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Rinnai Touch C1 fault

So on Sat night for no reason the unit stopped working. Kept giving a C1 fault code which is not even listed in the Rinnai install manual or troubleshooting guide. Called Rinnai and operator was clueless. Took all my details at 8am Monday, but when I called back at 4.30pm Monday they hadn’t even logged the job and sent it to a plumber ffs. I found details of the C1 fault on this site and ended up fixing it myself. Remote control needed calibration wth. Fix your install and fault finding manual Rinnai and fix your service. Hopeless.

Purchased in October 2018.

Build Quality
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Household Size 4 person(s)

I have no hot water and can't get a service call.

I have called four times today and had two return calls "to see what I Wanted" and all I want to do is book a service Call! How hard is that?

Purchased in November 2013.

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Thank you for the review Suzanna. We would like to confirm that a service call has been booked and a technician will be in attendance today to resolve this matter for you. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

Not happy with Rinnai B20 unit.

Just recently moved into a new build with a Rinnai B20 50degC unit installed. This is my first experience with continuous flow hot water and I would say that the “B type” builders special units are not as good as a hot water storage unit and I wouldn’t recommend it over a storage type as the hot water temperature can’t be controlled effectively when showering as the minimum flow rate is too high to have a warm shower with a 9L/min shower head as the minimum flow rate on the B20 is 2.4L/min from what I have read which means nearly 1/3rd of the water needs to be hot water which doesn’t work when you just want a warm shower in summer and not a hot shower. This means you effectively have to run the tap as straight hot to “pre-charge” the pipe in between with hot water and then turn it down to the temperature you want for a couple of minutes before the water in the pipe runs out and then swing it back to straight hot again to fill the hot water pipe again. Not my idea of an enjoyable shower.

The standard infinity units are probably better as the minimum flow rate rate on these is only 1.5L/min from what I’ve read but it begs the question as to why weren’t the “B type” builders units fitted with the same flow rate switch as the standard infinity unit or is it just a marketing ploy to keep the standard units sales for end user purchases (where the sale is actually analysed and compared against other heating units) and sell “B type” units to project builders who only care about the price and where the end user usually has minimal to no input into the purchasing decision. If so Rinnai are actually doing themselves a big disservice as people will only associate the brand with being unreliable in any new build home where the builders units are fitted and when those people are looking to input into the decision (and they will in the future if they have had issues with their existing unit) they won’t be looking at Rinnai.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Very happy with our Unit, would definitely purchase another!

We purchased ours in 2012 and love our unit. I love being able to adjust the temperature and know my kids and visitors aren't going to get burnt . Great space saver also for the side of our house. We will definitely be looking to purchase another when we move into our new home next month.

Date PurchasedApr 2012
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Hi Byster, We’re so glad you’ve had a great experience! Thank you so much for your compliment, we will definitely pass it onto our product development team. We highly value feedback from our customers and are always striving to be market leaders in the provision of innovative products and services. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

i wish i would have purchased a rinnai infinity years before i did.

I purchased a rinnai infinity 26 lpg 60 (6) years ago it is and has been the best (in all respects) hot water system I have ever owned and I have owned a lot over (50) years.
I expect it will not last forever but there is not much that does.
It fired up perfectly the first time it was turned on and has been used a lot in (6) years and keeps on keeping on.
Cheap to run.

Date PurchasedJan 2012
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We are pleased to hear that your infinity hot water unit is continuously exceeding your expectations. At Rinnai we pride ourselves in producing quality products and we thank you for your review Mechanic.

this happened to me too!

Finally got a service person to visit and the fan unit is faulty and has to be replaced. Is yours the brand new design with the dark grey contrast sides? Mine is. Service person says a few of these hard a faulty fan unit. Hopefully the replacement with fix it.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
Thank you for the review Jenn. Please contact customer service on 1300 555 545 option 2 if you require any further assistance.The fan unit has been replaced but this is still a noisy model, far noisier than earlier models which my friends own. I am wondering if the case is more flimsy - I also find it quite ugly with the grey stripes down the side. The single colour of the earlier models is a prefereable design.I have given this unit weeks to 'settle in' i still can't believe how noisy it is. Servce person who installed new fan said all the noises are normal. If you are looking for a quiet Rinnai HWS do not buy this most recent model model. Hunt around for an older one. My friends and relatives with earlier Rinnai instantaneous water heaters have much quieter machines, so i have gone from a happy Rinnai user [ my old 26 was Rinnai ] to a NOT happy user.

Excellent with one oddity....

Quick to fire up, lots of hot water (58-59 C). The only thing that puzzles me is the odd drop in pressure occasionally as it's firing up. Seems if the internal temperature is below some preset it restricts the flow for a moment until the temperature in the heat exchanger has a certain rise. Once warm (as in washing dishes and such) it really doesn't mess around. I'm pleased. Not excited... as it doesn't have as good a warranty as I had hoped, but the price was fair, the installation quick, and I can basically ignore it and know it's going to work.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
Thank you the review Mitch. Infinity 20 heating to 60 C has a maximum water flow rate of 11.5 litres per minute. When the hot tap is initially opened the heater will allow all of the water to flow, within a second or two the heater will calculate what temperature is required and also adjust the water flow down to match the output. To achieve 60 C in this case there will be a noticeable reduction in flow. If a controller was installed and a temperature of 40 C was required (for showering) the water flow rate is 20 litres/min so there would be very little change observed. Two or more controllers would increase the warranty.Sounds like I'm looking for a kitchen controller and a bathroom controller! Thanks!! (Thumbs UP!!!)

Some days takes forever to warm up and doesn't get as hot as our pre-existing electric hotwater syst

Seems to always use excess water to warm up and never seems to stay at a constant temperature when on a lower flow rate. Often during a shower water seems to go completely cold and only way to set to a desired temperature again is to turn shower water off and then resetting the water flow of both hot and cold water, very annoying.

Date PurchasedMay 2014
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Thank you for the review ynoT. We are sorry to hear of the issues you are facing with your hot water system. Please contact our free technical help desk on 1300 555 545 option 3 for assistance.

Whistling Dixie

We bought rinnai infinity 26 ... everytime we use the hot water after turn the tap off, the unit whistler for 30 seconds ... very strange ! Never had this with my previous unit is. Is this normal because I ring the service people and they say it is the installer, got the installer out no problem with installation ( licences plumber ). We called back to rinnai with the plumber next to me and they couldn’t help us in any way ... is it normal or not ... I bought this unit as it was recommended but whistling Dixie is annoying ... the service team were rude and said $185 call out fee... if deemed installed wrong ... um it is not ... so I need help.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Thank you for your review Nick. We are sorry to hear of your issues, please forward your details to enquiry@rinnai.com.au so we can assist you further.

Hate it. Makes me miss our tank water heater.

Have the B26. Since the 1st day it was installed, we've regretted it. Expected the lag, but it uses so much water before it goes hot. Sometimes there is just no hot water at all. Mostly early mornings we need to cross our fingers, but now its during the day and I can't get it on anywhere in the house. The plumber came out twice - nothing wrong. Because it is intermittent, it is a nightmare.
I seriously miss our old tank hot water system. This was supposed to be "the best there is".

Date PurchasedSep 2018
UPDATE- I spoke to Rinnai technical support who were quite helpful. I got enough information to go back a third time to the plumber. Seems ok now however will wait and see.Thank you for your update Amanda. We are pleased to hear our Technical support were able to help you with the information required.

Water is not hot and condensation on the solar panel

I have reported condensation issue on my solar panel and we had Rinnai technician came to fix this issue and they still can't fix this issue and going on with this issue for more than a month now. Why not get it replaced Rinnai? It is a brand new installed and within two weeks we noticed this condensation issue as well as water is not hot. I won't be happy till this solar panel is replaced since you already sent technician more than twice on the roof. Is this quality gone so bad?

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Similar problem to Sarah

12 years ago I installed a Rinnai 32, we were putting in a new extension on the second floor and the plumber advised me to put in a 20mm pipe instead of a 15mm (standard pipe for hot water), for better flow. (Sarah said she had a 25mm pipe in one of the other reviews). We found that we had the same problem, it took ages for the hot water to come through, I consulted another plumber and he pointed out that the bigger the pipe, the more water sits in the pipe and goes cold when your not using the tap. We reduced the pipe back down to 15mm and it made a massive difference. Since then I have fallen love my with my Rinnai, it never runs out, its efficient, it hardly takes up any room unlike my last tank and best of all it has never broken down. Sarah's problem is pipe size, try 15mm if possible. regards Tony.

Date PurchasedJul 2006
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Thanks for the review Tony P, your plumber is correct pipe size and the length of pipe the water needs to travel to the outlet makes a big difference to the amount of water that needs to be expelled. We are glad to hear the heater is working so well for you.

Fluctuating temp

I am starting to get temp fluctuating from hot to luke warm.I have removed the water saving discs in the shower heads. Also not getting hot water through to the vanity.The unit is approximately 8 yrs old and runs on bottled gas. Do these units require servicing at regular intervals.

Date PurchasedJun 2010

Very pleased

Had new house built about 8 years ago and didn't stop to think about what sort of gas hot water system they would supply .The cheapskate builder supplied a Vulcan storage type ,was a bulky tank stuck on the side of the wall and even though i turned the heat control all the way up could only get lukewarm water from day one.
In the summer time wasn't too bad but in winter time not good at all .Decided to get the Rinnai 26 back in June from The Gas Works at Morphetvale ,the whole process was absolutely painless ,best tradies i have encountered in a long time.I regularly read my gas meter now days as my retailer over charged me big time once.Since i have had the new heater my meter clicks over ONE DIGIT per 3 days against One digit per day before plus very hot water instead of luke warm .

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Awesome unit. Never had a problem

I’m a Plumber/Gas fitter & Rinnai water heaters are fantastic. I’ve been using an infinity 26 at my home since 2011. Never had a single issue. As for people saying they get hot/cold fluctuations, 90% of the time it’s because you have a flow restrictor in your shower head. Remove the flow restrictor and the water heater will operate correctly

Date PurchasedJan 2011
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Thanks for the review Crazykleetus, it's true that flow restriction is usually the biggest issue people face with these type of units. Removing the restriction or installing controllers fix most of these problems.

So far, so good

We just had this system installed to replace a gas storage system. It's working great so far: very hot water, on demand. The water stays nice and hot; you can set it higher than the recommended temperature at installation (45C I think?), and I thought I'd need to, but it's been hot enough for me -- even in the room furthest away. We don't have high demand (2 people) or run the unit for long (water-saving mentality!). Can't wait to get my next gas bill to see how much we're saving.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Thanks for the review CH1, there is a limit of 50 degrees for hot water deliver in bathroom areas which is a lot hotter than people realise. We are glad to hear the unit is working well for you.

No problem with Rinnai B24

This unit is a work horse, no problems , no issues, it was installed properly the first time and for the last 5 years it has just worked and worked; I would say, one really has to make sure the product is right for what you using and then I would advise to get a good tradesman to recommend and install the units. Good tradesman are getting harder to find so good luck with that.

Date PurchasedJan 2012
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Thanks for the review Alex, your advice is very true, getting the right unit for your needs is very important and the right tradesman to make sure the job is done right.

Not Happy

The unit, just after 12 months, started to fail to ignite. Turned the hot water on and off for half an hour or so before it worked. It has stopped again, several times, when not run for a day or two.. Its now stopped again and I can't get it to work. Can smell the gas turning on but its not igniting.
Cold weather and absents seems to upset it.
It really upsets me.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Thanks for the review Paul, as the unit it still within it's warranty period we would recommend booking a service call to diagnose the issue with the unit. This can be booked on 1300 555 545 option 2 for service.

Dangerous and expensive to run, and the warranty is not honoured

We had problems with this unit since we bought it.Especially on colder days the ignition starts several seconds after we turn the hot water tap on, leaving our backyard full of gas and at times it even comes inside our house. When we bought the unit Rinnai forwarded our details to their area agent Jordans Gas Centres to do the installation. They have been out several times to check the unit but could not find the problem. We called Rinnai today who diverted our call back to Jordan's Gas Centres. Despite that the unit being still under warranty and we had problems with it from the beginning, they want our credit card details for payment before they even send someone out to have a look.

Date PurchasedMar 2016
Thanks for the review SteC, we would like to investigate this matter further for you, can you email enquiry@rinnai.com.au mentioning this review and we will be in touch.After contacting Rinnai things went from bad to worse. They contacted Jordans (their agent) who sent out a technician. In the morning of his visit when the temperature was around 5 degrees Celsius the amount of gas coming out when the unit started so excessive that it was coming inside our house. By the time the technician came out around midday, the temperature was around 25 degrees. Although gas was still coming out it was not as excessive as in the morning but still noticeable. The technician claimed that the unit was working properly and it was normal for the gas to come out, just like exhaust fume from a car. All I know that if my car ejected that much exhaust fume, it would not be roadworthy. From time to time we still get an unacceptable amount of gas coming out and our gas bill has skyrocketed. We would have been much better off staying with the old style off peak electric water heater. To rub salt in the wound, a month later we received a statement (the actual invoice never arrived) from Jordans for a $195.00 call out fee. We have been sending bot Rinnai and Jordans e-mails asking them to sort this out as it is a warranty matter since then and neither party is responding, and the overdue statements are still coming.


I have an solar hot water system with an Rinnai solar 20 gas booster. I have had issues with it not getting hot enough. I have checked temps in the bathroom and kitchen which are struggling to get to 40deg's. I checked the temp at the closest tape which is in the laundry, it only gets to 45deg's. Is there some way I can increase temperature to 50deg's +??

Date PurchasedAug 2015
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Thanks for the review Joe.Mc, you should be getting hotter temperatures with your solar hot water. Even if the solar gain isn't hot enough the gas boost should raise the temperature. There is some room to boost the temperature and this should have been completed at the commissioning stage of the installation. It allows for a true 50 degrees at the first bathroom tap. We would recommend asking the installing plumber to return and adjust the unit for you. If they have any issues they can contact our Technical Help Desk while on site to discuss. The number is 1300 555 545.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, we have an Infinity 26 with one internal controller. Recently on the controller the transfer button has started to blink on and off, and the temperature for hot water and bath fill both default to 40 and can only be raised up to 42 by persistent button pushing, but then they drop back to 40. A plumber has looked at it and seen no error codes on the outdoor unit itself. We have turned off power to the controller for three minutes, hoping that would reset it, but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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We recently brought a rinnai B26 and had it installed by a certified plumber. Now after a couple of months it has began to turn cold while having a shower. What is the reason behind this
1 answer
Thanks for the question Joanne, there can be a number of reasons why this may occur. We would recommend calling our Technical Help Desk to troubleshoot over the phone. If they are unable to help you. they can transfer you to our 1st Care Department to book a service call for the unit.

I have a 3 year old 26 that was replaced a a 20 year old model. The controllers from the old model were used with the new model. Recently the contollers blink off and then come back on, looking for a possible cause or a remedy. The unit is still in warranty. Any help?
1 answer
Thanks for the question Rick C. It could be a number of things, the controller may be faulty or the connection wire to the unit may have been disrupted. You can book a service call and if the Hot Water Unit is faulty, this may still be under warranty. However if the fault is with the controllers. this would be a chargeable job.


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