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Ryobi RLT36B / RLT36 / RLT36X33

Ryobi RLT36B / RLT36 / RLT36X33

RLT36, RLT36B and RLT36X33
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A Pair Of Scissors Would Be Better

Lasted me 6 months before battery stopped charging. Ryobi would not replace under the manufacture warranty even though the date stamped on the product was well within the warranty time frame. Customer service just wanted to pass me off to Bunnings and showed no interest in resolving my issue.
A month later they asked me to review the product online. They then said that my review could not be published because it did not conform to their guidelines. Apparently the truth is not what Ryobi want printed online.
Very disappointed in can organisation that size.

Purchased in August 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly
Grass Type Short grass

Bump Head Useless.

I found the bump head useless. It would not feed line. If I manually pull apart the head and manually feed some line it invariably breaks within 20 seconds. Easier to do the trimming with my bare hands. The actual model I have is the RTL3600E which is not listed here as an option. It is still marked available on the Ryobi web site.
Bunnings are the sole distributor for Ryobi which make the cheapest price guarantee useless.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Complete Rubbish Ryobi RLT36B / RLT36 / RLT36X33

This is the most useless piece of crap I have ever bought. The instructions are all pictures, they think we are idiots and cant write anything in plain English. Not all of us are dumb fools, we can read. Buyer beware. Do not buy this product. Cord winds back in and cannot get it out. Cannot lengthen cord.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Problem with new line installation

I've had the same problem putting in a new line!
How on earth do you do it. Instructions are no help at all.
Where can I find out how to actually do this?
Even You Tube instructions make no sense for replacing a line, only how to install on a new one.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Worked great until it came time to change the line

The unit worked well and had plenty of power and didn't constantly break the line like my previous Ryobi line trimmers did but oh my god when it came time to change the line/spool for the first time I almost had a stroke. This would be the worst designed spool/line system I've ever seen and it has made the product unusable. I'm returning it tomorrow. Also, the motor is terribly loud and hurts my ears when using it. Sounds like it won't last long with all that harsh noise.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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UPDATE - Took it back to Bunnings and they replaced it no problem. Replacement unit doesn't sound as harsh or loud as original unit and it turns out rewinding the spool is so simple. If the instruction manual was improved I would have realised this. Hey Ryobi, how about using words instead of symbols and arrows only in your instructions. Anyway replacement unit is good so far.

Was ok but crap battery that dies every 18 month, which contravenes consumer protection laws.

I've gone through 2 batteries in 3 years and I use it about once every 2 weeks. The replacement batteries cost more than the trimmer itself. I'm seriously considering taking them to small claims court to prove a point. No one expects to buy a whipper snipper every 18 months because it breaks, especially if it costs over $200. This is in breach of ACCC acts as it's clearly NOT fit for purpose. We'll see if Ryobi get back to me on a warranty claim, which by the way, under the law you can ignore. If the warranty says x years you can ignore. Depending on what you pay and what it is, there is an expectation that it should last a reasonable time. If you by a fridge costing $3,000 with a 12 month warranty, that bullcrap. The consumer expectation is at least 5 -7 years, as is the ACCC. If it failed after 12 months, then you can and should get a full refund or a replacement. If you don't then call the ACCC or take them to court.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Look at the response from Ryobi when I published a similar review on their site. "Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!" Not published! Thank god for Product Reviews. One wonders why they waste time publishing reviews on their website knowing that it's only the good ones that get published. Why would one ever trust the reviews on a manufacturer's website if they are going to curate it heavily.

Cant recommend brand RLT3600C

While working did reasonable job, the bump head was next to useless (changed design not long after purchased) as would chew through line very quickly ... but didn't expect motor to burn out just 5 months out of warranty but read happens quite often ...as with others Ryobi doesn't want to know, basically saying stupid you buying something with only two year warranty (even with new 6 year warranty wouldn't touch the brand again)

Date PurchasedSep 2015
Update: Contacted Ryobi … ended up getting nice guy Dennis who asked to take pictures and send to email provided (received Ryobi thanks for your contact email that was 25th Jan 2018) next 8th feb 2018 received email we take it your enquiry was solved as no correspondence so closing enquiry... Really ): !! Dennis rang in feb and told what happened he asked to re send pics (which did again within the hour) said would send to dept concerning such things ...its now 16th April and nothing … Rather poor customer service and cant recommend on experience :(Update: haven't heard anything back since last time (16 April) provided info again ... poor service = poor product :(

Piece of junk

It cuts OK but trying to change the line is a nightmare of fiddly pieces of cheap plastic. You would think it would all be easier - it should be obvious what goes where and and it should snap into place - not a bit of it. Primitive engineering and what is it with that spike you have to use to take the head off? It must have cost $25 to manufacture. Also bought yesterday at Bunnings and says here discontinued. Royally ripped off. Also, the manual has tiny unclear diagrams.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

OK if you already have the battery

I bought this line trimmer because I already have the battery with a Ryobi mower (which is great). I use the line trimmer to trim and edge (no way I am buying two separate tools). I find it does the job ok but is a bit lacking in power and precision. It is awkward to hold for edging for long periods of time.
I find the bump head doesn't work properly so I typically push down the bump head with one hand and pull one end of the line through with the other hand, then pull the other end of the line through (obviously while it is not running!).

Date PurchasedDec 2016


I used this item for about 2.5 years about every 3 weeks, then needed to knock down half a dozen tuffs of grass. The motor just slowed down and when I tried to use it again smoke came out of the motor and that was the end. We should have been warned if this item was only able to cope with light grass and not the occasional tuff of paspalum. This sort of product from this well known brand should have lasted much longer and now I question weather to buy the same brand as its replacement. This is a difficult choice as I have the Ryobi 36vlt Lawnmower and the Ryobi 36vlt Hedgetrimer as my main garden tools. what assurance do we have this new trimmer is a more robust product?

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Great - Really convenient. Only trouble is a poor bump head

First day I used this I got really frustrated with the single cutting line bump head. Kept on snapping off too short for bump to work. I replaced it with a Little Juey head, and now I love it. As good as a petrol line trimmer and so much easier.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Better than Expected

Have had a petrol Trimmer for years. Moved to this as the generation of kids coming through like plug and play. It is far better than expected, powerful, quiet, did my house block twice on one charge. Would recommend.

This product also comes with various attachments and I hear the Chainsaw version is good also. People use them for camping and recharge during the day. Speaking of recharge it only takes an hour. Will see how it lasts.

Excellent cordless trimmer

Chose this line trimmer over the Ryobi 18V because I wanted to be sure it had enough grunt and decent battery life. Have been able to add accessories just as easily using the Ryobi X-pandit range. Bought it as the kit including the battery and charger and this was the most economical way to go. I have a 1200 sq m block and ghastly kikuyu grass and this thing handles it all no problem. Recharge time for battery is very quick anyway. Is a bit noisy/whiny at high speed so I always wear ear muffs. Have added the X-pandit hedge trimmer for a privet hedge - copes pretty well except on branches bigger than 1cm diameter.

A great review!

So many bad reviews here for something that is so good! I love this snipper! I liken it to listening to Delta Goodrem while dancing in the rain. People complaining about poor battery life need to learn about use/charging of lithium batteries. My 700m block has proven no match for this baby, often half charge remaining by the time I'm done.

Grab this snipper (which for some reason says its discontinued in the model section above??), use it and become more of a greenie than Bob Brown, and laugh while your neighbour is madly pull starting that temperamental two stroke next door.

EDIT 05 Jan 2017

So I've had this snipper for a year now and still love it to bits! The small 2.4ah battery supplied with it is well and truly more than enough to do my whole yard. I've recently bought the straight shaft attachment (x-pandit) and in my opinion it makes the machine much better to use. I use it fortnightly, and recharge the battery after each use. For those crying of battery issues, take note. If you don't recharge lithium batteries after use they take a "memory" of what charge is left and this becomes the new "full".

I'll be getting a few more attachments for it very soon.

It gets used fortnightly and I'm a very happy camper.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

2years and dying

Using it today and it just stopped .if you give the head unit a knock it goes then just stops again .going to pull the motor apart tomorrow and see if i can repair i think the brushes are stuffed .will tell u the fault soon.i havent had a bad run put of this but a new one is just stupid pricing now for something that is so cheaply built

Serious design fault !

I bought two of these. ( Mainly because I needed two batteries and a second battery cost almost as much as a complete kit ) First battery charger failed after a few uses. Both strimmers failed after a month or so due to the connector to the motor melting and breaking off. Very difficult to repair, - and the same would happen again if a new motor was fitted. maybe this fault has been put right in RLT36B, but don't know.

worked 5 times

Worked fantastically for 5 times then had smoke pouring out and engine parts melted.
Was only used to do front yard .The time it "melted" it had only been on for 2 or less minutes.
Have now read many review overseas complaining about the same problem.
Bunnings happily replaced it.

Total rubbish!!

The motor burnt out and now it won't work at all. It's just 3 months out of warranty period and Ryobi just basically told me - too bad, you have to pay to get it fixed. $300 for something to last just over 2 years is absolutely pathetic. I have a standard 600m2 block and the guy at the repair centre said they're not designed to be used on such a 'big' yard. I could always do my yard twice on a single battery charge so if they're not designed to be used on such a 'big' yard, why have such a big battery? They make the batteries to last for ages but what's the point if the trimmer motor craps itself in such a short amount of time? Also, that information was news to me as it's contrary to what the guy at Bunnings said when I bought it. This time I'll buy an Ozito with a 3 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY for $110 LESS than a new Ryobi!! I will never buy anything Ryobi ever again.

good unit but can't buy bulk line

I bought this unit with hedge trimmer and extendable tree branch trimmer/cutter. All work well. I have a spare battery and charger but have not yet needed them. Battery life is excellent so far. Plenty of power for doing my edges and very quiet. The only problem I have is buying trimmer line. Only available in cartridges if in stock. Bunnings must make a fortune selling these. Should be able to buy bulk and wind your own and save a lot of money. Must be a way. Cost me about $10 each use for line cartridge that you can't re use.
light, quiet, battery life good, can use battery on variety of other tools
Line very expensive. cannot buy bulk line. Alittle arkward in tight areas

Not as good as the mower but still OK

Bought this to go with the mower. Works well on our buffalo and consumes very little of the batteries capacity. Only has a small diameter whipper so wouldn't use it on an overgrown garden or on thick weeds but works well for my uses. Also very light and easy to manouvere.
Quiet, light

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Agree the 36 volt mower, brushcutter and indeed the chainsaw are excellent but the whipper snipper is prone to fail- had the first one replaced and the newer one has now also failed to proceed- it is only used on a small garden so it is certainly not overuse or bad usage. I find extremely convenient and might give it one more go but I'll have to buy this one as I thought it might be the operating switch and pulled it apart to inspect- bad move this one! MW

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Questions & Answers

Does battery have a life span? I have had my whipper sniper for a good 4 years plus and it has decided to play up for the first time. It goes without the line in as soon as I set it up it doesn't want to go. Amanda.
5 answers
I've only had mine for a couple of years so I can't comment on the battery life span, sorry.Hi Amanda, To answer your question regarding the battery, yes, they do have a lifespan and it could be (but may not be) that yours is at its end after 4 years. You’ve done well to get 4+ years out of a battery! Your snipper may or may not be at the end of its life as I’m sure (don’t quote me on this) that these snippers have a brush motor, like an alternator on your car, and will eventually need new brushes. It could be either, but if you’re happy with the snipper and want to see it at its best, you could try another battery to begin with. If that doesn’t solve your problem it’s time to open it up for a look. Cheers KeithThanks Keith. I will try both.

how to change cutting cord?
1 answer
Unlike other brand whipper snippers, DO NOT cut the cord (to create two sections). Feed the cord through the centre of the feed head (with the retaining nut off - obviously). Once you feel you have enough length through, wrap the cord around the spool. Im pretty certain there are arrows to show the direction, but if not, you'll notice the cord comes out of the spool centre at an angle anyway, continue in that direction. Hoo roo


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