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Radiant Black Wash

Radiant Black Wash

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Ripped off!


I, too, have been buying this product for years for $5. I REFUSE to pay double the price if I'm not getting double the product! Surely the manufacturers carried out market research before trying to pull this 'swifty'. It is not only Coles who is selling this product for $10; Woolies is too. What a shame! It is a good product. But I'll go without and revert to using wool wash.

Why are we being overcharged???


I have bought this product for years, and have been happy to do so. BUT why has it doubled in price but not doubled in volume...therefore I refuse to pay $10 for a product which is blatantly ripping me off...not so long ago it was $5 for a lesser amount!

Kathy F

Kathy FAU

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To the manufacturers of Black Wash, love the product, I have been buying 750 mls for $5, recently I go to buy Black wash to find it has increased in size by ONLY 250mls to 1 litre But Price DOUBLED to $10, NOT HAPPY, COLES you must think your customers are silly
Very Annoyed

Ben Bikenerd

Ben BikenerdGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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Price gouging by Radiant PZ Cussons


This is one decent quality detergent you could buy knowing the flourescers wouldn't compromise your dark coloured clothing except they exploit that to price gouge.
Cussing just recently rebottled to a preexisting larger bottle 30% bigger but jacked up the price by 100%. Same formula - pre-existing bottle shape from other range. So the new sticker art on each bottle is why I must be slugged $2.30 extra per bottle. 750ml used to cost $5. Now 1000ml costs $10. Cussons treat consuming public with disregard. Worth buying at $7 per litre.

100% price increase for 33% more product, not sure I believe Coles when they say it is a new product


change in packaging - increase the volume by 33% but increase the price 100%. Does Coles think I am stupid?
I won't be buying this anymore + my black jeans aren't as clean as they used to be maybe they did change the product - to a worse one! not happy Coles! Half a mind to report you to Fair Trading for misleading and deceptive conduct.



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I won't purchase anymore due to price hike!


New packaging - huge price increase


The packaging for Radiant Black Wash has just changed. The previous bottle was 750ml at a cost of $5. The new bottle is 1 litre, yet the price has doubled to $10. So they're providing an additional 1/3 of product, yet they have doubled the price - hmmm

Queen Victoria

Queen VictoriaSydney, NSW

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Does the job but is quite expensive.


I use this product as I have a lot of black/dark colour clothes. I only use this because it's the only black wash product I can find. (Used to use Omo Black Wash before it was discontinued). I thought it was pretty excessive that you have to use two caps worth of liquid for every wash however I was happy with the results. Unfortunately the recent high price increase means I will think twice about purchasing this product again.



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Not too bad at all


After reading these reviews I decided to give the radiant black label clothes washing liquids a try
I poured the clear looking liquid into the lid then into the washing machine according to the container directions which was 2 lids and was surprised as it did an alright job and had a reasonable smell however, can't shake the feeling that the radiant range would work better in warm water wash within the washing machine cycle

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I'm wearing the clothes I washed now and so far so good



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Very Good


I thought it was worth a try but I am very happy with this product because I have a lot of black clothes (๑・̑◡・̑๑) Only negative point is expensive ...



Ridiculous Price Increase.


You will lose customers. How can Woolworths increase the price from around $5 for 750ml to $10 for 1 litre. If the price doesn't decrease I wont be buying anymore. The rating is for the outrageous price.

Purple Granny

Purple GrannyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

New 1L bottle $10, too expensive now


I have been using Black wash for years & very happy with it. Have been paying $6 for 750ml until today when new 1L was on shelf at Woolies for $10. Hey guys how can you justifie that huge increase. Won't be buying it anymore. Aldi has black wash for much less & does same job I have found. You have lost another customer.


LeeHervey Bay

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Why the excessive price for new sizing


I have been using Radiant Black Wash for many many years and it does work with my clothes. I see now that you can't buy the 750ml version and only the 1kg version. My gripe is that the 750ml was $5 a bottle and now the the 1lt bottle is $10. I won't be buying it at that price. Sorry but that is ridiculous and not a happy customer.

An old friend in my laundry


I have used Black Wash for over twelve years. It was recommended to me by a lady I worked with whose husband was in the RAAF and used it for his uniforms. As a family with four adults who primarily wear black or navy to work every day I thought it was worth a try. It is still used in our home every day and the results speak for themselves. the only thing I would change is the size of the bottles, please make a larger size available! We get strange looks from the girls at Woolies when we buy six bottles at a time!



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Does the job, but stinks to high heaven!


I have been using Hurricane Lemon (from Woolworths) for many years and have been very happy with it. Lately it hasn't been on the shelf in my local Woolies so I bought some Radiant.

It washes fine, but it has filled the house with an overpowering scent that I find very disagreeable. So far it has lasted two days, even with the windows open. I have tried airing the washed clothes to no avail. Whatever chemical they use to generate that smell sure is potent!

I'll be giving this bottle of Radiant away to the first taker in my neighborhood and will hunt around for Hurricane.



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Very Happy


Compared normal leading detergent on same black jumper ( have 2 of them ) and it really made a significant difference in that they both no longer look brand new but the jumper washed in Radiant Black Wash looks much darker and the other looks like a black with maroon tinges. I think the reason it performs so well in protecting the colors is that it contains absolutely NO ENZYMES which eat away at colors. Stain wise enzymes are your best friend!



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Very Impressed



fernyflufflesTas, 7320

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I bought this as my mother in law recommended it to hubby and I as we wear a lot of black clothes and it is specially designed to prevent your dark clothes from fading. I found it to be an amazing product and was amazed it wasn't invented before now! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a lot of dark clothes!
It is specially designed to use with black and dark clothes, it made a faded black t shirt appear brighter and newer, it smells amazing and the smell stays on your clothes
It can be expensive to buy and not every supermarket stocks it


Best product I have ever used. Wear a lot of black, and used to have to dye faded clothes. Very disappointed that my local woolies don't seem to be stocking it anymore.


It is brilliant!


The product has left our clothes white and never looking clean it appears the Radiant doesn't disolve in the water

happy washer

happy washerADELAIDE

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this is awesome.does not fade black clothes.have used it now for about 2yrs and will not change.try it.it does not leave any crusty/powdery stuff on your clothes.highly recomended to those whom have a lot of darks to wash.just a cap and away you go,so easy and happy.all my family use it now too.
easy..just pour into cap & go
need a larger size

Questions & Answers

Tony A

Tony Aasked

Should Radiant Black be used on its own or with other detergents?

1 answer
Ben Bikenerd
Ben Bikenerd

It works all by itself, it is not an additive. Normal detergent have flourescors to "whiten and brighten". You do not need this in black clothing so just use the Black Wash alone without usual detergent



I bought one blackwash 2 yrs back can i use it?

No answers



Does anyone know if Radiant Black Wash has any kind of softening agents in it? I cant seem to tell. Wanting to use for gym tights but don't want to risk to elasticity.

1 answer

I am not sure, however I find it very gentle but still an effective cleaner and have washed my black stretchy jeans and winter tights with it for many years and have never noticed it degrading the elastic

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