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QBE Motorcycle Insurance

QBE Motorcycle Insurance

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So to start off the terrible service i dropped and damaged the bike on a weekend which is a big no no as they dont open on weekends. So i filled out a online claim form which they reply, you here back in 48hrs 4 days later i had to call them as i still hadn't heard anything. then they tried to tell me i needed to lodge 2 claims and 2 lots of excess as when the bike was lifted of my foot it was layed on the other side which damaged they second side. i have lodged a complaint with the complaints department and a week later they cant even make contact with there own claims department. even know they would let me know what was happening 4 days ago. long story short i was looking at using them for both my car insurances and now i dont thing we will be renewing any insurance.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeNo

Stay away Don't take the risk

Delay is in their DNA. 6 weeks still waiting indefinitely. Total Loss Department is a total disappointment. No communication no acknowledgment of emails.Talk to different people all the time. 1.8 Star Rating is there for a reason. Be warned.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim DateFebruary 2019
Claim ApprovedNo
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Hi Jon, we're sorry to hear about your experience. We will PM you for some details and look into it ~BLS

Absolute scams.

First thing is first, good luck getting through their waiting list. Secondly, they connect you to 20 different departments and they all ask you to send an email to their department, then they confirm they've received the email and the next day you call to follow up all 20 emails you sent have disappeared! Absolute scams.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
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Hi Ash, we're sorry to hear about your experience. We will PM you for some more details and look into this ~BLS

Very slow

I’m not in a big rush for the claim money so not really angry but they are very slow it took around 3 weeks to be assessed then another week after the assessment I never heard back so called them and they said they haven’t even reviewed the assessment they will pass it onto the reviewer now they know it’s been assessed (if I never called who knows how long it wouldve taken them to realise it had been assessed before they pass it onto the reviewer) I have now been told it will take another 2 weeks to be paid not holding my breath because I wouldn’t be surprised if it took even longer like I said I’m in no rush for the claim payout but it takes a very long time

Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months

Great customer service and price

I've been using QBE for many years with different bikes. I only use their comprehensive insurance and only needed their help once thank God. The agent I dealt with was extremely helpful and resolved my issue quickly and professionally.
Very easy PDS to understand and no questions asked when it's time to use it.
Overall very pleased with the service and price.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim DateAugust 2017
Claim ApprovedYes

Completely disorganised customer service!

They didn't cancel a policy that I asked to be cancel 1 year ago charging me for the whole year, now when I found out I notice that they cancelled my bike that Im riding now so Ive been riding without any cover. My check from the other bike that supposed to be on my hands now I still haven't received and have to wait now another 10 to 21 days. My whole experience = shocking and unsafe!

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Rodrigo, we're sorry to hear about this. We will PM you for some details ~BLS

Excellent Service signing up to my policy

I spoke the lovely Courtney from QBE who was super helpful guiding me through my policy. She was able to give me the most competitive price and made it all happen quickly and efficiently.
Can't thank you enough Courtney!

Insurance claim madeNo


Hi I had a accident on the 2 /11/18 took a while to get it sorted many phone call, but it settle now took a month so not too bad and I did not pay the access, the only think would be good if only one person dealt with the claim as I got a few that said they would do some thing and never did, one guy talk over you which I hate, I did give a bad review but I’m now happy now as it sorted and money in the bank

Insurance claim madeYes

Extremely long delay

I crashed my bike on 28th Sep, lodged first thing on Monday. Everything was smooth until my bike was decided it's a write-off. All the "Claim Specialists" keep telling me the Total Loss Department is looking into it, it's been taking a long time because…someone fell ill so they're 2 weeks behind. I really wonder how many people are working in that department.

It's been 6 weeks since I made the claim. Every week I have to call to follow up and the same answer is given each time. Never again QBE, this is it.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Beanie, sorry to hear about your experience. I have sent you a private message where you can respond with your details so that we can look into this. ~SS

The worst experience

I had a low speed accident.
Crashed on Sunday 9th of September, Called QBE first thing on Monday 10th to make the claim, they were suppose to organise a truck to take my 1299 to the workshop, as the person on the phone told me that it would take time to organise a truck to move the bike I just sorted out the transportation of the Bike to the workshop by myself, took the day off at work because I wanted to facilitate the whole process.
Received a call from the QBE Assessor Tuesday the 11th of September and he just told me that my motorcycle was a total loss, then he mentioned that the official report would be finished by the weekend.
I decided to send my damaged gear to QBE (Paying Express Post from my own pocket) on the 12th of September and then on the 13th the guy in charge of that told me I would be getting the money in my account on Wednesday the 19th.
After calling them multiple times the report saying that my bike was a total loss just went into their system a week after...kept calling without any success and just decided to send an email and call again, finally on Wednesday 19th could get an answer by email with instructions, I did send all the paperwork and spare key as requested (Express Post again in order to speed up the process).
Obviously at this point I did not receive my GEAR Money and decided to call last Friday the 21st, as usual spent more than an hour and had to force them to make the payment which I still haven't received.

All they have to say is that there is a massive volume of claims... If that's the case they should be prepared for such an apparent high demand as there is enough money from costumer pockets getting into their accounts!!! (Just hire more staff).
Nobody is able to give an expected payment date...
QBE should have paid 2 weeks after lodging the claim.
I have a new bike ready waiting for collection and since this is the third week, if I don't resolve the issue by Thursday 27th of September I'll be forced to lodge a dispute.

Well, just received a message this morning about getting a call from someone from QBE, obviously that was not going to happen as they said the same last Friday...

Just talked to them again and the answer is the same "Someone will call you".
It is frustrating to choose the wrong company to look after you, they just don't want to finish a two week process.

They cannot even transfer my call to someone who can give me an answer!!!

Now I understand why other companies like "Youi" have decent reviews...

Insurance claim madeYes

Motorcycle insurance

We had 4 motorbikes all insured with QBE.. sold my sons bike two days ago.. asked for a refund from my monthly payment, was advised that no payment qualified as there is a $30 cancellation fee.. what the..!! be aware!!

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi Sandra, we're sorry to hear you're unhappy with this. The PDS does refer to the $30 administration fee on page 37. If you'd like to take this up further, you can refer it to complaints@qbe.com ~BLSyou should make people aware of that fee verbally not just on a Page 37... who reads that.. we had 4 bikes with you and considering going elsewhere.. also I will be posting on all Harley pages facebook and I belong to two clubs in Queensland .tomorrow I am attending an event with another club and I will be makingit quite clear to many. its a rort.. no other insurance company charge a fee to cancel. Especially when I sold the bike.. what else am I going to do.. except cancel. Not happy..

Absolute joke

Rang them to make a claim and had to wait a week for someone to ring me back to actually lodge a claim. After did not hear from them for over a mouth after i rang them to be told where to busy just going to have to wait. Lodged a complaint after two months got no where with that. So i lodge a formal complaint with the financial ombudsmen service. Qbe rang me the next day to finalize my claim. They tried to only pay me out agreed value even though it was under two years old and i had it in writing that it was two replacement. I sent them a copy of the paper work and told them if i have to i will take this matter to court. They ring me the next day and told me they will honor the two year replacement. Absolute joke of a company.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Jonathan, thank you for your review and we're sorry to hear about the experience you had. We will pass this back to the team for review ~BLS

No settlement still after 4 months

I would personally NEVER recommend QBE motorcycle insurance to anyone, not even my worst enemy. I had a motorcycle accident on April 14 2018 and called them on April 16 2018, I called at least 20 times (not even exaggerating) about my claim which was a clear write off. The claim was filed out a few days later from the day of the accident and ever other time i called to get an update, I would have to wait 40 mins plus before even talking to an operator and when i did all they did was take my name, number and policy number and said they'd call back (they never gave me a call back, not even once) every communication made by them to myself, was 2 emails, so every time I did want an update I'd have to go chase them up. The team is so unorganized, they told me that they have "sent a request for new bike in order to proceed further with your claim" which was sent Jul 26 2018, 11 days later i called asking for an update, i was put on a short hold and they only just found out that the email they sent was to someone who didn't even work there anymore, had I not called them for an update would they even realize. DO NOT USE QBE insurance. Still haven't been finalized or received my new bike.

I understand that the team is trying their hardest and trying to finalize my claim asap, but this is ridiculous. 4 months and still no bike.

Other than the slow service i'd have to give credit to the team as they were super nice and helped where possible. So i'd like to thank the team for their hard work.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Simon, we're sorry to hear about this. We will PM you for some details and take a look into it ~BLS

Call centre availability is terrible

DIdn't think to check here previously, for the benefit of riders he we go.

Like many others I called the claims phone number end of June 18 and was on hold for about 1 hr 45 mins, if that's not bad enough the consultant stated they have had extreme delays for over a month which was not confidence inspiring. The team's clearly trying their best but the non stop calls are impacting their general demeanour as the guy I spoke to needed a hug and a mars bar more than I did.

Each time I've tried to call QBE since there has been similar delays well over an hour each time, no call backs as promised, one consultant transferred my call to the sales team incorrectly which ... picked up in under a minute. Turns out the complaints team tried to call me and when I returned the call (another hour wasted) the call centre has no record of the call and swore black and blue no one at QBE called me so the teams don't talk to each other.

That said, the assessor was fantastic, on the phone in a couple of days explaining what he's done, the next steps and approving the repair.

Such a shame it appears the bean counters have decided to limit the number of staff available to take calls and limit their ability to get back to riders at their most vulnerable, this claims department is currently lost in the tall grass.

Insurance claim madeYes
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4 months later and my claim is still not resolved. Staff are blaming FOS requests for the delays yet a 5 second google search shows FOS requests take 30 days to resolve perhaps another 30 if there is a 3rd party involved, instead of offering solutions staff are more interested in quoting SLA's and time frames to respond. The lack of accountability is astonishing, your inaction and blaming other parties as we enter the 5th month places QBE as the worst insurance company I've ever dealt with. By way of comparison the only time I've lodged an at fault claim was with a competitor the claim was closed within 2 weeks with money in my bank account - the difference is night and day


First off all waiting time on phone is 45 min on an average which is ridiculous. I had an accident a month ago, not at fault as declared my the police. Bike is a ride off and now all I am asking is a settlement which I believe would take another 40 month as the calling time. Each time I call, the representative tells someone will call you anyways who is that someone. Can you please tell, how long would it take. Don't keep people hanging, my world doesn't only revolve around calling you guys and waiting.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Rudy, we've responded to your private message and have had a specialist contact you. If we can assist again, please let us know. ~SS


Have waited 3 weeks so far for nothing to be done about recovered stolen bike. They informed us it is normal for a claim to take up to 7-8 weeks. Admin input reference number incorrectly caused more delays. Wait 40mins plus for Service by phone to be then put on hold. A stressful situation has now added frustration.

Insurance claim madeYes

Warning to all riders!

I have had a claimable event and attempted to contact QBE yesterday to lodge a claim. I was on hold for 52 minutes when I spoke to someone who explained that I had come through to the “wrong department” (definitely was not) and asked for my details before explaining to me that someone would call me today between 9-11am. I phoned and left a message on the general QBE complaints number as a result of the 52 minute waiting time. No one phoned me this morning as I was told I would be. I then received a phone call regarding the message I left on the QBE complaints line; this was at midday today- they explained that they have “quite a few complaints about the motorcycle section” and that they would organise the manager from that department to contact me “very soon”. No call received so I have just phoned the motorcycle claims department again where I was on hold for another 24 minute period to be answered by ‘[name removed]’ who could not help me because he has “at least five other claims to process before you” and is the only person in the office. He took my details and said that someone would phone me back when they get to it! Having just sold my car, my motorcycle is my sole means of transport and having just read the other reviews on this forum I am very concerned that this claims process is going to drag on for months leaving me without a vehicle and being forced to take action through the ombudsman or legal action. I am an active member of a large motorcycle community of which I will be spreading the word far and wide should this matter not be dealt with professionally and promptly. Absolutely disgusted QBE. I have held comprehensive insurance on this bike for 8 years without a claim- get out of motorcycle insurance- it is destroying your business reputation.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi Shannon, sorry to hear about this experience. We will PM you for some details and take a look into this ~BLSOK- an update. After much persistence I have successfully lodged my claim #100010076494 and made arrangements to have my motorcycle moved to Fraser's Motorcycles in Dianella on the 3rd July, Perth. Being over a week since I have heard from QBE, I phoned them today (only a 3 minute wait time horay!) and spoke to a person who advised that the estimated wait time for the repair of the motorcycle would be 6-8 weeks! This means that the time from the lodgement of the claim to time of repair will be more than 10 weeks!Still waiting to receive possession of the motorcycle.

Over 3 hours on the phone waiting...

Called to make a claim today on multiple occasions, time on hold varied from 20 min to 1hr 40 in and on the 3rd time I got through... considering you can only call for motorcycles claims, they need to put more people on the phones to actually provide a service. Funny thing is I then called the sales line for a new policy and it was almost instant. ..

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Darryn, sorry to hear about this. We will pass this feedback on to the team ~BLS

It is worse to deal with QBE than it was having my accident!

I crashed my bike 8 and a half weeks ago, I tried to lodge my claim on the Monday after my weekend accident and was told to leave my details and a claims officer would be back in touch. It wasn't until 4 days later that I finally received a call to lodge my claim. After 2 weeks of calling and leaving my details for a claims officer to call me back I was told that my bike was assessed and it was a write off. I was then told 10 business days for the assessors report to be submitted and again someone would be in touch. Weeks of calling and leaving details with no return call passed and I raised a formal complaint, after the complaint a customer service manager contacted me who still was unable to give me answers about my claim. He told me he was running back and forth with claims to try and get updates for me. I was told my gear would be paid out which also did not happen until I followed up this manager again. I was then told the gear would be paid out with my bike (this is after I had previously been told I would receive a replacement bike). 6 weeks after my accident I was finally told that they needed paperwork from me and could not proceed without it, this is 6 weeks into my claim! I have now given the paperwork to QBE, they have paid me out for my gear but I am still to this day 8 and a half weeks in trying to find out what is happening with my bike. Going through my accident being debilitated for a week and the recovery to date has been less painful that my dealings with QBE! Their treatment is just a joke and I am still left helpless without a bike or an idea on when I will have a replacement!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Casey, sorry to hear about your experience. We have sent you a private message where you can provide your details so we can look into this. ~SS

No claims department, No customer service

Tried on multiple days and times to get through and after 30 mins on hold you go through customer service which take your details for a call back that never happens.

I was in a not at fault accident and they did not do anything to assist or make the matter easy.

Their assessor/tow truck wanted me to come to his location as coming to my address was 'too hard'.
Without a bike for two months and offer no replacement vehicle.
Did not do delivery, $70 cab ride to go to pick up bike.

Do not settle for a company only interested in your $$$

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Daniel, sorry to hear about your experience. We will PM you for some details and take a look into this ~BLS

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Questions & Answers

What is happening with QBE... had an accident 5 April... now the 20th... customer service is a joke... constant calls sent to overseas... and they have no clue.. will get some to call you back... my goodness 15 days to call me back... disgusting..... what can I do.... please help...
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Hi Rob, sorry to hear you're having issues. Please email us at socialmedia@qbe.com with your claim, contact number and full name and we can escalate this ~BLSHello all. I've just spent about an hour reading through all of the above reviews and am really concerned that I did take out a QBE Motorcycle Insurance Policy earlier this year I am a Ulysses member and understand that QBE is a sponsor of the Club. I asked someone in admin at the Club who informed me that the Club hadn't heard of any adverse reports about QBE so I felt comfortable insuring with them as they support/sponsor the Club. Now, having read all of the above I'm not sure I've made the right choice. I've no idea how many policies QBE Motorcycle Insurance writes nor how many claims they handle - it is my understanding now that they have a staff of five? - yes five? I thought QBE was an enormous company - but five staff handling motorcycle insurance? Perhaps that's why claims take so long to get sorted? Or is QBE MotorCycle Insurance a small franchised operation? And if so - who stands behind claims if they need to be made? To me this is worrying and should concern anyone considering insuring a motorcycle. Lawrie Mitchell Mob: 0402389501 PS And who is BLS? (sounds like something unpleasant)

Will QBE cover my motorcycle for fire damage?
1 answer
Hi Brian, this depends on the type of policy you have and the type of bike you drive. Our Comprehensive Cover and our Legal Liability, Fire and Theft cover includes cover for damage caused by fire. For more information visit: https://www.qbe.com.au/motorcycle-insurance and refer to the product disclosure statement.

I have a current policy with insure my ride and am now thinking this is not worth the paper its printed on as they will cease to exist next year. Would it be possible to reinsure with another company such as yourselves and then try and cancel with insure my ride? They appear to be uncontactable.
1 answer
Hi David, yes, this is possible. Please contact our sales centre for a quote - 1800 243 464 ~BLS

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