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Russell Hobbs RHDF35D

Russell Hobbs RHDF35D

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Bad experience

We thought we had a good buy. Maybe we are unlucky but it turned out the handle didn't want to click into its gear most of the time. This made me end up with a hot basket in my hand and I couldn't do anything while everything inside needed to get out. Also the oil cooked out of the pan, without overfilling.

Great and versatile deep fryer

I love this fryer, it was just what I was looking for. I wanted one with a lid and a steam alter so I'm not making a greasy mess of my kitchen ceiling or cupboards. The user instructions state this fryer cannot be used with solid fats, but I've filled mine with coconut oil and it fries brilliantly! I wish it did go a little bit hotter but the best way to mitigate sogginess is to not overfill the basket. Unfortunately this means you can't do a lot in one go, but the unit is a nice compact size and fits nicely on a bench top without taking up a lot of space. The fold-away handle is such a great idea! No awkward things poking out. Really easy to clean too.

Used every day......brilliant !!!

Had many fryers, this one is the cheapest and the best by miles. Easy to clean (no stainless steel exterior which shows ever mark) ,stays cool on the exterior and solidly constructed and looks good on the bench top not to mention cooks perfectly every time. Highly recommend!!!!! If you love deep frying you can't go wrong with this unit and you can get them for $69!!

Loved it until today

The lid has come off the hinges and the timer just stopped working last week. We've had it a year and it's disappointing that it did this just after the warranty ran out.
I'm not sure if I will buy another one as I would want it to last longer than a year.

More than I expected

Great fryer worked perfectly out of the box. I bought this model because it had a small foot print on my counter. It works well, I like how you close off the lid so you avoid splashes from the oil. So easy to use an dsafe my kids can use. Have cooked spring rolls, chips and chicken wings very well. I also got it for a bargain price.
Great fryer

I'm tickled pink with my brand new deep fryer.

Well! I was overly excited in receiving this gift off my beautiful daughter and family for Christmas. I opened it and started, using it; straightaway. It was so easy to use, I felt spoilt. The lid closed to keep heat in, the handle adjusted for quick inspection. The timer is incredibly smashing. All in all I was gob smacked. I'm loving it big time with no complaints.
More pros than cons, it was just divine, I tick all boxes.
Nothing, absolutely nothing...it was intended as a gift and it was received as one, I'm hooked.

Questions & Answers

Russell Hobbs RHDF35D 3.5 litre deep fryer dimensions - I could not find any information about the foot print of this fryer. Does anyone have the measurements?
1 answer
30cm long 28cm wide 24cm high


Price (RRP) $109

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