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Robinhood RWV3CL9G / RWV3CL6G / RIV3CL9G Curved Glass Canopy

Robinhood RWV3CL9G / RWV3CL6G / RIV3CL9G Curved Glass Canopy

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Retraction of lack of Extraction!

I wrote the review "Not fit for purpose" on 24 July. We had Robinhood contact us and arrange a serviceperson to come and inspect. It turns out the "butterfly" flaps that open and close were stuck and this is why the extraction was not operating correctly. Whilst the flue kit was installed correctly because of the short neck base where the 'butterfly flaps sit they were not lifting. (Possibly due to the concentina type of ducting, very commonly used). To remedy it we bought a small length of plastic pipe (150mm diameter) which meant the flaps could open unempeded. This in our opinion is a design fault. The butterfly flaps should be able to open within the unit. An extra peice of rigid duct could be included with product or they make the 'kneck' a bit longer so that the flaps can open within it. Otherwise there should be more detail in the installation and type of ducting used. Of course the silver foil flexi ducting is the most common for obvious reasons. Rigid ducting also reduces noise. Now that the flaps are working properly the extraction is much better, however it is still a very noisy unit....we cannot have a conversation while it is on (ear muffs required) We chose this because of the space we had to work with and look (openness of the glass) Otherwise as per previous homes we would use a 'power pac' unit. Lucky I'm not a messy cook, so I only put it on when absolutely required....

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hi there, thanks for your valuable feed back we will pass it on to our marketing team for the future . The team at Robinhood

Soooo noisy!!!!

Would never have believed that something from what is supposed to be a leading brand could be so noisy. Unfortunately we had our splashback made to fit the rangehood and now that it needs replacing (no fault of the machine - mice have chewed through wiring) we are going to have to replace it with the same item as we are unable to find a similar sized item. I guess it will just have to look pretty when the lights are on as we won't be using the exhaust fan...

Date PurchasedJan 2013
Good morning , we have sent you a private message re your review. Kind regards the team at Robinhood.This issue has been resolved to our complete satisfaction. Customer service from Robinhood was outstanding.

Don't Purchase Very Noisy

Purchased this range hood on Harvey Normans recommendation they have had no BAD feedback only complaint is the glass collects dust. Well it is so noisy you can't hear anything in the background to the extent you end up turning it off just to get rid of the noise. A pair of ear muffs should be recommended when you purchase this range hood looks lovely but totally unserviceable.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Good afternoon, Could you please contact our customer care desk on 1300 739 033 and one of our friendly team will arrange a service call to address the problem that you are experiencing. Kind regards.


I bought this range hood through JB and was told it was the dux nutts... well yea its not! its loud, the fan made weird
sounds like the bearing had gone in it and also the two lights that come with it blew in the first week (yes I did have the range hood placed to the recommended height) I called Robinhood for warranty and I got this lady who was soo unhelpful and rude and told me the light bulbs were not under warranty. by the way I couldn't find the light bulbs anywhere!!!! I don't recommend this rangehood at all! its cheap and you get what you paid for. Robinhood also didn't care about the noise that was coming from the fan motor. they wont help you as you pretty much bought the bottom of the range products from them and was no money in it for them to fix the prob. I believe the salesman from JB get kick backs from Robinhood as they are soo pushy towards the product. My fault I didn't do any research into this and bought it on the spot.

Poor excuse for a rangehood.

The rangeghood looks good however it does not do what it should. It is incredibly noisy does not suck much air at all. The kitchen has to be cleaned regularly to remove the greasy mess that should have gone into the rangehood.

Do not waste your money on these type of rangehoods, they dont work...

Do Not Waste Your Money

We purchased the what we thought was a reputable brand at a (RWV3CL9G Robinhood Wall Canopy curved glass 90cm Vetro Rangehood) at the bargain sale price of $400.
We should have just thrown our hard earned money in the garbage. Exactly where this machine is going.

Yes it looks good, but worse than the ridiculously loud noise is the fact that. It does not even suck steam from boiling water! It makes no difference if you have it on the lowest or highest settings!
Hold a tissue under the vents. And it doesn't even move!

The steam actually goes everywhere - Except - for in the vents!
The glass then fogs up and water drips down either side.

The Robinhood contracted repairer came to our house and looked at how it worked. Nice guy, but said there was nothing wrong with it - That is how it is.

I don't know how I did not see all of the negative reviews !

We will be throwing this machine out (wouldn't even give it to someone else).. and will look for a machine that actually does the job it is supposed to do.. and might even be cheaper!

Do not waste your money on this product.
If it was possible to put a zero rating for this review.. we would have.

Jet engine noise

really disappointed with this rangehood, I had reservations about purchasing it for my new kitchen, visited the good guys on a number of times as our kitchen was purchased from them, spoke to our sales guy each time about my concerns to only be told that it was their bestselling rangehood and they never had a complaint about the unit!!! It's so loud I call it my jet engines, so people please read the reviews first before purchasing your appliances, I know I will be from now on!!

noisy even on lowest setting!

Bought this as recommended by a saleslady at good guys. It was cheap compared to other brands. It has good suction, but is VERY noisy!!!! The old rangehood that we had was elfa(bought by the previous owner) which we had to replace as the motor had burned out, I'd say that old rangehood's highest setting noise wise is comparable to robinhood's lowest setting! Should have checked reviews before buying.

Dissapointing !!

Now I know why Good Guys didn't have it plugged in for display testing. Bought it for my mother inlaw but even on low speed it's just so loud even louder than the 20 year old unit we replaced it with. Led lighting is really poor. Looks good but just a complete noisy dud.


Overall I think we are disappointed, it looks so good & it was well priced.
But the noise, at any fan speed setting, is overpowering.
Our installation had to be "recirculating", which is never a first choice option.
Several aspects of the method of installation I question, but they seem to be accepted by "the trade" so no more on that.
Regarding effectiveness in the recirculating situation:
Fails utterly to prevent odours from pervading the house but when the standard filters were washed after about 4 weeks use it was clear that a substantial amount of cooking by product had been intercepted.
We purchased a set of carbon filters, but as yet they remain untested, no doubt they will be more effective and more costly at $38 per pair.

Other comment: the led lights are a particularly unattractive intense blue, not easy on the eye & something Robinhood should have the wit to change. LED's are now readily available in all colours. I will investigate a change but I suspect access will prove a problem

Final comment: look for quieter extraction canopy unless good looks are your prime focus.
Appearance, price
very noisy, poor colour LEDs

Exhaust speeds useless

Recently had one installed in my new kitchen. It looks very nice but the exhaust speeds on it are useless. Very little difference between low and high. I thought something was wrong with it but the technician installed a new board and it was just the same. When I phoned up service they told me it was supposed to be like that and they were very abrupt. They told me to take it back to the people I bought it from. After listening to other range hoods it definitely does not have 3 very distinct speeds.
Looks good
Useless exhaust speed control

Looks good, but worked for five years before a switch fault

For an expensive kitchen item was disappointing. When it worked it looked great, but the switch failed after five years, and the entire unit had to be replaced. The electronics are Chinese, so not much point trying to repair the unit, if anyone was able to for a fair price.
Design and looks.
Cooking oil accumulated inside the fan, and the electronics should be more reliable for the price.

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I have had a similar experience with a Robin Hood range hood although it was branded Fisher & Paykel the label inside it indicated that it was made by Robin Hood. I have had the switch block fail due to the plastic box that it is contained within deteriorating due to heat and moisture. A spare part is no longer available. One another occasion, the whole control unit fell out as the plastic retaining rings broke. Talk about a [censored word removed] standard on engineering. No Fisher&Paykel or Robin Hood for me in the future.

makes more noise than the kids

Had this 4 days and sick of the rattling and vibration already. Today the highest fan speed stopped working. Because it has been installed i had to do a warranty claim. Couldn't just take it back to store. Spent weeks looking for a decent one that had plenty of suction and this one does excell in that area. Should have just gave the old thing a good clean and stuck it back in. Way quieter and nearly as sufficient. Does have modern appearance and i do love the LED lighting. We purchased it for features such as, dishwashable filters, LED lights, thermal shutoff and delay shut off. Shame about its reliability and noise.
Features and appearance
way too noisy and unreliable

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just purchased one - it should come with a noise warning.....very disappointed!

Questions & Answers

The Range hood has stopped working, no lights or power , didn't blow a fuse in the household fuse box !!!! any ideas as to what may be wrong its a Robinhood model RWV3C9G. cheers RG
4 answers
Mice chewed threw the wires in the roof!!! Check your ceiling connections.Good afternoon Bob, please contact our customer service desk on 1300 739 033 and one of our friendly team will direct you to your nearest service centre. Thanks the team at Robinhood.The power transformer had a melt down, on the printed circuit board, but the fuse alongside it didn't blow now its $$$$$$$

We were not given the installation screws and bracket how hard is it to install without these?
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Margaret, Not easy to provide simple answer. I considered the very lightweight bracket near useless & I did not use it. But my install was a one-piece only chimney re-circulating installation. The screws that carry the weight of the extraction unit are necessary but these could be bought from a local hardware store. Maybe more important is accurately drilling to accept the plastic "wallplugs" provided. They need to be a fairly tight fit & you need to be careful that inserting the screws does not withdraw the plugs. OTOH if you mean the small screws to secure the light bracket I guess you will need them. However I do not think this method is particularly satisfactory anyway. I can't help more without seeing your situation. BTW you will need a power outlet installed behind where the chimney will sit. That will make for an invisible power source once installed. That's something else I thought was pretty poorly thought through by Robinhood. Good luck.


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