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Ryobi RBV3600/RBV3650

Ryobi RBV3600/RBV3650

RBV3600 and RBV3650 (Kit)
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Reasonable product till battery needs replacing

The blower vac worked reasonably well from purchase in 2015 until I needed a new battery.
A new battery from Bunnings is $299. I can purchase a new kit for $449 from Bunnings. I also purchased a hedge trimmer but now both are useless as I cannot afford $299 for a new battery.
There are other makes on the market at a fraction of the cost & if one needs a new battery then you are not being ripped off.

Purchased in November 2015 at Bunnings Warehouse for $499.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

piece of crap

safety feature cuts it off - and doesnt work - used twice from new and taken back several times - not worth the money and stress of not working when you want it..

Purchased in February 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Bad zipper on bag

I am very happy with the actual product, but the bag is a disaster. The first bag supplied with the machine lasted less than 2 months, and I then purchased a replacement "premium quality" bag, which lasted approx 10 minutes before the zipper actually "blew out" whilst I was vacuuming.
How can they sell a bag with such a cheap zipper, when all they needed to do was to provide a decent heavy duty zipper with proper stitching.
Since I am very happy with the performance of the actual product, I intend to investigate having a heavy duty zipper installed by a canvas or similar business to see if I can solve the problem.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Convenient improvement on electrical model

Definite improvement on electrical model, comes with 36V lithium-Ion battery recharges over 3hrs. No more tripping over wires in the garden or untangling wires from around garden objects. The battery lasts just long enough before it gives out and by that time you are tired anyway (female reviewer) BUT and its a big but there is a major PROBLEM with the BAG, I use the vac about twice a week to suck up the fallen leaves I do not use the blower very much at all AND as with the electrical model the bag gives out very quickly. I purchased the new lithium model in April 2018 and the zip on the bag has broken already the vac cost $450 and was rendered useless by a $5 zip. I had bought it from Bunnings and they replaced the bag under warranty BUT that is not the point. Obviously it is going to happen again so when it is out of warranty does that make the product redundant again. $450 product made unusable over a $30 bag. I am quite happy to purchase new bags but Bunnings informs me they are not available to their knowledge. Is this a new low with the bean counters, the throw away society. I have not been in touch with the product arm of Ryobi as yet but intend to when I have a spare moment, apparently they have a new model out whereby you can purchase a normal bag (1yr guarantee) or premium bag for a (2yr guarantee) If the bags are a problem why hasn't the the company Ryobi made extra bags that we can purchase. Its a way they can value add to their product and save us the customers irritation and stress when we could have a stock of bags on hand. (All common sense to me)


I bought the RBV3650D from Bunnings in Christchurch in New Zealand on 28/01/18. Even though the reviews were not that great on here I still bought it. The $500 I paid included the 36V 5Amp battery and charger. It is fantastic and better than I expected. Of course it is noisy just like any other blower. It is marginally heavy but well balanced. It has great blowing power @ more than 200kph. Sucks leaves up better than I expected. Battery life is not great (around 20-30 minutes) which is fine for me although that is the reason why I rated this only 9/10. Empty to fully charge the battery around 1-2 hrs as it is a big battery. I want to buy other gardening tools from Ryobi 36V range as it offers the next level over the 18V power.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

too loud, not very powerful, heavy.

I purchased the 36v brashless blower vac and only used in for 10 minutes before I decided to return it. Way to noisy for a cordless, not powerful at all compared to other blowers I've used ( petrol powered) and it's also extremely heavy considering its a electric cordless.
Also considering its extremely loud, you would think it would blow fantastic. But left me disappointed.
I took it back after using it for 10 mins and swapped it for the ryobi petrol powered jet turbine model. And what a difference it's great. With plenty of power. Down side is no vac though.

Date PurchasedJan 2017


The 36v version has a blower and vacuum mode and also comes apart, lighter for blower mode only and bag, bigger suction port for vacuum mode.
Expect it to be noisy, bit heavy fully loaded.
Runs fine you wont get a lot of runtime, we have 2 batteries from a mower and from this.
If you can get this for under $175 which i did with battery from CashConverters then it great not a full price folks.
We had the Ozito plugin version which was a pain not with the cordless much more user friendly. If you have the 36v battery already then go with this.
Battery across the 36v range are known to stop charging so if you see another cheap battery online check it flashes green indicating charging, red/green don't bother.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Tons of Power - Great for tidying and not pushing it into the street or neighbours.

This unit has tons of power. Great for vacuuming leaves off the patio, around the pool, etc. My neighbours love it, and even got one because we stopped pushing debris back and forth between our lawns :)
Another review mentions noise, but trust me, this is quieter than any other petrol unit or cordless blower in general. It is the nature of the tool. The bag on my unit has been fine, the key to keeping the zipper working is the actually blow the zipper after you empty the bag. It helps free up alot of grit out of the tracks... but honestly all blower vacs suffer from this (someone come up with a new idea). The bags are referred to as a wear item in the manual which means they expect you to change them (i guess like a traditional older vac used to have a bag).

The battery can be tricky as I saw in reviews of the old model... a bit of vasoline on the rails of the battery helps ease things.

If you accept that, then it the benefit of having a tidy lawn/patio/ pool is great, and you don't have the added step of having to pick up everything after you blow/ rake/ sweep it into a pile!

Very noisy and vacuum is poor

At full speed this blower-vac sounds like an aircraft taking off. The vacuum is very poor as per other reviews - picks up large leaves OK but useless for picking up leaf particles, small twigs and berries etc. Also agree with other review about the battery - very difficult to remove from unit as well as the charger.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Poor Service to warranty problem with battery for Blower Vac

My hubby purchased blower vac 36v in Dec 15. We've had no end of problems with battery jamming in. I have tried everything and watched all "the videos". The blower works, but I just can't get the battery in and out. I've cleaned it, even put some lubricant on the slide.. Moved the battery forward, before I released the clip. I've stuffed pliers in to hold the clip down so I use both hands to pull the battery out. As a last resort, I've filed down the clip, that worked for a while, but now it's jammed again.

I live in northern WA which doesn't exist on the Ryobi map of stores. The nearest Bunnings is 12 hours drive away in Geraldton, at least it was when he bought it.
I Emailed RYOBI, and got the reply to look at the videos. Done that and I still I can't get the battery out. My husband is now deceased and I am in charge with cleaning up after cyclones which I cannot do with this faulty battery. If anyone can offer some advice I would sincerely appreciate it as I would like to fix it, and not be posting the whole thing to the eastern states or Perth.
Regards Celeste

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Ryobi blower and vac 36v lasted 1 month

Not happy purchased last year for Christmas I got about five weeks out of it and it died they have a two year replacement warranty which likely they changed for me, however I'm suspicious about the components inside not being able to handle the current. I pulled it apart to see the switch and found that it was only 12volt rated not 36 and very thin wiring I didn't get around to pulling the whole unit apart Only the switch so I don't know if there's any other little surprises inside. There 18v seems more reliable.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Poor bag material

I purchased a new bag at Bunnings one year ago....used for a couple of months then got it out today and bag just went into holes....wrong material for sure...expensive purchase for very poor quality!The motor still working well but huge hole in bag...It has been kept in shed all the time.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Very disappointed!

After being told by Bunnings staff the Ryobi Cordless Vacuum Blower RBV3650 was "the one to get" the $429 paid is near a waste of money.
Unit struggled to vacuum up dampish leaves and the run time of only approximately 10 minutes ( for a 36 amp Lithium-Ion battery) will mean at least 3 charges (about 2.5 hours each) before I can complete the relatively simple task I bought it for.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


I had the old model, it was great. This new Ryobi is very noisy, doesn't blow very well, doesn't vacuum well at all, the bag is crap, the bag holding rubber fixing is absolute rubbish, constantly lets go when not even half full, blowing all bag contents all over the place. It drove me that mad after less than 1 year old, I smashed it to pieces on my concrete driveway and put it in the bin. What a piece of rubbish.!!!

Mixed feelings

Have several 36V products and this performs good though the bag quality is bad. The zipper is poor quality (and fabric), and my bag has a hole. Otherwise performs good.
Edit: bag only lasted a year before zipper fell apart. Still keeping the blower but seeking cheaper alternate for bag replacement.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Questions & Answers

My blower /vac no longer starts. It is about 18 months old. Have left battery on charger for 1 day and is fully charged but vac still doesn't start. I can't find anything online with an answer to this problem
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how come the bag is a problem for most of the reviews I read.Some indicated the unit was very noisy
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The reason the bag is a problem is because they have fitted a inferior zipper which breaks and then you have to buy a new bag. I used my vacuum about 6 times before the zipper broke. Then I bought a more expensive version which blew out the zipper about 2 minutes after I started vacuuming again. Because I like the machine I then bought another bag, and took it to a travel bag repairer and had him fit the best zipper available, which means that now I can use the vacuum without having to worry about the bag. I might add that I contacted Bunnings and Ryobi, but guess what.....no answer nor a refund for the money spent on a proper zip. The noise is not a problem, wear earmuffs like you would with any noisy machine. Hope this helps.

blower stops. I then take the battery out and put it back in and it works again. I do this a few times until it won't work any more even though the battery still has lots of power in it.
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Ryobi RBV3600Ryobi RBV3650 (Kit)
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