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Sabco Wondermop

Sabco Wondermop

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Zero stars! But great if you just want to move dirt around!

This is by far the WORST mop I have ever used. It will literally pick NOTHING up. Try all you can but I guarantee dirt particles, hair etc will remain on the floor & just be moved from one spot to another. Even if you have pre vaccuumed, I actually started laughing at how pathetic it was & I can't even use the handle on another mop so it's in the bin. Never again & total waste of money!

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Hi Not happy Jan - Thanks for reaching out to us regarding your Sabco Wonder Mop. Sorry to hear that you are not happy with the performance of the mop - we sell many of these and seldom receive complaints on their cleaning efficiency. If you wish to contact us on 1800 066 522 our friendly Customer Service team would be happy to assist you in identifying a Sabco mop that is better suited to your needs. Thanks - Sabco

Totally disaster in product design management

I bought this mop for its apparent quality, smooth and strong make for a discount in Big W. This micro fibre mop won't pick up dirt so the water used for rinsing the mop stays clean all of the time. Sabco suggested that the floor should be cleaned before mopping so the mop is not used to pick up dirt and hair but 3M does it magically but 3M is not in Australia market!
Next horrible experience with Sabco is when I wanted to replace the mop, I cannot find any replacement refill available in any store. The handle, attachment and thread of other Sabco mops use different design so they are not compatible. Despite Sabco has relatively sturdy body which should lasts long, the whole mop can only be used once and I have to buy a new mop with new handle again.
From my research, other brands have similar problem but not to Sabco extent that non of the mop nor other product shares the same thread and handle.
Sabco, can you look into this and ensure replacement mop refill is sold at stores at offered price to compensate customers' nightmare as mentioned?

Hi Frustrated, We're sorry to hear of your negative experience with the Wondermop and not being able to locate a replacement refill. The refill is actually available through most Bunnings stores and if not held in stock, can certainly be ordered in for you - https://www.bunnings.com.au/sabco-strip-wonder-mop-refill_p4460135 In regards to the non-compatibility between product handles and replacement heads/refills, each product has been designed for optimal performance with a dedicated handle and matching mop or broom head. The reason for this is to offer a product that is fit for purpose at a reasonable price, which is not possible if all products were designed to be interchangeable. Please note, your comments and feedback has been passed on to our product development team for their review and action, Many thanks - Nathan / SabcoThanks for your quick reply and link to buy the refill. If the product is specially designed with limited flexibility, i.e. no common part between models, the end result is shown in the price of this mop refill. At $13.90, I can comfortably consider any new mop set every time I need one, perhaps with some small change in return. When customers have no other option on mop & etc, the high cost of production (not just selling price) of refill kills off any future deal instantly. Your company objective to produce quality product is supported but customer's long term satisfaction does not lie on durability alone. Mop still needs to be replaced often, unlike the other part. The preference has to be reviewed by Sabco. Regards

I want to tell the world that Sabco are marketing grubs!

Nice green colours. Does each product attachment fit long handle? No. Different sizes, different threads. The mop, swish line, broom all require a different handle. You get sucked in once. Steer clear of these Sabco marketing grubs. They don't care about the consumer. I now have the swish set, a mop head and a broom handle. The green colour now makes me puke.

Could be the worst mop ever

why this is called a mop is unbelievable, it's pretty much useless and has enfuriated me since day 1. It's now in the rubbish.
Wouldn't recommend at all and going back to the mop and bucket!

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Good Afternoon Andrew, We are sorry to hear about your experience with the Wonder mop and care about our products and customer satisfaction. So we are unable to investigate this further for you, can you please advise exactly what the problem was you were having with the mop? Feel free to email us at customerservice@sabco.com.au and we can further assist you. Thank you Sabco Australia.

Pointless mop. Does not clean.

Absolute waste of time it just moved it around and scratches your floor. There does not seem to be enough strips to create movement on the dirt. I would not bother even trying this mob out.

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Hi there, We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your mop. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised about your Wonder Mop. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact us at promotions@sabco.com.au Warm Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco.Australia

This is not the mop you are looking for

Got this mop thinking it would be good for pet hair and the fine sand that fills our home. It was not. Even after mopping two or three times if I let the baby crawl on the floor he is dirty and I feel like I have wasted an hour of my life. The handle where it connects is rusty and I have one that extends by twisting, which I always seem to manage to untwist when trying to drain the water in the bucket and end up nearly falling over as the handle contracts. Do not waste your money.

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Hi Shax, Sorry to hear you are unhappy with your mop. Our experience shows that best way to clean the floors is using a vacuum or dusting first, to pick up all the particles or pet hair. Then start to mopping your floors to prevent spreading dirty dust & pet hair around. In regards to the handle issue, It sounds like you have unfortunately got a faulty product as this should not be happening. We recommend you return it to the place of purchase for a replacement. Should you have any questions or need further assistance please feel free to contact us at promotions@sabco.com.au Kind Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco.Australia

Worst mop I have ever had

This would have to be the worst mop I have ever used. It does not clean the floor effectively at all. The only area that can remove dirt is right in the middle where the head attaches to the handle. It takes forever to mop a small section of floor. Very disappointing and I would not recommend.


Wouldn't recommend

This mop doesn't lift grime or dirt off the floor. It simply swishes it around.
It is very light and easy to use however being so light, it doesn't feel sturdy. I am pressing very hard as I mop to try and remove 'stuff' from my kitchen floor. I much prefer my old mop... unfortunately I threw it away and don't recall the brand!
The mop head squeezer is quite effective in getting rid of excess water.
I would not recommend this mop.
The mop head squeezer is quite effective in getting rid of excess water.
This mop doesn't lift grime or dirt off the floor. It simply swishes it around.

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