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Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy SEE001

Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy SEE001

2.8 from 11 reviews

Fantastic product - would highly recommend

Perfect portable cot. Excellent to fold up and comes with a carry bag. Absolutely fantastic cot and my baby slept beautifully in it. you can fold it up and put in the car and carry it anywhere really. WEll priced and excellent quality and highly durable. !!!!! A must try

One of the worst baby items I’ve bought to date

Bought this portacot on sale and now I know why. It is THAT hard to put up and take down. When you finally work out that the middle part of the cot (where the baby would sleep) can’t be flat, it needs to be pointing upwards to allow the side walls to click in its a bit easier but then the whole cot is just terrible. When you put your baby in the cot sways waking baby up. If you brush past the side if scrunches loudly waking baby up. It’s so low to the ground your back hurts getting baby in and out too. Cheap but not worth the hassle

Starry night works perfectly even tho other reviews say otherwise

After looking on here I was hesitant to buy this cot as they can be a pain. But knowing the brand and was onsale I decided to take the risk, and glad I did. I have a steelcraft cot so i know how to use i had it up quicker then my steelcraft and packed down just as easy. I thought given the reviews it was going to be hard. So very happy as its was easily $100 cheaper and definitely simular quality


Brought this porta cot so we could be ready well before our baby came along, we like to think ahead as we new once our son was 9 months old we would travel so we could allow family in Queensland that cannot travel to see our boy. 1st time we used it was in Moree N.S.W as it was a planned stop so we could all have a good nights sleep as we had a further 12 hour drive following morning. Morning came and it took nearly 1 hour to pack it up and we followed the instructions word for word. the 2nd time was a nightmare as we were packing up to leave Queensland after 7 night stay the porta cot would not fold no matter what we tried.3 hrs later and multiple attempts from my wife and I and my in laws including 2 of there friends who are builders and still could not get it to fold. So we had a bigger issue as it wont fold how do we get it in the car now so had no choice but to leave it and in laws can get rid of it. Rang Roger Armstrong and left a voice msg as no one answered the phone, waited waited waited no reply to our call, very poor. Then called again this time a young man answered he stated he was only a temp and even after asking to speak to someone senior he just said best you send an email which he gave us email addy to send a complaint with our issue and stated someone will get back to you from sales. Again waited waited waited and still waited yet still not a single reply, tells me that if they don't reply then we will just give up. This morning 22/02/16 rang and the receptionist answered the phone , we told her that we have rang left msg, we have emailed and told her the issue, her reply was do you have the receipt, I replied if I knew this would happen I would of placed it some were safe if I was to know this would happen, she said she would talk to her manager in Melbourne office and the manufacturer who is in china. She didn't even ask what our number was to make contact instead she states I have all your info in front of me on computer, so it tells me they read our email but ignored it, we then receive a call from her later in the day stating spoke to director but as you haven't the receipt nor product we wont exchange it, maybe she didn't listen that it could not be physically placed in car as it would not collapse as it should, we had mattress that was like a stale pizza , had all the books and even the carry bag to prove we did have the item, even a video that it would not fold plus plenty of pics, but she replied not there problem and never had issue with it from others. How wrong as was reading on whirlpool and baby forums that many have suffered same issue we have and they to have been ignored by the company. I will never buy Roger Armstrong products ever again and warn other to be very vigilant, money comes first to them before customers and I have also been informed that what they pay per unit is virtually slave labour to those people cramped in a factory in China making there products, and they call there company Australian made pigs do fly then. SHAME SHAME SHAME

Dismantling is difficult

I agree with previous reviews, it is very difficult to get this cot to release the side bars in order to dismantle it. The release buttons (which are not where the spots on the side indicate they are) are very stiff and difficult to use. The rest of the cot we've been happy with, i.e the size and the height of the side panels. We will be needing to use a portacot more frequently and so we've decided to get a different brand as a replacement.


We purchased this cot as we do alot of traveling. 3 major faults after 5 months
1) after 1 month a part of the bottom collapsing mechanism broke off- contacted Roger Armstrong- No Reply !!
2) after 5 months the stitching on the base and the sides of the bassinet tore apart.
3) after 5 months the mattress plastic slats are now bowed- my child is not heavy and is only 6.4kg

I did to begin like the design as was handy with change table and bassinet but since all the faults you definatly get what you pay for.

Does everything it should do at a reasonable price

Paid $50 for this from Harvey Norman Big Buys. Have used quite a few times, and daily on a 3 week road trip.

Takes 2 minutes to set up and pack up, but you have to ignore the indicator spot on the material as it does not reflect the size or the location of the button exactly. The button is a lot bigger than indicated, and at the top.

It is essential that you read and follow the instructions or you WILL have trouble with putting it away. When putting it away, ensure that the base is release and pulled up to the same height as the side rails as the first step.

Once you have mastered the above steps, you will love this portacot, for the price.

Comes in a handy carry bag, not too heavy. Should last until 2-3 years depending on baby size. Sides are nice and high.

No complaints.

Model see001e

Release mechanism frustrating, following the instructions religiously the side pin press to release won't. It takes much shaking and rattling of mechanism to get the pins to release. A 30 minute frustrating experience you don't need.

Read the instructions

For the price, this is an excellent buy. The portacot is easy to assemble and easy to collapse so long as you read the instructions, if you don't follow the instructions I imagine it would annoy you - yes blokes I'm referring to you as not reading the instructions Like all portacots it has a firm mattress as required by law.
The grey is drab


Mesh sides are good but the folding mechanism is covered so its hard to feel how to release it.
Don't waste your money unless you want the constant struggle every time you pull it down.
mesh sides, neat package
The mattress is thin, hard and bumpy and the cot is way too difficult to disassemble. It is still standing in a partial state of collapse as I am sick of the constant struggle of trying to collapse it, so its being got rid of.


Overall we are reasonably happy with this product. As we only use it on occasions the cons are not too annoying. It looks like it will also be a valuable play pen in the future.
Easy to clean. The sides are well ventilated. Base has ties to secure mat. The height is perfect. The price was reasonable. It folds down neatly and is very compact. Comes with carry bag. Reasonably well padded.
It was tricky to assemble. You need to use it often to remember how to assemble and disassemble (i.e. its not intuitive). It is rather heavy to lift. Only comes in one colour.

Questions & Answers

I have a Rodger Armstrong Portacot on loan from my in-laws, I can't get a fitted sheet on the mattress without it preventing the velcro from sticking and making the mattress fit incorrectly (There is a gap at the top of the cot) and the mattress is pulled smaller. Has anyone else had this issue?
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I had the same issue trying to get a fitted sheet on it, ended up using a flat sheet on it and didnt use the velco straps, i know this isnt the recommendation or maybe not the safest solution but there was no other way. Thats why i wouldn't recommend this port a cot. I also had issues trying to fold the cot down so had to bin it while on holiday as couldnt get it back in car


Sleep Easy SEE001
Price (RRP)$129.95
Release dateMar 2009

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