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Piaggio Zip 50 2T

Piaggio Zip 50 2T

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Bought a Piaggio aaTyphoon 50 brand new from Sunstate motorcycles about 28th November 2018. Broke down several times and had to wait ages to restart after several brake downs bike was collected and looked at.. they refused to say there was a problem and i asked if they could keep for one more day to see if problem returned.. phoned me next day and said fuel pump defective...bike returned and today broke down again 4 times over a 4k ride home after work in the rain !!! This scooter is a piece of crap and im over it PIAGGIO have problems ???? Owned 2 Aprillia sr50s previously no drama but this Typhoon should be renamed the PIAGGIO LEMON 50... NOT HAPPY !!!!!! SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A CHEAP CHINESE SCOOTER FOR RELIABILITY !!!!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Italian beauty

This little beauty is designed by Piaggio and built in China. It rises above the others in the price and engine size, 50cc, due to its Italian good looks and reliability. Scooters were first designed and mass produced in Italy after WW11 when materials were scarce. The brief was to create a small engine vehicle that could handle frost and snow and extreme summer heat and be capable of hill climbing even if slowly. The zip 50 2t comes from this pedigree and shines. You can expect a top speed of 60-65km per hour on the flat and 75 downhill. Even at top speed there is no vibration and the engine purrs. The only negative I can find on this Wee beauty is the non Stainless Steel screws on the exhaust cover. This means they will rust but can be replaced for a few dollars. Great commuter, two year warranty and $8.50 to fill the tank with premium which lasted me a fortnight of riding. Awesome!

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Piaggio Typhoon 50cc

Quality machine to ride.
Excellent handling.
I have had it de-restricted professionally ($100) and it takes off and gets up to speed 70 Kph + really easily (I'm 105 Kg).
I previously had a 4 stroke 50cc scooter, and there is a huge difference in the quality of the build and the ride.
I can definitely recommend this scooter.
2014 Model. 500 Km. Cost $1500

Love it !!

Peak hour traffic in a car is just frustrating & annoying! On the Zip it's fun!! Cheap to own, cheap to run, easy and stable to ride. Looks gorgeous. Makes commuting to work cheap & easy. Parking is a breeze.
On the flat & without bad headwind I do 60k's with the rest of the traffic. Only complaint is that uphill it is about 45 & if I have to stop at a red light on a hill I can't get over 30k's for the rest of the hill. Apart from that I love it !!

Best of the cathegory

Very good in final speed. It can reach up to 80 km / h in a decline terrain. The acceleration is not as good as others but the final speed impresses. I definitely recommend this scooter because of the power and the average petrol consumption. For cities like Brisbane is incredible indispensable vehicle.
Final Speed

piaggo zip 50 2t Okay Scooter

It runs good but is under powered if going into a head wind and up steep hills, the suspension ok for someone small to medium build, just.

As when riding as the pillion passenger with my son it sometimes bottomed out on the rear suspension, when goining over small bumps in the road, the footrest and hand grips for the pillion passenger need to be upgraded, they are too small. And the seat needs to be a bit longer to accommodate the pillion passenger also.

I am 75 kilo and my son is 80 kilo. I also found that servicing the air cleaner is difficult to get at and is hard to put back into position. The tires are a bit to small for my liking but I see you have put bigger tires on the typhoon model to make the handling of the bike better. Apart from that it is a good little scooter.


A very sporty and cool looking fun bike to ride. Not suitable for highway use but an excellent little commuter in a small country town. Costs next to nothing to own or run.
Clean, quite four stroke engine. Disk brake front end. Alloy wheels. Glove box. Running costs.
Both front & rear indicators allow water to enter in the rain or when washing.

A great little scooter for city commutes

Picked it up and straight away was very impressed with the scooter. Even at partial throttle, it seems faster and more powerful than my previous Chinese 50cc, easily getting to 55 kph with no effort at all. The ride is also as smooth if not better than my previous scooter.

The finish is excellent with no exposed cables around the dash like in the Chinese one. Good brakes and a comfortable ride overall. Most impressed
Value for money, seems powerful, smooth ride

This Scooter is Fantastic!

It runs smoothly and it picks up speed quickly (up to 70kms) which is awesome! [make sure to de-restrict the engine]. I love how it goes in the suburbs. I live in Perth, Australia and on the suburban streets its a perfect little scooter with great manoeuvrability. Zippy, Sporty, Smooth.
Speed, manoeuvrability, Piaggio is a great scooter brand,
where's the fuel gauge? You only know to fill it up when the Fuel light comes on


This is a nice scooter if you are small built and 50cc engine won't help you in 70km zones etc.
Good brand, nice design
Small wheels

Questions & Answers

Is it normal for Piaggio Zip 50 when battery is dead that warning lights (oil and petrol) are blinking?
1 answer
Hi Franco I've had a flat battery but didn't notice blinking lights. You could also call a piaggio dealership and ask them. They are the experts.

I topped up oil but overfilled and I assume the excess dripped from the ? overflow something. Now the oil light is on when ignition is engaged and the moped won't start. Ideas?
2 answers
That's a job for your mechanic. Could be the oil pump.Cheers.

Hi, I am interested in buying a 50cc Piaggio Zip scooter 2t year 2018. The question is does it have pre mix fuel? Thanks
2 answers
Hi there is a separate tank for Two stroke synthetic oil. Both tanks are accessible under the saddle. One litre of oil lasts many tanks of petrol and there is a warning light to let you know when to refill.Ok thank you for that info!


Zip 50 2T
Engine Capacity50cc
Release dateMay 2007

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