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Ryobi 1000 / 2000W Inverter

Ryobi 1000 / 2000W Inverter

RIG1000 and RIG2000
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Chris R

Chris RSydney Surrounds, NSW

Daily use and mostly reliable


Replacement for a noisy and inefficient older Ryobi genset. Works well and saves a lot of fuel with the smart throttle. In 5 months it will save its purchase cost. Sometimes decides to shut down without cause, but that is better than damaging itself, and easily restarted. Runs a whole household, including Fisher and Paykel Smart washing machine, power tools, water pump, hair dryer, but not fridge (which it probably would do but we use the gas option).

Purchased in January 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $999.00.

start it once a month


if you start it once a month you'll have no problem with starting it ..letting it sit fuel in
carbie goes off then you'll have starting problems or run till empty ..before storage and there will be no problems starting when you use it next time when camping .hope this helps

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Alan2670Far West, NSW

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Excellent Service


Bought for use with motorhome. Now, since moving to north Qld it has done regular 'black out duty' Since March 27th (2017) it has powered our home to a total of more than 200hrs, seeing us through cyclone Debbie. Our daughter and her family using the 2016 model good but uses oil. Thankful for oil alert shutting it down rather than destroying it.

I have no affiliation with Ryobi but a big thankyou to them. During the 14 to 18 hours a day it ran it charged our Ryobi 18 volt batteries to provide light, radio and USB charging facility during the nights.

My wife love the Ryobi battery fan.

Date PurchasedJun 2011


Three times dodgy


I purchased a rig2000 nearly three years ago it worked about three times until the pull cord stopped engaging the starter, I took it back to Bunnings and got a new one about a year later it started leaking petrol, so I took it back and swapped for a new one again ( mistake) the third one ran well for another year and a bit then I was running it to power my shacks lights , the lights went off but the gen was still running. I went out to see it glowing, it's electrics had caught fire Scary I turned off gen fire kept going for a while thankfully going out as the case made it impossible to get to.

Short circuit


Have had the unit for 2 years and have used it 5 times total about 40 hours.
Last time it was used we left it on over night to keep the fridge running but in the morning with when the power came back on I noticed when I went to plug the fridge back into mains, something was shorting out and making a nasty shorting noise in the fridge electrics. I tried to start the generator it was a no go. So I pulled the covering off and found the electrics board had a melt down.
This generator should have been able to run one average fridge and a total of more than 40 hours.

RIG 2000 Great!!!




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Not worth the price


We used the generator for around 20 months for about 2 hours a week. It ran quite well apart from not wanting to start around a dozen times over this period which was inconvenient. Instruction manual is junk. After the 20 months it stopped working completely and fuel coming out of air filter. We could not find anyone that wanted to repair it. I wonder why !!! Anyway took it back to Bunnings and they replaced it with a new one. Last time I looked they are $900, my advise invest in a better brand like Honda.

Not worth the trouble


We bought one from Bunnings about 3 months ago. Filled it with the oil provided and put some fuel in it. Could not start it and had fuel leaking out of the air filter. Tried again a few hours later and it ran for about 5 minutes. Tried again recently and had the same problem - would not start and fuel leaking from air filter. When it di eventually start, it ran for about 15 secs before stopping. Took it back to Bunnings today and got a full refund. Funny - they don't seem to have this model on the shelf any more.

Gr Holl


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Great little generator for the price


I've had my RIG1000 for some time now and use it for emergency power and occasional weekend away. I keep an additive in the fuel to help stop it going off and even if I don't start it for several months it starts without any problem every time. It is noisier than the Honda or Yamaha but it was a fraction of the cost and as an emergency power source it provides power to the TV , computer and adequate lighting. I find using a long lead , keeping the generator away from the camp site that the noise is not intrusive.



Excellent Very Happy


Just survived cyclone Marcia's wrath here in Rockhampton. Had no power for nearly 4 days. Bought the Ryobi 2000w version from Bunnings ( which have an excellent return policy with Ryobi ) and the generator ran first pull out of the box and ran faultlessly straight for 3 days non stop. Ran 2 Fridge/freezers, a 65" TV, a fan, lights and washing machine. Lived very comfortably considering situation. As for Noise, had it approx. 10ft from back door running inside with all windows and doors open and TV was no louder than normal. Neighbour across the road had 2 Honda going and we could hear them from across the road over the Ryobi in our backyard.

Roger V.

Roger V.AU

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Instruction manual too dumbed down


Along with at least one other reviewer, I purchased one of these gen sets, and I find the manual far too simple. No oil change interval, for one thing. (Maybe 10 hours / 6 months, but who knows for sure? ) C'mon Ryobi, I expected better. :-)



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Faulty and a major hazard!!!


Instruction Manual for Ryobi






I just purchased an Ryobi RIG 1000 generator last weekend for camping in our caravan when not at caravan parks.The generator looks and runs great running all the appliances I need to run within the parameters, but the advertised comment as super quiet....well mine is super load.
Would scare the animals and other campers from a camp ground.I will not use it for that reason.



Ryobi, please tell us what is the decibel rating for the 1000 & 2000. Most other manufacturers can.


It's 95dB. The Honda is 52dB I think. That makes the Ryobi over 16 times as loud!
My son bought a Ryobi and had to return it as you couldn't have a conversation at any reasonable distance.

Questions & Answers

John Nita

John Nitaasked

My genarator is not starting, having problems to start now it's only a month old. Any ideas?

No answers




My Ryobi RIG 2000 is 2 years old been used rarely, heard a pop noise come out of it today & no more power. Motor still running but wont wind up. Is it worth fixing?

1 answer

How far past 2 years and do still have the receipt? If just over you may get a claim. Talk about ACCC 'Fit for purpose' and 'Reasonable life expectations'. etc. Don't be put off by first refusal.

Pensioned my first Ryobi at 7 years sounds similar problem. An electrical/inverter problem. My was very high hours. Yours low hours, if no claim, worth a call to Ryobi. Costs nearest repair agent. Be cautious DIY 240 volt potentially lethal.
All the best with it.



i need manual for operating. Any help?

No answers

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Ryobi RIG1000

Ryobi RIG1000

Ryobi RIG2000
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Ryobi RIG2000

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