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Ryobi Slide Compound Mitre Saw EMS254RG

Ryobi Slide Compound Mitre Saw EMS254RG

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Ryobi combination sliding saw

Hey all you handyman types .
Now i have read the reviews and agree with everyone about the sawdust gathering in the bearing slot for the miter cut but its an easy fix i just picked up a peice of high density foam cut it out somewhat bigger than the shape of hole and push it in ive not had a problem with it since .
How ever my biggest and most disappointing problem is that after only a few decent cuts the saw doesn't slide freely any more infact its quite hard to push back while cutting has anyone else came across this problem.

Cheers graham

Purchased in May 2019 at Bunnings bayswater for $300.00.

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Hi guys an up date Have returned the saw back to bunnings and as usual they where fantastic offered money back or re purchased a different saw i decided to add a little more cash and went for the AEG with a dust extraction system. I'm very happy with my choice with the AEG this time cuts are precise very well made its a large robust machine. But at the end of the day its sad the ryobi did not cut the mustard I'd take the Ozito over the ryobi if cash is a factor as i still have my 13 year old Ozito and its still working well but wanted to pass it on to my brother . Cheers . Graham

Value for money

I bought this unit because I really wanted to have accurate cuts. As I am a DIY weekend guy, I could have bought a table saw but couldn't justify spending the extra money. After being frustrated constantly using a circular saw, I ended up purchasing this mitre saw before reading the reviews here.

After reading the reviews, I think most reviews are valid. The dust extraction port is useless but from what I gather, most mitre saws have this problem. Saying that, it does clog the bearing for the compound function but it can be easily removed. I have seen jigs built/installed to combat this problem but I think I will just sweep it up or use my shop vac to do clean up the mess.

It does give me accurate cuts on different angles. This particular model does not have holes on the fence where you could extend the fence even further if you wanted to. I haven't decided yet whether I would do this myself. And it seems on overseas models, there is a hole on the trigger where you can padlock the device to prevent inadvertent usage. It does not seem you can calibrate the laser either but it seems accurate out of the box. Though one time the saw dust covered the laser from showing at all which I had to wipe off. I didn't expect I had to do that.

But I do think it's value for money as most of the Ryob producti range is. As I build boxes, the sliding saw is brilliant which makes it long enough for me to cut those sides. You can control the depth of the cuts which is good if you don't have a plunge router. I am not sure a tradie who makes their living out of the mitre saw would find this model good enough on site but for the DIY guy, it's more than adequate and value for money.

Date PurchasedSep 2018


In most aspects I found this saw to do exactly what I bought it for however I then discovered a major flaw. As mentioned by another reviewer, dust blows back into the mitre bearing for setting an angle. As a result, it becomes jammed. I live on the east coast of Tasmania and to get the saw looked at requires a 4 hour round trip. I took the saw to the repair agent. All they did was ring Ryobi. They did not unjam the bearing. Ryobi's response according to the repair agent was, and I quote - "The only solution to this problem is to cover the hole where the bearing is with tape or cloth. This is a manufacturing design and there is no factory fix for it." I may be hard to please but I considered this reply totally unsatisfactory. I returned the saw to Bunnings who, to their credit, did not hesitate to give me a full refund. I now have a Bosch circular saw and will not be buying any Ryobi products.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Fantastic saw, does what it should

I recently put new floating floor down in my entire house and used the Ryobi saw to cut all the boards. Once I had the right blade it did the job, no problems at all. Gave me straight cuts every time, never needed to adjust anything. I also use this saw when I have some large tree branches to cut up at home. This saw just powers through everything. I also had to replace several of the skirting boards and this saw produces excellent mitre cuts. I can really recommend this saw, it won't let you down when you have a lot of cutting to do. Bought at Bunnings.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Dust blows back into mitre bearing.

Basic engineering failure with this product. There is an exposed 'bearing' right behind the saw blade for setting the angle. Dust goes straight in here and the when it's time to make a mitre cut - the bearing catches all the dust.

I literally just purchased this today. Used for 30 minutes and it failed the first time I tried to set an angle. I couldn't go all the way to 45 degrees because dust was jammed in there.

I will be taking this back to Bunnings tomorrow and buying a Makita or Bosch. Shame as I really liked the laser function and the saw cut very well. However if it can't do a mitre cut - I may as well have bought a $50 Ozito.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

No accuracy

No accuracy in the angle cutting. Do not buy if you want this accuracy. After numerous attempts this still does not work. Agree with the other comments regarding the dust extract this is useless. Must use outside and only cut at 90 degrees so what’s the point in having a flexible saw to mitre angles that doesn’t work.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Pretty good product , Especially for home use

Cant go wrong with this mitre saw (Especially when its $100 cheaper). I compared this product with better - not so better products in the market, read a lot about it before I went and purchased it. I can say I am happy about my choice. I have already build couple of decks, used it for other work around the house, Hoping to build some shelves , wooden garden shed etc too. Dust extraction is not great, but who cares when you work outside.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

No dust extraction

The saw dust collection bag is only there for looks. Dust is thrown everywhere except the bag. Dangerous to use indoors when cutting MDF with fine dust particles in the air. Very messy. Adding a shop vac does nothing to help. Ryobi's claim of having a dust extraction system is nothing but a deception! I want a refund.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


Horrible accuracy for anything over 100mm wide even after using a engineers square to try to get it square. Don't trust any of the angle settings on it. It has a very noisy motor. Spend extra and get something that is of better quality. Ryobi has zero customer service so don't expect anything once you have purchased it.

It will do the job cutting small stock for a rough job but you'd be better just to save some coin and just a compound miter saw.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Fantastic piece of equipment

I bought this with a view to building some retaining walls, on ground decks, and a few other outside timber constructions.

I needed something with a deeper cut depth than my Ryobi One+ handheld circular saw, which, while great for framing timber, only had a 45mm cut depth which and not quite enough grunt to get through 50 mm sleepers.

After reading a few mediocre reviews I was hesitant to buy this, but being in the middle of the cheap and tease quality tools, I took the chance.

What a fantastic piece of gear! Quick to get working and after a minor fine tune of the retaining fence to get true square, this is as accurate as any of the high end tools I've used.

Anyone who complains that the instructions are hard to follow, probably shouldn't be using power tools and should go back to building Lego for 3 - 5 year olds.

Buy with confidence!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Good value, great for basic use

For $300 this thing is a steal. I recommend it unless you're a tradies and need something more heavy duty and accurate, otherwise it's a bargain. The laser is a godsend.

cons: the 45 isn't 100% accurate but it can be adjusted so check it first; the positive stops aren't that positive, as in the saw doesn't always stop exactly on the stop so again just double check the angle; the dust bag does nothing because the dust just spews out the back of the saw.
All in all I'm happy with it though.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

One fatal flaw

One simple flaw renders this saw practically useless; dust extraction!
The dust extraction system does not work at all. Dust blows of the back off the blade throughout the room with not a single speck ending up in the dust bag. I even hooked up my industrial dust extractor to the back of the saw with no result.
I'm taking it back to the shop this afternoon. Very disappointing!

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Poor mitre accuracy

I like the performance of the saw in general but have been let down with the accuracy of the mitre cut. When set to 0 degrees it is not a 90 degree cut and must be set about half a degree off to achieve 90 degrees. The bevel cut is off as well :/ . This can be adjusted with fine tuning but what's the point of having a CSMS if it is not accurate. Seriously thinking of taking saw back.
Price, looks, weight
Mitre and Bevel settings at 0 degrees are not accurate :/

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