at about 3900 rpm! Economy is a little unknown but she did 250km and still had 2 bars showing on the gauge and took 10.47l to refill. Still a little uncertain with cornering but seems to prefer good country roads with long sweepers and is grn eat on the highway. I am a shorty (5'7") and the screen is great. I can leave my visor open in the high setting and enjoy the breeze without buffeting or noise. The riding position is relaxed and comfortable . Low speed manoevering and parking takes some getting used to and this is where the 270kg mass is most noticeable. Looking forward to using full rev range after run in and experimenting with manual and power modes. So far so good!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

So, it's not for you then?

All my motorcycling friends think it's not a 'real' motorcycle. Ha! is all I say to them! It's now my 'go to' ride having brought it a few years ago. I own a few motorcycles of various persuasions but it is always the Burgman I think of first when it comes to which one I will take out. It is so versatile, comfortable and capable. It also has a decent turn of speed and it handles just like a 'real' motorcycle. Trust me, only a test ride can prove me wrong! There's a good reason why the Italians love 'em. The Burgman has done plenty of kms (50,000+) and I use it everyday as my commuter and I couldn't do without it. The only 'fly in the ointment' is the rather noisy clutch gear. Won't affect it's reliability but does make it sound a bit like a diesel at idle. They all do it, it's just part of it's 'character' hence only the 4 stars. Other than that it is 5 stars all the way!
In the weekend it becomes the 'run around' and if I feel like I want to stick to the boy's I take it on the odd weekend run. (they hate that cause I can keep up, no worries!) The weather protection is Goldwing good and to be honest it looks likes like a big tourer head-on anyway. I haven't taken her on a tour yet but the day is coming closer. So, if you want a reliable, comfortable and capable bike that is really user friendly and that can take your wet-weather gear and can stow your helmet under the seat and keep up with and surprise your mates then I can highly recommend a 650 Burgman. try it, you might like it!

Date PurchasedMar 2012

Perfect ride

Can’t live with out it, save space when parking, really economic to run, looks beautiful and is very comfortable to ride. Saves space when parking at my apartment. Lovely colour which is a metallic white. Really economic when servicing. Can ride fairly long distance without being tired and wearing the right gear am snug as a bug.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Fantastic machine

As many I have suffered a medical condition and after taking the 2009 650 Burgman for a test ride I knew it was for me. After not riding for several years after owning a ex police LT 1100 BMW that was to high for me after suspension modification with a couple of embarrassing drops this scooter would out perform the BMW. I'm so happy with the Burgman, having 35000klm on it and a previous owner that looked after it my life has turned around. Would be great to catch up with other Burgman owners in Southeast Qld. Regards, Andy-Beaudesert, QLD

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Im hooked not anymore lol

Everything written below is factually correct, but after 56k on clock the bike had serious failure. So my advice if your thinking of buying one,,,is if it is is near 50k then forget them.
50,000 klm is there limit of trouble free riding. I have since tsk with plenty of others who had exact same mechanical failure after 50k.

50k on clock, 2004 model. Such a big size but so
easy to handle. Im a bike rider for life, this is first scooter. Never going back to bone jaring bikes after buying this. Had the burg for 1 month, amazing power, great comfort, great storage, especially i added top box. Rides so smooth, the engine so quiet, just sounds a little like a diesel engine while in idle, hahaha. But on the open road unbelievable comfort and power to burn omg. Now after having done many intercity trips, I simply cannot fault this masterpiece of engineering, the stability, comfort, and now with added Bluetooth into helmet, such a marvel. And I have ridden only motorbikes for the last 35 years. This is by a long shot the best of the pick. I have completed my first full service, including replace brake fluids, radiator coolants, spark plugs and the three different oils. Not the easiest bike to work on only because of the need to remove the plastics, and somewhat cramped access. But I would not change this bike if you even paid me. It's hard to keep off of.
Best balanced bike ever been on
Fuel economy
Ability to charge devices
Comfort for both riders
Protection from wind/rain
Can be difficult to perform service
Price of tyres
50,000 Klm limit of trouble free riding.
Do not purchase when nearing 50k.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Going on 8 years and like it more and more!

I am a 100% DAV from service with the 82nd ABN DIV. For years in the military I rode (and worked!) on Harley's. After hurting my back badly I was forced to quit riding for several years. Started back with a Honda Helix 250 and then a Honda 250 Reflex. In 2009 I bought new my current 650 Burgman. At first I rarely rode because of my back but now I am well (physically!) and am looking forward to my first full year of riding. The Burgman has 9,500 miles on it with no problems, and is just beginning to feel properly broken in. Mine is the basic, not the ABS version. I have added a removable Givi windshield, hard wired Garmin GPS/Sat radio with BT helmet, Givi Topcase with LED brake lights and passenger backrest, cruise control, ceramic beaded seat and mud flap for the front fender. I originally bought this scooter to hold me over until I hopefully recovered physically to the point of getting back into larger bikes. The Burgman, however, has grown on me and as it ages I like the style of the bike more and more. I love taking it for errands as I live 9 miles from the nearest town. My wife and daughter love riding on it with me. It is very comfortable to ride to visit friends 3 to 4 hours away and sure beats the gas mileage of my 4WD Explorer. I enjoy doing my own maintenance on the bike and there are many DIY videos on maintenance and DIY projects on line. As it already is 8 years old I couldn't sell it for much so I now plan on keeping this scooter for the long run and hopefully will put many many more miles on it in the future. It is a bit top heavy for a shorter person. I am 5'11" and its fine for me. It is also unstable in sand or mud, due to the long wheelbase. So not good at all for ANY off road riding. All in all, however, I am very pleased with this scooter and would buy it again.

Date PurchasedAug 2009

I am flabbergasted...

Hi Guys. This is my third scooter. I've started late on Bolwell 125cc, then yamaha majesty 250 and now I ride burgman 650. All scoots second hand. I completely agree, superb ride although a bid too heavy. Reason I've decided to write here is Gazza's saying "I hate winters...". I did write a pm to him indicating a solution for Victorian winters. I would gladly meet with someone to exchange thoughts and experiences. Send me pm, I am in south east suberb. Regards to All.

Two years of magic!!!

I have had heaps of bikes over 50 years and would rate the Burgy with the best. 38000 k's in 2 years on it and still looked and drove like new. Even in 2 horrific thunderstorms she came out a winner. If she was a woman I would marry her. If there is a fault with it I am yet to find out. I do most of the maintenance myself and find google, Burgman Forum and others a great source of information at my fingertips. All in all my Burgy is a winner to me and if anybody asks my opinion I don't hesitate to tell them about the Burgman 650.

Comfortable. Economical and pure joy to ride.

18 months down with 40,000 on the clock and the joy continues. 1000k days with ease and still step off feeling great and ready for more. Nimble in traffic with plenty of get up and go when required on the open road. 22k'/Ltr at 120 easy. Traded a GTR 1400 and I'm still smiling.

What A Top Ride

I bought a new 2015 Suzuki Burgman 650 matt gray (only one colour that year). I thought my Kymco 500 exciting was a good ride until I took this big mother for a test drive while my Kymco was getting service. I couldn't believe the way it handled around corners I wanted to find more, it is so well balanced. Having the mirrors on the front faring and not on the bars are a great advantage, it's big but it doesn't feel big until you take this machine on the highway that's when you get the looks as you fly along cruising at 120 kms (just a little over the speed limit) and there is more in the tank if you want to try (150 kms no problem). Love it!

Suzuki Burgman Executive 650 A1+++

After riding so many different motorbikes saw that I needed more storage space so decided to buy a scooter. I first brought a Honda 250 then a Piagio 300, thinking that they were less narrow making my trips better through city traffic.

Then looked into the Burgmans and was hesitant has the body was more big however I was wrong. The bigness of the body has never been a issue and its a breeze to use in city. Its much much easier to use then my other scooters in city trafic.

I recommend to use the power mode if your travelling long trips. The storage is excellent. I can place my motorbike jacket plus full face helmet under my seat with more room. The seat is big and comfortable.

Thinking of selling as I want to do more camping so I need a adventure bike to do more off-road riding but very scared as I know I will miss my Burgman. Highly recommend the Burgman for city traffic and long open road trips.

Bad point: no off-road use

Best scooter I have ever had !

I am so happy with this scoot! I had the Burgman 400cc a couple of years ago.
I am wondering if there are others out there who might enjoy a ride together - especially in Gippsland .
Its a bit frustrating that engine access is terrible - but Im not expecting to have to do anything.
I will sit back and enjoy . I have ordered a backrest [USA] and Laminar-lip [england].
Keeping the revs to under 4000 is a challenge ; I am not a speedster.But it will be great to sensibly 'open it up'.
Very clean straight forward lines - so easy to ride.

My AN650L3 is barely a month old; I love it. Biggest bike I've had and the best scooter around. I use it for a 90km commute to and from Bunbury, WA each day of the week, spinning around 4-4,500rpm most of the time on the highway. Only technical issue I have is that the speedo reads 10% over compared with a GPS and traffic. I guess I won't get pinged for speeding but I'd like it to a bit more accurate. Waiting for winter to see what additional wet weather protection I might need, but for now, no problem (WA summers you know = dry!).I highly recommend the Laminar Lip for superb wind protection , the backrest [ I rode without it a while back- was very unpleasant ], and a simple plastic 'cruise' controller for $10.00.I now have the 650 cc. I have had it for a year or so. Its just such a sophisticated beast to ride. It looks totally harmless , but will take off and then cruise like a rocket . I hate winter though!

Rolls-Royce of scooters...but a bugger to work on!

We Bought a 2005 Burgman 250 for my wife, who is a low time (and still nervous!) rider. Her previous bikes were a VT250 Honda, a Yamaha Max Biaggi replica 100 scooter, and a V-moto Monaco 125 scooter. The Burgman was a good deal at the time, but one of the big considerations was the low seat height (low time riders like it when they can plant both feet flat on the ground!) Now, I rode it home after picking it up, and I was blown away!!! To put it in context, I have owned a Goldwing 1500 so I know what comfortable riding is all about. The Burgman was like a mini Goldwing! Very comfortable seat; comfortable upright riding posture; easy to handle; low centre of gravity; decent engine power and great brakes; good windscreen; fantastic headlight.

Unlike many scooters, there is quite a bit of adjustability built in to the Burgie: the handlebars can be adjusted up or down for a comfortable position like a conventional bike, and the small riders' seat backrest can be moved fore and aft. You can get this thing to fit you like a glove! It has powerful linked brakes (the left hand lever works the back brake as well as the front) which is also a bonus for new riders, and the headlight is extremely powerful! Despite scooter sized wheels, it handles road lumps and bumps with ease. Another plus is storage: two non secure shoulder compartments, a lockable glove compartment, and a big underseat area that will take two full face helmets: it even has a switchable light! If you want to maximise your storage space, it even has helmet hooks! Returns 3.5 to 4 litres per 100km on regular unleaded, and will sit in 100kph all day if you want it to...and there's no messy chain to oil!!!

There are few downsides to this bike: it is not light (170kg) so can be a little difficult for slightly built riders to manoeuvre around the garage. Though I found it simple to get on the centrestand, my wife still finds it a little tricky. The sidestand cut-out switch (to protect learners: the bike will not start if the sidestand is down) is a pain in the neck if you are a bit more experienced. And there is a lot of bodywork to keep cleaned and polished! The biggest nuisance only applies for home mechanics like me: it is a major pain in the bum to work on! All that lovely bodywork must come off to do even simple servicing tasks, and that means a workshop manual is essential: do not try and take bits off without it, or you will break bits and have an expensive experience!
Despite that, I highly recommend it: for commuting or highway work, it is very pleasant for both low time and experienced riders to ride, and can even take a pillion comfortably. My wife just loves it, and has no intention of changing for the forseeable future!
Comfortable, reliable, easy to ride, economical, good looking: ticks all the boxes
Sidestand cut-out switch, a little heavy at low speed or stopped, time consuming to home service

King of the Scooters

Heaps of storage under seat. Electric mirrors. Electric screen. Twin headlights. 3 modes - Auto, Power, Manual.
The Auto is great for around town The Power is great for hills or when you need that little bit of extra power. The Manual is great for long rides as mine seems to use less fuel than on Auto. 2 Trip meters also calculate use. I'm averaging 19 litres per 100 k's at present. Seb at CMCC was excellent to deal with.
Seating, storage, trip meters, electric mirrors and windshield.
Left hand mirror is badly positioned.

19 litres per 100? What is it a mack truck???Sorry Johno. I wrote it wrong. I meant 19 k's to a litre. I have since worked it out manually and it has been 22 k's per litre on average. That was averaged on a 3000+k ride around Tasmania.A further update - although a very comfortable scooter, it is very heavy at nearly 300 kgs wet. I am about to switch to a Vulcan S 650 which is around 80 Kgs lighter.

2013 Suzuki Burgman

Well, my new 2013 Burgman arrived this week and after riding it for a few days, I thought I'd post my initial reaction to the new model. I've had two previous Burgmans starting off in 2003. I had that bike up to 2010 and then traded it for the then current 2010 Executive model. Unfortunately, that was stolen from my garage in September last year. I didn't rush out to replace it as I knew a new model was on the horizon. I read the reviews before buying the latest version and decided I'd go ahead rather than trying to source a 2012 version which would have been identical to the 2010 model that I'd lost. Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to [name removed] from Witch Cycles in Rockingham, WA for providing a pleasant buying experience and ensuring that my bike was delivered to me on time and without any hitches. In my honest opinion, this latest version somehow falls short of what I've been used to on previous Burgman releases. Let me explain the positives first from my point of view. The storage area at the front of the bike is improved and with the revised placement of the 12 volt socket to power a mobile phone charger or something similar is much better than on the older Burgman. The smaller compartments above are of a slightly better design too. Looking at the petrol filler flap, I'm thinking that I may be in with a chance of it not breaking like on my two previous bikes despite handling them both very carefully. So far as the positives and again, from my point of view, that's about it. It rides the same, it feels the same, pretty much, out on the road. Suzuki say that they've improved the transmission and fuel economy but if they have, it's not really discernible. Not to me anyway. Let me now offer my opinions on what I see are the negatives. I liked the dark grey colour of the previous version and I'm less keen on the metallic white that I was forced to accept as at the moment, it's the only colour option in Australia. Europe gets, white, black and I think a grey or silver. No such luck here. Suzuki have tinkered with the under seat storage area and it's now smaller that it was before. Why? To make the rear end of the bike slimmer and more 'stylish'. Previously, the mirrors were ensconced in beautiful car-like enclosures. They've gone and been replaced with mirrors that sort of sit on top of the of the plastic enclosures that support them. They look hideous. They still work well but not as good as they were before. The screen seems to be smaller that it was previously too. I guess we'll have to wait for Givi to come up with a replacement. I don't like the position of the handbrake release and again, I don't know why it's been changed. The instrumentation is now a combination of dials for the speedo and tachometer with digital information between the two 'clocks'. I don't mind this too much and the display is actually quite good. Why was it changed? I have no idea. To me, Suzuki have taken something truly wonderful in the older Burgman and given it a facelift and made many unwelcome changes. People who buy Burgman 650's like the large under seat storage area, the mirrors as they were, everything pretty much that the older bike offered. I suspect some younger designer has come along not fully understanding the requirements of the generally older Burgman rider. If you have an older Burgman, hang on to it as again, in my opinion, you're not losing out at all. If you've never had one before, then this version, as per usual, will not fail to impress. I hate design change when it's not called for and I think Suzuki has lost the plot somewhat with this latest version. It's good but I'm now hankering for the older one that I had before.
Improved front storage area. New placement of 12 charging socket. Possibly more durable petrol flap.
The shrunken under seat storage. The mirrors. The parking brake placement. Colour choice. Screen size.

Very helpful review. How can the handbrake being under your left leg possibly be a better position!?! Sounds completely idiotic. I've never liked the mirrors and think the ones from the Honda SilverWing are better. Nevertheless, I can live with them ... but I will never buy a Burgman with reduced underseat storage capacity. I have had my 2013 for one week, and ridden about 250km, as a bit cold. I still have the 2010 as well. I agree with the Lou2Loops comments and would add some more. The 2013 runs freer than the 2010 even though the 2010 is close to 10,000km. It is easier to move around, steering has changed a little from the feel of it. And most things have changed, for example to fit the tow bar - quite different so need a rethink on how to mount and stabilize it. But I do like the location of the power outlet, much better than before. Different cockpit also means some other changes - the hotcover will not mount on the 2013, requires a suitable unit. The engine cover is changed so a rethink on the tunnel bag attachment points, looks like they could be adapted to be mounted under the floor pads. I'm also looking at the seat bum rest. It is not quite so wrap around, and the good lady complains that the pillion seat is a bit forward sloping so she feels she is sliding forward. We still have to fit the Boletto (top box), as a certain gentleman did not follow the order through so not Michelin Tyres and not top box rack etc. As at the time of writing I'm still not sure it is the right move, but having the 2010 still in the garage then I can change my mind and sell the new one :)A friend of mine has bought his first Burgman 400, he has had scooters before but not this big, he is getting used to it know but finds that when it is windy and coming from all directions the Burgman is hard to keep on a even ride and feels like the wheels will go from under him, does anybody find this happening too them, finds it abit awkward standing front on too pull back onto stand. Very happy with other aspects and looks forward too some very enjoyable rides. musicman

Beautiful machine

I'm now on my 2nd Burgman. I never considered buying a scooter (having always ridden bikes), until I saw one of these on eBay. Hadn't ridden for w while so I thought it would make a good interim bike until upgrading. Anyway, it's been so solid and reliable, plus so comfortable to ride around, that I ended up upgrading to an exec after 100,000km. Plenty of space under the seat, narrow enough to get to the front of the line at traffic lights, yet powerful and heavy enough for solid freeway/country cruising.
That stupid plastic cover over the electrics under the left glovebox always comes off.

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I was told by mechanic the 400 is better than the 650 because the transmission makes noise due to dual transmission. I was thinking of upgrading to 650 until now. Just did a full service at 47k cost $1500.00 had belts replaced changed oils tune up filters etc.. Bike runs like new heaps more power than before I think its a keeper now. Love the Burgman series.
2 answers
I would love to upgrade to 650 because it’s one of the best cruiser, comfy and moreover, it has two cylinder...depends on your riding style...I purchased the 650 last year and couldn’t be happier. I have owned many bikes in the past Nd the 650 beats them all.

I have a 2008 An 400 k8 burgman had the rear tyre changed, now at 4500 revs can't get any more power even stutters whilst on the center stand, what could they have damaged or not reconnected to cause this, help please?
No answers

2008 400 an at 3.5 4000 revs getting jerking like a loss of power when accelerating, its got a correct new battery, help confused?
1 answer
Never happened to me like that..I think the best way is to check your local mechanic..


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